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Colony Machine H-D Hardware, since 1969

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Owner of Colony Machine, Mark Borcoman, by their newest CNC turning center.

Lowbrow Customs is the only place, world-wide, that you can find every single Colony Machine product (over 3,500!). Founded in 1969, Colony produces top-quality, made in the USA hardware for Harley-Davidsons 1911 to current. Their new 2019 catalog just came out and contains hundreds of new parts.

Click here to download the Colony Machine catalog as a PDF file. Perfect for quick reference or for printing out just the pages you need.

You can also shop Colony products at Lowbrow Customs.

Smoke Out – Last Day for Discount Tickets

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It is finally starting to warm up and we bet you are gearing up for your summer fun.

The Smoke Out Rally is the epicenter of the Chopper World. It has everything: the ride-bike-bike show, music, drag racing, camping, & Mini Bike Racing. It’s where you meet your old friends and make new ones.

NOTE: This is the last day to save on Smoke Out tickets. Click here for your tickets and camping specials.

Enjoy the ride,


EPPD: Dozens of arrests made during motorcycle gang crackdown on Cinco de Mayo weekend

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EL PASO, Texas – El Paso Police made 35 arrests and issued 118 citations during a Cinco de Mayo crackdown on motorcycle gangs.

Police released the figures Tuesday in response to an ABC-7 request for information. Several ABC-7 staffers and viewers noticed police pulling over groups of motorcyclists during the entire Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend.

The three day operation from May 2nd to May 5th was “conducted in response to the large number of outlaw motorcycle gang members anticipated to be visiting the city that weekend,” police said.

Police did not specify the extent of the charges filed, nor did they identify those arrested.

The El Paso Police Department’s Gang, TAC and SWAT units participated in the operation along with partner, local, state and federal agencies from the Texas Anti-Gang Center.


–from Rogue

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BANDIT’S CANTINA Product of the Week from Grifter

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The Man Shop Whiskey candle is unsurprisingly our favorite new scent at Grifter because, well, we like Whiskey.  Important- it smells like Bourbon tastes, not like Whiskey smells. What’s that means is you get a warmth and a sweetness with notes of Whiskey, Vetiver, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cedar, all wrapped up in an awesome candle that will make your space smell inviting to whomever you’d like to impress. 

These also come in Tobacco, Woods, Leather and in Room sprays featured below
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MAY is Motorcycle Awareness Month even in Canada

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Motorcyclists and those who share the road are reminded to practice safe driving as May marks Motorcycle Safety Month.

The City of Grande Prairie Enforcement Services stated it would focus on motorcycle safety for the Selected Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP).

“All motorists are reminded to be aware of their surroundings and exercise a higher degree of caution when more vulnerable vehicles such as motorcyclists are in the vicinity,” the city said in a statement. “Motorcyclists in particular have a higher likelihood for injury in the case of an accident due to their exposed vehicle.”

“Motorcyclists should drive cautiously and defensively, never assume other motorists are aware of your presence,” the city added.

According to the city, motorists should:

  • Look twice for motorcyclists at intersections, when turning, and when changing lanes.
  • Never underestimate the speed of a motorcycle, their size makes their speed deceptive.
  • Ensure you allow extra space between your vehicle and motorcycles as they can stop faster than other vehicles around them.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle,” the city said. “Help protect the lives around you by being alert and operating your motor vehicle safely.”

As the warm weather brings out more motorists, the Alberta RCMP also reminded motorcyclists to adopt safe driving behaviours in order to reduce the risk of collisions.

“With season change and warming weather, motorcycles are prevalent on our roadways. In 2018, there were 12 people killed and 232 motorcycles involved in injury collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions,” said Supt. Gary Graham with Alberta RCMP Traffic Services in a statement. “These numbers are a good reason to raise awareness about safe motorcycling so that we all get to our destinations safely.”

Alberta RCMP offered the following motorcycle safety tips:

  • Gear up! Along with a helmet, riders should wear shatter-proof eye protection and durable weather-proof clothes to keep you comfortable while riding.
  • Stay bright and in sight! Staying out of blind spots on roadways and in parking lots will help keep other vehicles aware of your presence.
  • Showing off does not pay off – but driving defensively does. Remember, motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings, share the road and change lanes with extreme caution.
  • Practice makes perfect. Riders should practice on safe roads away from high traffic areas and highways to make sure they are comfortable and confident in their skills on the road.

The Alberta RCMP stated they would continue to work with Alberta Sheriffs and other law enforcement and safety partners to promote safe driving and riding. Traffic safety tips can be found on Facebook @RCMPinAlberta and Twitter @RCMPAlberta.


–from Rogue

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It’s a Party – Ale Yeah!

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We are really excited to open our doors and welcome you to our new state of the art facility!  As many of you know, Fuller Moto has become our home away from home, a sanctuary where we build dreams; a passion project dedicated to creating rolling works of art.  Our building is legendary in these parts as it was the Atlanta Ferrari, Alfa, Fiat dealership for around 30 years.  Every kid dreaming of the latest Italian steed visited this spot and were inspired, and now we hope to continue that legacy.

We moved in 8 months ago, and have been hard at work updating the facilities.  A new roof, LED Lighting, revamped kitchen lounge and bathrooms just to start.  It’s not even near finished, but you will get more than a glimpse of what the future holds in store for Fuller Moto!

I’m really proud of the whole team and our neighbors, partners, and friends who have all pitched in to get ready for our first public showing.  I hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday, May 18th!  The weather looks great so get your favorite whip out and head on over!

Yours sincerely, Bryan Fuller

Four years later: Twin Peaks survivor hopes to change biker profiling

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A Twin Peaks shooting survivor says he trying to rebuild his reputation after he was one of the bikers arrested at the Waco restaurant in 2015.

Friday marks four years since the deadly shootout at the Waco Twin Peaks.

“This was a scheduled meeting,” said Paul Landers.

Landers said he got to the restaurant early that day to set up for a meeting about biker profiling, recent biker legislation and their rights on the road. “That day was different because there were people there that never participated at all in what we do,” he said.

He said he was hanging a banner when he heard the first shots. “Some automatic fire broke out, obviously not small arms fire broke out,” he said.

Nine people were killed and at least 20 were critically injured. If you were there as a biker, chances are you were arrested by Waco Police.

Landers was one of them. “That incident happened 12:30, one o’clock. We were on the hot concrete in 97-degree weather until five that evening. People (were) looking for a restroom. It was total chaos. You don’t know what’s going on, who’s involved. Then we sat on the bus until midnight. I was in handcuff until midnight, plastic cuffs,” he said.

Landers said he spent the next 23 day in jail. He along with 177 others faced felony charges — engaging in organized criminal activity, resulting in murder and aggravated assault.

Charges for Landers were dropped three years after his arrest. In early April, the remaining charges were dropped after a new DA took office.

Landers said his life still hasn’t been the same since his arrest. “I’m not a criminal,” he said.

Before the shooting, Landers said he worked for a well-paying company but was terminated within a week after his arrest. He said the reputation he built as an advocate for biker safety with policy makers at the state Capitol started to diminish. “If you want to single out the bad deed of a couple, but don’t indict the whole group on the actions of few,” he said.

Landers is now part of a civil suit suing the former McLennan County District Attorney, Waco Police and the detective that signed off on the affidavit. He said he’s not suing for financial gain but to prevent bikers from being profiled like he feels they were on May 17, 2015 in Waco.

“Never let this happen again,” he said.

Visiliy Zhulin Races to Pirelli’s Second Absolute Motorcycle Track Record of 2019

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Zhulin Earns $750 Pirelli Tire Voucher on DIABLO™ Superbike Slicks 


ROME, Ga. (May 17, 2019) – Pirelli Tire North America congratulates Vasiliy Zhulin on capturing the brand’s second absolute motorcycle track record of 2019. Competing aboard a Metric Devil Moto Yamaha YZF-R1, Zhulin set the track record on Saturday, May 11 on the Nelson Ledges Road Course in the A Superstock race during the WERA Sportsman Series.


“It has been a great pleasure to work with Vasiliy throughout the years,” said Oscar Solis, road racing manager, Pirelli. “When I found out that he achieved this record, I was extremely happy for him. He has put in a lot of hard work and is very deserving of his accomplishment. I look forward to him earning his next track record.”


Zhulin set the impressive lap record of 1:05.198 on his third lap while using Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike 120/70-17 SC1 front and 200/60-17 SC0 rear tires. Earlier in the day, he also topped the previous track record in the Formula 1 and A Superbike classes. He took the checkered flag to win all three classes.


“We had a fantastic weekend with Pirelli and the team here at Nelson Ledges,” said Zhulin. “We pushed hard throughout the three afternoon races and were able to get quicker and quicker in each race. I want to thank Pirelli and Trackside Tire Support for providing me with the best tires out there, which provide grip in all conditions. The race compounds are truly out of this world. I was able to push hard with relatively consistent grip on both the SC1 and SC0 compounds.”


Pirelli continues to offer a $750 tire voucher for setting a new motorcycle track record and Zhulin’s efforts made him the second rider to earn the reward this year.


To view the complete results from the WERA Sportsman Series event at Nelson Ledges Road Course CLICK HERE.


To learn more about the complete line of Pirelli motorcycle tires, please visit


California regulator threatens ban on gasoline engines

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WASHINGTON — California’s top environmental regulator is threatening to enact tougher pollution rules that could include a ban on vehicles that burn petroleum-based fuels in retaliation for the Trump administration’s plan to relax vehicle emission standards.

The move — which would be a first in the U.S. — marks an escalation in the clash between Washington and Sacramento that would increase uncertainty for carmakers in the nation’s biggest auto market.

California has already gone to court to fight the Trump administration’s determination that current vehicle emission and fuel economy standards are too stringent. Now, California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols is arguing that the state will match any relaxation of federal auto rules with its own more stringent anti-pollution requirements on everything from fuel to the refineries producing it.

“CARB will be exploring ways to ensure communities get the reductions of air pollution they so desperately need to keep the air clean and breathable — and continue to fight climate change,” Nichols said in draft remarks prepared for an event Thursday.

“That might mean, for example, tougher requirements for low-carbon fuels, looking at tighter health-protective regulations on California refineries, doubling down on our enforcement efforts on mobile and stationary sources — and might lead to an outright ban on internal combustion engines.”

Nichols was set to deliver the remarks during a meeting with California air quality and transportation agencies. Representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did not immediately respond to an emailed request seeking comment.

President Donald Trump’s administration is developing a final plan for easing tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions standards and fuel economy requirements, after proposing to cap the mandates at 37 miles per gallon after 2020. Under existing Obama-era rules, fuel economy requirements are set to rise to 47 mpg.

Uncertain future

The administration in February terminated months of talks between federal regulators and California officials to maintain a common standard. Automakers had urged the two sides to reach an agreement to avert a prolonged legal battle with California, which has unique authority to establish its own emissions rules.

The fight has already caused uncertainty for the auto industry, threatening to undermine business plans heavily reliant on predictability. A prolonged court battle over mileage mandates could upend technology development and investment plans for the U.S., even as European countries press on with tougher requirements.

But Nichols’ comments show increasing peril for other industries too, particularly oil refineries. California already encourages zero-emission vehicles and legislation proposed in the state last year would mandate them by 2040. An outright ban on new vehicles powered by liquid, oil-based fuels would be unprecedented in the U.S.

Britain, China, India and other nations have announced their own plans to phase out conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Tough limits

Even without that step in California, refiners could be hit with tougher limits on pollution at their facilities and more stringent fuel requirements.

Nichols casts the moves as a possible necessary step to offset additional air pollution that could be unleashed by Trump easing auto standards.

“The federal rule will pump hundreds of millions of tons of climate-changing gases into the atmosphere, and will increase the amount of smog-forming pollution in our most polluted cities,” Nichols says in her prepared remarks. “Steps may be needed to keep moving forward to fight climate change and continue to protect public health if it ever goes into effect.”