AMA News and Notes June 2024

National and Regional News Duluth, Minn. — The 33rd Annual Motorcycle and Scooter Ride To Work Day is Tuesday, June 11. Worldwide, more than an estimated million riders become two-wheeled commuters to demonstrate riding as a fun and practical form of utility transportation. Over 100 American cities formally recognize Ride to Work Day by proclamation, and riding clubs around the world encourage their members to participate in this annual demonstration. According to the Ride to Work nonprofit organization, for hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers, riding is a socially beneficial form of transportation that provides a broad range of other public benefits. According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over 80 million cars and light trucks are used every day for commuting, and only about 200,000 motorcycles and scooters are a regular part of this mix. On June 11, the practical side of motorcycling and scootering becomes more visible as a higher percentage of America’s 8 million cycles and scooters replace automobiles. The first Ride to Work Day was July 22, 1992. For several years, various motorcycle businesses informally promoted every third Wednesday in July as Ride To Work Day. These early advocates included Road Rider magazine, Dunlop Tires and Aerostich/Riderwearhouse. The event continued to grow as an informal grassroots demonstration every year until 2000. That year a nonprofit organization, Ride to Work, was formed to help organize and promote Ride to Work Day. The first Ride to Work Day led by this group was the third Wednesday in July of 2001. Starting in 2024, the day was changed to the second Tuesday in June to avoid conflicting with  Juneteenth, a United States federal holiday, going forward. This day was chosen because A) it breaks up the workweek better than a Monday day does (RTW Day is a […]

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100 WFC: The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer

The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer with illustration by Wayfarer Tobey pawned off whatever was left of his inheritance—clothes, shoes, cheap jewelry and twenty years of Reader’s Digest. He sold suitcases for trips never ventured. These were of no benefit while his Mom was alive. Life insurance paid a pittance of her funeral bill. All the cash he mustered amounted to the sum of $ 21,699.25. The sum total cops wanted for a rotting, rusting Panhead, once Tobey’s father’s ride. Mom sold it to make ends meet when Dad died in a work accident. A means to beginning Tobey’s new life of freedom from familial obligations. He sought the rehaul, the ride and the open road. His Harley represented a magnificent metamorphosis. (publication dated 07-June-2024) * * * Read the rest and the previous year’s entries and winners at

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Deadwood’s Biker Jailer

Based on actual events in 1982 by Keith “Bandit” Ball with illustrations by Wayfarer Deadwood, a town of outlaws, grit, gold, mile-deep mines, gambling and whores wrestled annually with South Dakota weather. It’s a bustling town of 1,200 dealing with an onslaught of three million drunken, gambling visitors a year. About 1982 a scruffy biker named Rusty, with a full beard mowed lawns and his wife worked at Family Dollar a couple of blocks away on the cobblestone street, while the Homestake mine endured another strike. Wasn’t much going on when the Sheriff asked Rusty if he would ride along on a prisoner transfer to Sioux Falls for 100 bucks. He smiled and took the job. Wasn’t much to it and he continued to fulfill the city position as a transport guard until busses came along and the Sheriff said, “I don’t want to lose you.” Click here to read this incredible adventure as only retold by Bandit on * * * * Join the gang by becoming a member–check out your options by clicking here.  

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The Confused Bikernet Weekly News for April 18, 2024

It’s trying to snow this morning but can’t decide which way to go. The dusty flecks of snow are dancing around in the breezy sky and can’t decide whether to land or just enjoy the ride, in the wind. Let’s hit the news and see what happens next. You just can’t ever give up or give in. Keep the faith and keep riding free! –Bandit Click here to read the Weekly News only on If you like articles, tech, news, commentary, road-tests, reviews and more–then consider supporting this motorcycle-haven that is online since 1996 by becoming a member of Bandit’s Cantina. Click here to know more. Best deal online and free swag with it.

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100WFC: Melanie by Bandit

Melanie by Banditwith illustration by Wayfarer A miniature human with a radiant smile and satin skin. Her old man worked the oil fields and afforded his Sportster tank painted by George Wild. Her one mission was to collect it in her rusting VW bug. The magnificent flames glistened on the modified tank. George attempted to fondle the satin button, the tank nearly becoming a weapon. A weakness for abandoned pets steered her off course. The tank became the object of potential scratches and drooling dogs. Groceries dislodged and a fender bender nearly hurled the candy flames. Still that night a brother rode to club church with a brilliant smile on his face. She made it. (publication dated 18-March-2024)

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100WFC: She’s Gone by Jeffrey

THE CONTEST GOT JUMPSTARTED — NOW LET’S ALL KICK IT INTO GEAR She’s Gone by Jeffrey aka JJ Spainwith illustration by Wayfarer I left Hill City on highway 385 north to Deadwood, I had to see it for myself. The temperature was in the low 30s, a little cold for a ride but it wasn’t respectful to go in a car. Dark smoke belched from the black mass of rubble, as a small breeze drifted the smokey haze into the pines. A police officer directed traffic while firetrucks and volunteer firemen hosed the area. Thirty straight rally years did I enjoyed many a beer, burgers and conversations at this place. Now she’s gone. I hope the Sugar Shack can make it back. (publication dated 15-March-2024)

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