TwinPower Launches Innovative Bag-in-a-Box Oil Program for Dealers

TwinPower Launches Innovative Bag-in-a-Box Oil Program for Dealers Free Rack Helps Manage Storage and Dispensing Oil and Lubricants Keller TX – July 10, 2024 – Twin Power, a leader in motorcycle parts and accessories, today announced the return of one of its most popular dealership support efforts, the 6-gallon Bag in a Box Dealer Oil Program. This program provides dealers with a free, heavy-duty metal dispenser rack when they purchase six boxes of Twin Power’s high-quality oil and lubricants. This innovative program offers numerous advantages over traditional 55-gallon drums, especially for dealers with limited space or a focus on service and repair. “We are thrilled to bring this efficient and environmentally friendly program to our dealers,” said Twin Power’s Brand Manager James Simonelli. “The Bag in a Box system is compact, easy to use, and offers substantial savings, which makes it a great choice for shops looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs. And, it’s the same great oil that we offer in our quart containers, not a short service interval or break-in oil.” The 6-Gallon Bag in a Box Dealer Oil Program offers numerous benefits to dealers. First, the free dispenser rack provides a practical solution for oil storage and dispensing. The system’s compact design requires no more space than a single 55-gallon drum, making it ideal for shops with limited storage. Additionally, the easy-to-use system simplifies oil dispensing and allows dealers to keep service quantities of several different weights of oil available to technicians. Environmentally, the bag-in-a-box design eliminates containment and disposal issues associated with traditional drums, reducing waste and eliminating the challenge of handling drums of oil. The six-gallon bag saves dealers up to 30% compared to quart prices, providing significant financial benefits. The oil in the bag-in-a-box system is the same top-quality product found in […]

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The Confused Bikernet Weekly News for April 18, 2024

It’s trying to snow this morning but can’t decide which way to go. The dusty flecks of snow are dancing around in the breezy sky and can’t decide whether to land or just enjoy the ride, in the wind. Let’s hit the news and see what happens next. You just can’t ever give up or give in. Keep the faith and keep riding free! –Bandit Click here to read the Weekly News only on If you like articles, tech, news, commentary, road-tests, reviews and more–then consider supporting this motorcycle-haven that is online since 1996 by becoming a member of Bandit’s Cantina. Click here to know more. Best deal online and free swag with it.

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