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Hubless Verge TS Electric Motorcycle Is Here to Finnish Off Harley’s LiveWire

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by Daniel Patrascu from https://www.autoevolution.com

Despite the increasing interest of the customers in electric motorcycles, established bike makers are still reluctant to jump on this new mobility train. Only one of them, arguably the world’s most famous, announced a mass-production electric motorcycle.

That’s the LiveWire, shown by Harley-Davidson in 2019, should have been a game changer for this segment, but various issues and then a global health crisis have kind of put a dent into Harley’s plans.

While the behemoth is still wrapping its head around how to move forward, start-ups are wasting no time in coming up with increasingly appealing designs.

As one of the leaders when it comes to electric mobility in general, Finland is the perfect place to be for up and coming talents in the industry these days. And from Finland comes this bike here, called TS, and manufactured by a start-up called Verge.

Shown for the first time last year, the TS comes to the world as a hubless rear-wheel electric bike with capabilities that should dwarf those of the LiveWire.

Whereas the American machine is good for 98 miles city (158 km), the TS brings a range close to double that: 186 miles (300 km).

The Finnish-build offers a 0-60 mph (97 kph) acceleration time of under four seconds (LiveWire does it in 3.5), 107 hp of power and 1,000 Nm of torque. The top speed is limited to 180 kph (112 mph).

The Verge TS has a starting price of €24,990, which is the equivalent today of close to $27,000. That’s a tad cheaper than the LiveWire, which Harley sells for $29,799.

For a number of reasons, the comparison between the TS and the LiveWire may not be fair game, but it goes to show that established bike makers are not really making an effort in this segment, at least not yet.

Sadly, some start-ups don’t seem to have the power to stay afloat for long enough to see their designs go into production.

Royal Enfield Taurus lives again! India’s only Diesel bike restored

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by Abhilasha Singh from https://www.financialexpress.com/

How many of us remember Royal Enfield Taurus? Popular in the 1980s and 90s, the Taurus or Royal Enfield Bullet Diesel is the only Diesel-powered motorcycle that has ever been mass-produced in India.

The lockdown inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic seems to have changed our job descriptions – instead of heading out, riding and telling you about new motorcycles, we’re forced to stay home and research from our laptops to bring you good reads. And hopefully, this blast from the past will be too. How many of us remember Royal Enfield Taurus? Popular in the 1980s and 90s, the Taurus was the only Diesel-powered motorcycle that has ever been mass-produced in India. A Surat-based custom shop has restored one to its original state and that gives us a chance to talk about the Taurus and why it was put to sleep.

So, apparently retro-fitting a diesel engine to Royal Enfield Bullets was quite the trend back in the day. This was an epiphany for RE which decided to launch a Bullet with a factory-fitted 325cc diesel engine. This was also the smallest engine that the manufacturer has ever used on one of its motorcycles.

Lovingly called simply the Bullet Diesel for obvious reasons, the Taurus looked identical to its petrol-powered counterpart except for a whole different view when you’d look down at the engine. ParPin Garage’s restoration job is commendable as it delivers a neat-looking ode to India’s only diesel motorcycle.

But are we saddened by the Taurus’ demise? Not really, no. The only aspect of the bike which is unbeatable is the fuel efficiency – it returned about 80-90 km to a litre. Numbers like that can get today’s commuter motorcycles to stop grinning. However, since it was a 6.5 hp diesel engine, the ride was so marred by vibrations, it could unsettle your shoulder bones and spine, and the speedo never climbed above 65 km/h. The fuel efficiency was the only reason the Taurus was very popular.

Even so, the Taurus’ USP of being a thrifty diesel-powered bike would also be the last nail to its coffin. As is the case with crude diesel engines, the Taurus left behind clouds of black smoke from wherever it passed. This was never going to clear the emissions norms which had by then started getting more serious, eventually leading to its discontinuation.

The Royal Enfield Taurus, however, will remain one of those special rare sightings that you yearn to see. It delivered to the demand in its time, it looked exactly like the motorcycles that army men rode, and it was and will remain India’s only diesel-powered motorcycle.

Honda’s upcoming inline-four ADV to take on Ducati Multistrada: Patent images leaked

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by Pradeep Shah from https://www.financialexpress.com

Looks like Honda’s Multistrada V4 challenger will come with a breathtaking design! Find all details here.

Honda is currently working on a full-fledged ADV and very recently, the patent for the same has been filed with the European Intellectual Property Office. While on one hand, Honda’s Africa Twin CRF1100L aims at serious off-roading, on the other, the said ADV model will have a focus on the roads and will compete against the likes of the upcoming Ducati Multistrada V4, BMW S 1000 XR and the Kawasaki Versys 1000 in the segment. One of the important highlights of the upcoming Honda ADV will be that it will feature an inline four-cylinder engine. The ADV will get 17-inch alloy wheels at both ends. As one can see in the patent images, courtesy RideApart, the bike will get a semi-fairing and should get a full-LED lighting system.

Moreover, in terms of features, the ADV is expected to get a fully coloured TFT instrument cluster and the unit should support Bluetooth connectivity as well. The bike is also expected to get an adjustable windscreen. Also, as one can see in the patent images, the bike will get inverted forks upfront along with a rear monoshock. Moreover, the bike will come with dual disc brakes upfront along with a single disc at the rear and a dual-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) will be a part of the package as well. The bike will get a single-sided swingarm too.

Coming to the powertrain, there aren’t much details available yet. However, we believe that being a full-fledged, full-size ADV, the bike will draw power from a litre-class engine that should have a power output of well over 100hp. We can expect to see this bike sometime next year with a public debut likely at the 2021 EICMA motorcycle show.

Harley-Powered Custom Bike Is All About Naked Metal Bones

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by Daniel Patrascu from https://www.autoevolution.com/

Simple, low, naked metallic skeleton. That’s all you need to describe the custom bike build that goes by the name of Flawless 3, assembled in Germany by a group called Thunderbike.

The Germans have been a solid group of bike builders since the 1980s, when they came into being as a repair shop for Japanese bikes, mostly. They kept doing that well until the early 2000s, when sales dropped in the motorcycle industry in general.

Among the few last standing in those troubled times was Harley-Davidson, so Thunderbike made a turn in its business mode and decided to focus on customizing the American-made machines. And we’re glad they did.

After the Softail-based Black Star 110 we showed you yesterday, it’s time to have a look at another build Thunderbike was responsible for. We’re not talking about another Harley conversion, but an original frame.

The garage calls this build Flawless 3, because it has been constructed on an existing platform that goes by the same name. And it’s a stunner.

The flowing frame of the bike seems to have been cast upright, made of melted metal that was instantly frozen in place when the desired, complete shape was achieved. The paint job chosen for the frame and fuel tank helps maintain the cold look of the motorcycle.

The frame rides very low to the ground, supported by a full air-suspension. Thanks to it, the ride height can be increased by up to 10 cm (4 inches) in times of need so no harm is done to the underside.

It holds a 110ci Harley-Davidson engine from CVO models, and rides on differently-sized wheels made out of solid aluminum blocks: 26 inches front and 21 inches rear.

Thunderbike’s frame line includes more insane builds, that sell either as kits or are one-offs. You can have a look at them all at this link.

Motorcycles With Car Engines: A Brief History of Two-Wheeled Absurdity

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In their own way, each of them is outrageous. But some are more so than others.

To make this list, the resulting car-hearted bike needs to have been a streetable production model, although some were series production and some were conversions or customs built in bulk. There are plenty of one-offs out there with even wilder engines than these, but we’re using this criteria to pare things down.


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These Motorcycle Campers Make Me Want To Live On My Bike

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by Enrico Punsalang from https://www.rideapart.com

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

When it comes to the level of freedom motorcycles give you, the sky’s the limit. To some, the prospect of cruising down the open road aboard a cruiser embodies this freedom. While to others, clocking in hot laps on a high performance sportbike on the track gives them a dose of freedom unlike anything else. The thrills of motorcycling undeniably come in many ways, shapes, and forms, but one particular trend that we’ve stumbled across is pretty interesting.

Traveling across the country in a camper isn’t exactly a rare thing. In fact you’re bound to come across a camper or RV parked in a mall parking lot, or cruising the open road almost any day. How would you fancy a motorcycle sidecar camper, though? Yup, you read that right. Some ingenious motorcycle enthusiasts have managed to create mini campers for their bikes. As far as safety is concerned, I’m not too sure any of these things will be meeting any international standards. Nonetheless, they’re pretty cool to look at, make for pretty cool customs, and just go to show the lengths at which people can stretch their imaginations to achieve most anything on motorcycles. Here are a few of the coolest ones we’ve seen.

Ducati resumes motorcycle production at Bologna plant in Italy

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by Pradeep Shah from https://www.financialexpress.com

Production at Ducati’s Bologna factory been reorganized. From an eight-hour shift, the working shifts have been converted to two seven-hour shifts in order to allow a minimum number of people.

Premium bike maker Ducati has announced a steady resumption of production at its Borgo Panigale factory in Bologna, Italy starting today. With the Covid-19 outbreak, the Italian superbike manufacturer had temporarily suspended production at the said plant on 13th March to reorganize production schedules. The company said in a press statement that the gradual improvement in health conditions has allowed the government to enable companies, whose activity is primarily aimed at exports and for firms for which prolongation of the suspension would risk losing the country additional market shares, to resume production.

Ducati says that masks will be mandatory for everyone working inside the factory, regardless of the social distancing. Ducati says that it will be an extremely difficult year but starting up again is still a beginning. The company says that it has a lot of orders for the Streetfighter V4, Multistrada GT and the Panigale V2. The brand adds that the first phase of return will only involve a portion of workers that work on the production lines. The workshop staff will begin first followed by engine assembly workers and starting tomorrow, motorcycle assembly workers will begin working.

The brand also says that the use of smart working will remain mandatory for the employees and only for those who are not in a position to carry out their work from home will be allowed to enter the factory. That said, all resources employed in the commercial, marketing, IT, personnel management, finance, purchasing and logistics areas will be working remotely. Ducati has announced that the production at its Bologna factory been reorganized. From an eight-hour shift, the working shifts have been converted to two seven-hour shifts in order to allow a minimum number of people to be inside the plant at the same time.

Moreover, the canteen will also be active but only with one seat for every four chairs. Ducati says that the technicians that are engaged in R&D activities who cannot do their work from home were already at work as allowed by the specific ATECO code. That said, the engineers of the engine test rooms along with those who carry out motorcycle tests and employees who carry out laboratory testing are all present at Borgo Panigale. The company claims that the delivery of Ducati motorcycles along with the development of new products is very much in place as all designers, project managers, and those in the calculation department will be working remotely.

Motorcycle parade at veterans home shows heroes that even though they are isolated, they are not alone

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by Chris Best from https://www.wkrg.com

BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — Veterans at the William F. Green State Veterans Home may be isolated, but they are not alone. 150 motorcycle riders wanted to send that message loudly this Saturday. They lined up and paraded around the home on their bikes, honking their horns and revving their engines.

Signs leading up to the home read “Heroes work and live here.” These bikers wanted to make sure that heroism is recognized. Just the day before the riders honored the heroes it was announced a 3rd employee at the facility tested positive for COVID-19. The state announced it would be ramping up testing at all state-run veterans homes as well. So far none of the residents of the home have tested positive. But there have been cases at other state homes.

The veterans have been isolated since the COVID-19 outbreak. Long-term care facilities are particularly high risk. Nursing homes across the country have become hot zones for the virus. The veterans are not able to see their friends, families or others who regularly come to visit them. The Patriot Guard Riders, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and American Legion Riders are among several of the groups that normally visit the heroes to raise their spirits. Unable to do that, they got together to plan the parade.

Employees in scrubs and masks came outside to wave at the bikers. Another stood in salute. The bikers circled the facility, some of the veterans able to come to their windows and see the excitement. And those who couldn’t certainly heard it.

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle Looks Amazing

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by Mihnea Radu from https://www.autoevolution.com

We hate regular concept art sometimes – here’s a nice rendering we did and a press release, now give us some money. However, Curtiss Motorcycle Co. has just built a prototype for its electric bike and it’s even more amazing than its sketches.

Seriously, just look at this thing! Look at it, and then scroll to the end of the photo gallery to see the 3D model. The final destination is obviously building a bike that hasn’t existed before, purely electric and looking cool.

Curtiss used to be known as Confederate Motorcycles but in 2017 decided to go all-electric and re-brand itself. Since then, they’ve basically just shown prototypes and concepts.

The Hades promises to be different. It’s being introduced with some amazing specs. The electric motor is supposed to produce something like 215 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque (200 Nm). It’s mounted coaxially with the rear swingarm and drives the rear wheel via a belt.

The battery itself is mounted in that weird rocket-like enclosure under the frame. The rose gold coating is what really sets this apart from other bikes.

The battery is a 399 VDC pack with capacity having been quoted at 16.8 kWh, which would give it a higher capacity than the largest standard battery offering in the Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire (15.5 kWh).

The “prototype” part of what we see here is probably the frame. Based on the concept, it’s probably going to get a carbon fiber chassis for lightness. Sounds exotic, but then this is supposed to be a $75,000+ bike. That sounds like a lot of money compared to the LiveWire, but plenty of people are willing to pay extra for custom fabrication. To their credit, Curtis are reportedly also working on a cheaper version.

If it were our money, we’d skip that funky front end, just have some normal forks and save a few bucks.

Americade sets July date for 2020 motorcycle rally

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by Jay Petrequin from https://www.news10.com

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The 2020 Americade motorcycle rally, a yearly staple event for the village, announced Wednesday that they would be moving their date for the year back by a couple months as a response to COVID-19.

The event, originally set for June, is now being planned for July 21-25.

“The health of our community and our guests is paramount, but it is our sincere hope that by late July, it will be possible to bring Americade back to Lake George as long as there are no federal, state or local regulations that would preclude it,” wrote Americade organizer Christian  Dutcher in a news release. “We will be very sensitive to public health concerns. We will conduct Americade 2020 in a manner that is respectful of the terrible ordeal this pandemic has caused.’’

In addition, this year’s Americade will employ a variety of safety procedures in order to ensure safety in the event that coronavirus fears are still active in the region. This year, the motorcycle event is going “touchless.”

In accordance with guidance from Warren County, Americade will be enforcing a restricted number of attendees in a given space; removing certain events based on usual crowd size; asking attendees to register online instead of in-person; facilitate unguided rides; and encourage riders to use a variety of local restaurants for lunches while riding, in order to avoid anywhere being inundated by crowds.

‘’Americade’s decision to postpone rather than cancel is a welcome decision for our region’s economy,” wrote Lake George Mayor Robert Blais. “Our great family resort has the ability to host a wide variety of events successfully and cooperatively. We look forward to working with Americade and blending them into our busy season.”

Americade is also reaching out to hotels and other hospitality partners to make sure enough accomodations will be availible to bikers in town for the event.

“My Dad founded this event, and my Mom gave it its patriotic name,” Dutcher wrote. “As a family, we’ve seen it as a celebration of the American spirit of freedom and independence. This year we will pay tribute to the heroic work of our local first responders and frontline hospital workers and, in their honor, organize a special fund-raising effort among our visitors, vendors and participants.”