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Women Bikers Converge On Harley Davidson Dealership In World Record Attempt

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FREDERICK, Colo. (CBS4) – Women bikers in Colorado attempted to set a world record on Saturday. More than 430 women showed up to the Harley Davidson dealership in Frederick on motorcycles, hoping to set the record for most women riding in one place at one time.

“In Colorado, women bikers are growing like a weed,” said Susan Udero, organizer of Colorado Women’s World Record Ride. “There are 88,000 bikers registered (in Colorado). How many are women? (The DMV) said 4,000 or 5,000.”

The world record is held by the United Kingdom, where more than 1,100 riders showed up. While the riders in Frederick were unable to set the record, they were able to raise a lot of money for children with Autism.

“It brings me great joy,” Udero said.

“All the proceeds from this incredible event come directly to Firefly Autism,” said Jesse Ogas, Executive Director of Firefly Autism.

Firefly Autism, based in Denver, provides support to children and families who are impacted by autism.

“We work with children from 18 months to 21 years of age, who are impacted with autism,” Ogas said. “(Money raised by the event) go to scholarship families who might not be able to pay their deductibles, who might not be able to pay their premiums. These women are having a huge impact for the children and families at Firefly Autism.”

Some said they were hoping to attract more women at a future ride in another attempt to set the world record. In the meantime, organizers joked they did set one record at the event.

“I can get the record for the most women bikers with records,” Udero said.

WITC Offers Motorcycle Training Classes

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Lawrence of Arabia should have taken this class.–Bandit


Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is offering motorcycle safety training classes at the Superior, Rice Lake, New Richmond and Ashland campuses.

This 16-hour course is approved by the Department of Transportation. It is designed to teach the beginner or experienced rider the safe techniques of riding a motorcycle. It consists of six hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction. Classes are offered weekends.

Students passing this course will be issued a waiver that will waive the road test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. A student will still be required to take a written test at the DMV to obtain their class M license.

Motorcycles are provided by WITC. Students must provide their own safety gear.

Visit or call 800-243-9482 ext. 5045 for Rice Lake; ext. 4221 for New Richmond; ext. 6050 for Superior; or ext. 3050 for Ashland.

— Superior Telegram

–from the EIN Newsletter


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Julia Hartley-Brewer: Don’t Panic About Climate Change: The End Isn’t Nigh

  • Julia Hartley-Brewer, Sunday Express

REMEMBER those men who used to wander the streets with placards proclaiming “The End Is Nigh” in big black letters, shouting about how the world is about to be destroyed and how we’ll all go to Hell?

We used to pass by, laugh at the lunacy of the doomsayers, shrug and carry on happily with our own lives. Today, though, the people predicting the end of the world aren’t standing on street corners shouting into the wind, they’re on our TV screens, leading political parties and are even members of the Royal Family. The doomsday cultists have gone mainstream and now anyone who’s anyone is busy predicting the impending green apocalypse.

Prince Harry is just the latest high-profile figure to insist that we must do more to protect our planet or face its imminent destruction.

He confessed last week in an interview in Vogue magazine – guest-edited by his wife Meghan – that the couple plan to have only two children in a bid to save the environment.

It’s a bit rich for a couple who routinely travel by private jet, own a huge house which cost £2.4million of taxpayers’ money to do up and whose wedding cost £32million, to be waxing lyrical about cutting their carbon footprint.

But it isn’t the hypocrisy of these painfully “woke” royals and their celebrity chums that worries me; it’s the fact that so many of them seem to believe the nonsense they spout.

It’s one thing to worry about a changing climate and pollution, to want to do away with single-use plastic bottles and bags, end dumping of waste in our oceans and to move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy.

It’s quite another to sign up to the hysterical misery of the eco-lunatics such as Extinction Rebellion who insist that we have only a few years to save our planet from destruction.

If the doomsday cultists are to be believed, every time we take a holiday flight or get in our cars or eat a hamburger, we are killing our planet.

And the birth of a baby dwarfs all of those terrible deeds when it comes to their carbon footprint. Simply by existing, every child is bringing the end of human existence a little bit closer.

What must it be like to wake each morning and think the end is nigh?

How terrifying must it be to spend all day worrying that the human race faces extinction? How miserable must it be to believe that it’s wrong to bring a new life into the world because of an uncertain future on a dying planet?

Frankly, I’m amazed that people like Meghan and Harry can find the where-with-all to even get up in the morning.

It must be utterly grim to have such a pessimistic view of the world, your future and of your fellow human beings.

More importantly however, it is a viewpoint that is also staggeringly at odds with the facts. The world is not about to end – climate change or no climate change. And the Earth’s population is not about to overburden our planet.

Ever since Thomas Malthus published An Essay On The Principle Of Population in 1798, so-called “experts” have been predicting that the world will run out of resources to feed the rising population.

Earth’s population was under one billion in Malthus’s day, yet six and a half billion later, here we are.

Indeed, thanks to human ingenuity – to the Industrial Revolution, advances in agriculture, science and medicine – more of us are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.

The world isn’t going to Hell in a handcart even if the population reaches nine billion.

We have more people for three reasons: first, fewer babies are dying thanks to medical advances.

Secondly, more medical advances mean fewer people are dying of preventable diseases in epidemics. Thirdly, we’re all living longer. Instead of dying at 35, we’re living more than twice as long.

Isn’t that all wonderful? How anyone can claim the rising global population is a bad thing defies belief – and reason.

And YET Prince Harry and Meghan have joined the ranks of the doomsday cultists along with 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, new global head of the green religion.

This little girl in pigtails is feted as the eco-oracle, with politicians, journalists, celebrities – yes, and royals – hanging on her every word as she predicts catastrophe if we don’t listen to her call to arms.

This is a terrible state of affairs when even the most privileged among us are signed up to the doom and gloom of the eco-cultists, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Truth is, there has never been a better time to be alive, whether you live in a palace or a mud hut.

Our planet will still be here, merrily turning, providing a home to billions, long after Meghan and Harry’s great-great-great-great-grandchildren have been born and this ridiculous doomsday cult has been consigned to the history books.

As we might once have said to the man with his “The End Is Nigh” placard: “Cheer up, mate, it might never happen!”


“We need to create Fear!” That’s what Al Gore said to me [Hans Rosling] at the start of our first conversation about how to teach climate change. — Hans Rosling, Factfulness – Rosling declined Al Gore’s invitation.

I say, plant a tree or a plant and go for a ride.–Bandit

Law Enforcement is Using License Plate Readers to “Grid” Entire Neighborhoods: From the NMA

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By guest writer Joe Cadillic of the MassPrivatel Blog

What does gridding mean? The Arizona Mirror recently described it this way:

“As part of the training for the ALPR (automated license plate readers) systems, Chandler police officers are taught to “grid” neighborhoods during their downtime – systematically driving up and down every street in an area, indiscriminately scooping up information on vehicles.”

Gridding entire neighborhoods allow authorities to form a detailed and highly accurate pattern of everyone’s driving habits day and night, 24/7. It also enables the government to create mini-surveillance zones of entire neighborhoods.

There is no defense for police gathering intel on innocent people going about their daily activities, but that does not stop them from making up absurd excuses to justify it. Chandler, Arizona Police Department Commander Ed Upshaw compares police “gridding” to a YouTuber who records someone in public.

“If your vehicle is parked in a public place or visible from a publicly accessible place, it can be recorded by anyone. Is there a reason a YouTuber can record but police cannot?”

Comparing systematic police surveillance to a YouTuber recording people in public is like comparing apples to oranges.

Another excuse by government officials was reinforced by Massachusetts-based Federal Judge Robert Rufo, who recently ruled that police ALPR’s on bridges “was legal because the cameras only track movements on and off the Cape, and not movements across the state.”

What Rufo failed to mention is the only way for motorists to access the Cape is by travelling over those bridges. It might not be mass surveillance of drivers statewide, but it is certainly “Mass.” surveillance of Cape Cod motorists. (pun intended.)

Fast-food drive-thrus are also planning on using ALPRS and facial recognition to identify drivers and passengers according to an article on Fast food restaurants plan to use’s ALPRS to identify customers. Other facial recognition programs encourage customers to sign up by earning loyalty rewards points much like that of Hertz Global Holdings.

Are the convenience and rewards of getting served faster more important than protecting individual privacies, particularly with often unclear opt-out opportunities?

What do you think?

Big Brother’s appetite for mass surveillance is appalling, and it effects everyone’s ability to travel freely. ACLU of Arizona Criminal Justice Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Arizona Jared Keenan warned:

“Police could grid low-income or minority neighborhoods more often, which could lead to over-policing of those neighborhoods—even if there are just as many crimes in rich, white areas.”

There is simply no excuse to “grid” entire neighborhoods or train police to “gather intel” on Americans without a warrant. This kind of activity goes against everything the United States was founded upon. Just because the surveillance technology is readily available does not mean that we should allow our rights to privacy to be trampled.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the author.

Kawasaki Doubles Down To Capture AMA Pro Motocross Championships in the 250 and 450 Classes

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Foothill Ranch, Calif. (August 24, 2019) – Monster Energy®/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Adam Cianciarulo captured his first AMA Pro Motocross 250 title aboard his KX™250 this weekend in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Cianciarulo began his championship campaign by winning the overall in the first four rounds. Cianciarulo’s dominant performance all season long was displayed through his grit, determination, and consistency, never finishing off the overall podium during the season.

The title is the 15th 250 class motorcross championship for Kawasaki, the most 250 class motocross championships of any manufacturer. Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Eli Tomac clinched the 450 class title last weekend at Budds Creek, leading Team Green to the first brand sweep of both motocross classes since Kawasaki achieved the same feat in 2011.

Young, Hot Motorcycle App – Now With Video

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Tonit Announces Slick New Video Feature
Video Feature Enhances User Experience & Makes Tonit a True Social Media Platform

Kelowna, BC – August 9, 2019 – Tonit, the motorcycle community app built by riders for riders, today announced the release of their new Video Feature, which makes sharing motorcycle content more versatile and engaging. Members will now be able to snap and feature up to 60 seconds worth of video on their profiles, and view the latest clips posted on their feeds.

The Tonit app was developed to be a social hub for motorcycle riders to connect with one another and foster a strong community. On the app, riders can meet, post photos and videos, share tips and tricks, track and share riding experiences, and stay safer on the road.

“Our members asked for it, and we listened,” said Jason Lotoski, Founder and CEO, Tonit. “Tonit is 100% developed from the community’s voice. The new video feature is cementing Tonit’s place as a must have social-media platform for riders across North America. We will continue to roll out new app features and improvements quickly to keep meeting member requests that help build a better experience for the community.”

Tonit can be downloaded for free on Google Play or the App Store

Motorcycle social media app Tonit has devoted itself to uniting and growing a global network of motorcycle riders. With over 200k users in less than 8 months, the app allows people to create profiles, connect with other motorcyclists, join group rides, and attend motorbike-centric events.

A near fatal accident didn’t stop Natalie from getting back on the open road.

When she was young, Natalie yearned to one day have her own motorcycle. She made her dream a reality when she purchased her own Yamaha, and could finally experience the thrill of riding solo and getting involved in the local motorcycle community.

Things took a turn for the worse and she was involved in a near fatal accident that left her dreams – and bones – broken. Natalie was told that she wouldn’t be able to walk for up to a year. Five surgeries, organs removed, and one titanium pelvis later, Natalie’s passion for riding drove her to get back up again. Three months after her accident, she was back on wheels– and not the wheelchair kind.

One of the things that helped Natalie stay positive throughout her traumatic ordeal was the Tonit community that would be there to welcome her return to the road.

For motorcyclists riding in groups or flying solo, no resource offers a more authentic way to connect with other passionate riders than the Tonit app.

About Tonit

Tonit, the motorcycle app built for riders by riders was developed to bring motorcyclists together both online and on-the-road through an interactive and inclusive social community. Motorcyclists across the globe use Tonit to connect with other riders, share bike-related content, map and track riding experiences, and stay safer on the road. Riders can find new people to hit the road with based on location and riding style, and, once in touch, easily plan group rides. Routes and stats can be shared with the Tonit community so that riders can discover new locations, share intel about best routes, provide maintenance tips and tricks and post photos and experiences. Launched late November 2018, Tonit has over 60,000 downloads and 50,000 active users and four months later was the #1 trending lifestyle app on Google Play. Tonit is a free download on both the Google Play and App Store. Visit to learn more.

Harley Davidson recalls more than 12k bikes over potential safety issue

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Columbia, SC (WOLO) —Harley-Davidson recalled more than 12 thousand motorcycles over a potential safety issue the company says could impact the visibility of affected bikes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the potential issue involves the reflector placement on some motorcycles.

NHTSA says both the Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles made between years 2016 through 2019 are affected by this recall. Officials say these bikes were equipped with a Harley-Davidson Detachable Tour-Pak Conversion Kit, but however, only some of the bikes in question that were fitted with this kit are affected by the current recall.

If you own one of these bikes and have additional questions, contact Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. for immediate assistance at 1-800-258-2464.

Rwanda Encourages Youth To Use Electric Motorcycles

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Rwanda has introduced the use of electric motorcycles as part of its efforts to protect the environment and cut fuel costs.

Passengers and motorcyclists say the electric vehicles could dramatically change how Rwandans do business.

James Musisi, 45, is one of 10 motorcyclists who have started to use the motorcycles in what is known as the moto-taxi business — motorcycle taxis.

He says the vehicles are quiet, which means passengers are able to make phone calls as they’re taken to their destinations.

They’re also relatively cheap. One electric bike costs $1,300 — less expensive than the $1,600 price for fuel motorcycles.

Also, Musisi said, “There is no chain, no drum brake, and requires less [maintenance compared to] those that use fuel lubricant every week and have to change the oil.”

Currently, there are 10 of the motorcycles running on Kigali’s roads, but more than 600 are being built.

Two charging stations exist in Kigali. A moto-taxi driver has to bring an exhausted battery to take a charged one, which runs for 70 kilometers (43 miles). The price for recharging an electric vehicle is equal to the cost of the fuel for traditional cycles.

In 2016, four entrepreneurs from different countries formed a start-up called Ampersand with a mission to transform Rwanda into a mass market for commercial electric motorcycles.

Josh Whale, the company’s chief executive officer, said electric motorcycles, also known as e-Motos, have great potential in Rwanda — a country known for its environmental initiatives.

“For electricity, we found that the grid is sufficiently reliable in Kigali,” he said. “There has been a lot of investment made in new transmission lines, which are operating well, so everything is good for us.”

Environmental efforts

Engineer Colleta Ruhamya, director-general of Rwanda’s Environment Management Authority, says this is another milestone for the country, which has become an important player in the global environmental protection movement.

“I don’t see why Rwanda should be behind. I think it’s the right time for Rwanda to come forward. We call each and every person to also embrace [the effort] and to go [forward] together,” Ruhamya said.

This comes after Rwandan President Paul Kagame declared that his government is going to replace all motorcycles with new electric ones.

“We will find a way to replace the ones you have now. We urge taxi-moto operators to help us when the phase-out process comes,” Kagame said recently.

The adoption of electric motorcycles follows many other initiatives the Rwandan government has taken to protect the environment and keep Kigali clean.

In 2008, Rwanda banned plastic shopping bags. Last year, it banned the use of single-use plastic materials, including water bottles.

According to the United Nations, every year 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans, poisoning sea life and harming fisheries.

Source: VOA

Pirelli Takes Sixth Track Record of 2019 with Adam Robarts

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Robarts Captures Pirelli Tire Credit on DIABLO™ Superbike Slicks.

ROME, Ga. (August 23, 2019) – Pirelli Tire North America congratulates Adam Robarts on capturing the brand’s sixth absolute motorcycle track record of 2019. Competing aboard a BMW S 1000 RR, Robarts set the track record at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington during the fourth round of the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) Championship on Sunday, August 18.

“Adam has consistently proved himself on the track as demonstrated by his long list of records using Pirelli tires,” said Oscar Solis, road racing manager, Pirelli. “What’s more impressive is he was able to capture this record with an SC1 compound on the rear, which shows you don’t always have to have the softest tire to achieve a record!”

Robarts’ new lap record of 1:37.797 was set during the Formula Ultra race, besting Ryan Sutton’s previous track record of 1:38.709 that was also set with Pirelli slicks in June of 2017. Robarts’ BMW was equipped with Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike 120/70-17 SC2 front and 200/60-17 SC1 rear tires.

“Adam was great in each of his races this weekend and rode like a true champion,” said Sage Wilkinson, CT Racing NW, Pirelli trackside vendor. “We had perfect weather heading into the weekend, so the stage was set for fast lap times. Adam did a great job of riding smart to protect his points lead, yet still managed to put in some blistering lap times, and when the dust settled, held a very manageable lead and came away with a new track record. We’re proud to have Adam on Pirelli race tires and happy to be a part of his success.”

Pirelli continues to offer a tire credit prize for setting a new motorcycle track record and Robarts efforts made it the second time he has earned the reward this year. In addition to setting the new absolute motorcycle track record, Robarts carried his momentum into the 600cc class by setting a new lap record.

“It’s such a good feeling to end the weekend on top and by setting a new track record,” said Robarts. “I felt really good on my bike and with my setup every time I hit the track. I feel like I was able to push a pretty quick pace without ever riding outside of my comfort zone, which I give a lot of credit to my Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike slicks for. The tires were phenomenal when it came to grip and I could put the bike anywhere I wanted.”

To learn more about the complete line of Pirelli motorcycle tires, please visit

Harley-Davidson unveils new electric bicycle designs

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By Melissa Leon Fox News

Harley-Davidson showed off some highly anticipated new wheels this week, but they’re not the hogs you might be envisioning.

The iconic motorcycle manufacturer officially unveiled its first electric bicycle designs this week during the company’s Annual Dealer Meeting in Milwaukee.

The three initial models of the pedal-assisted bikes are “light, fast and easy for anyone to ride,” according to the company, which first teased its plans for eBicycles a year ago.

“Designed to shine in urban environments, this all-new line of eBicycles is just one more example of how Harley-Davidson’s More Roads initiative is actively working to inspire a new generation of two-wheeled riders around the world,” the company said.