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Besides the Bikernet Weekly news is killer and there’s nothing like it on the planet. No one takes on the Man or the tough freedom-fighter efforts like Bikernet. You can get the politically correct news anywhere.

Plus, you’ll get to see the first Streamlined Trike to be built exclusively for the Bonneville Salt Flats. Hell, you could become apart of the team.

In addition, you will have access to 23 years of solid biker content, events, the girls, the bad jokes and the stories. And hell, it’s cheap. Check it out:

Enjoy the ride, we do.


Tucker Dealer Show for 2019

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Dealer shows have taken on a new business model with basically Drag and Tucker taking the lead. Most other dealer shows are now gone. Here’s the second piece on the latest Tucker Show from DealerWorld.–Bandit

S&S Cycle: Recent new products from the Viola, Wisconsin home of ‘Proven Performance’ include a carbon fiber version of the iconic Teardrop air cleaner; a 50-state legal Sidewinder 2-1 with stainless steel header and 4.5” muffler for Twin Cam and M-8 Tourers; a choice of complete M-8 cam chest kit options; and a 50-state legal and CARB compliant ‘Grand National’ 2-2 full system with hidden crossover for 2018 and up M-8 Fat Bob Softails;


Mustang Seats: Along with Kuryakyn, the Three Rivers, Massachusetts based seat manufacturer is part of MAG’s Accessories Group, under the leadership of Greg Heichelbech. Recent new designs include an updated addition to its popular Fastback series – the all-new HighTail Fastback for ‘06-’17 Dyna and ‘08-’19 Touring models, with marine grade fiberglass seat pan and additional diamond stitched option available as part of the Dave Perewitz Signature Series by Mustang; plus the Wide Tripper for all ‘14-later Chief, Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster models;


National Cycle: Recent new products from the Maywood, Illinois based manufacturer include a choice of three aerodynamically tuned 4.5 mm Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate VStream windshield options for Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster models, and a return to inventory for the popular Heritage line of Beaded Heavy Duty windshields with the Heritage and classic styles available for immediate shipping – including the much sought after red and blue Beaded Heavy Duty windshields with separate components. Available options include the National Cycle 5-bolt three- piece beaded construction pattern and vintage style OEM 7-bolt pattern hardware;


Maxima Racing Oil: With inventory now additionally being held locally for dealers and their distributors in Europe, Maxima has developed a well thought out V-twin oil and lubricants range for custom shops and authorized dealers that incudes ‘Oil Change in a Box’ and custom oil filter program options for M-8 and earlier Harleys;


Avon Tyres: The big news from the British custom tire market leader was of the launch of the next generation Cobra, the Cobra Chrome, and associated sponsorship of the Freestyle class and winner at the 2018 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, staged at the hugely popular INTERMOT Customized, Cologne, Germany, in October;

Memphis Shades: Recent new products from the Rossville, Tennessee based specialist include additions to its Road Warrior fairings for Touring, Softail, Dyna, Street and Indian Scout applications; Batwing, Gauntlet, Bullet and Café fairings; popular Memphis Fats and Slim windshields; spoiler windshields for FLH fairings and a wide range of options for Sportsters, Indian, Victory and leading metric cruiser models;

Sport Chrome: The big news from the Westminster, California based chroming to wheels to accessories specialist is of a new partnership with Tucker V-Twin for its ‘Reinforcer’ wheel program. CEO Jon Reed told AMD that “beyond the ‘Reinforcer’s’ pleasing aesthetics, these wheels are designed to allow the owner to optimize its factory-equipped braking system. Made specifically for [but not limited to] all 2014 and up Street Glide and Road Glide models, the ‘Reinforcer’ immediately gives the bike that sought-after stance of a 21” front wheel”;


BMC Air Filters: Almost 20 years of experience gained from successful cooperation with the most prestigious teams in Formula 1 and MotoGP makes BMC a “global leader in the design and production of high-performance air filters”. To mark its entry into the Harley-Davidson filters aftermarket, the company has released a limited edition run of 99 individually numbered titanium mesh filters with a hand-laminated autoclave cured carbon fiber custom cover and CNC-machined one-piece machined alloy backing plate. The multi-layered synthetic gauze (no oil needed) is an easy maintenance, airflow-friendly technology that is said to deliver state-of-the-art filtration capability;


Le Pera: The North Hollywood, California seats specialist had a big year in 2018 with three stylish new designs – the ‘Streaker’ for Sportsters; ‘KickFlip’ for ‘06-’17 Dynas and the ‘Sprocket’ Solo for ‘08 and up Baggers – selected options include ‘Smooth’, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Pleated’ stitch finishes. All Le Pera seats have 46 years of handcraftsmanship invested into every detail and feature a powder-coated 16-gauge steel base plate, a specially poured high-density “Marathon” molded foam foundation and double-stitched handcrafted cover with bonded polyester thread for durability;


Daytona Twin Tec: Following the sale by Allen Alvarez, new owner JMS Chip & Performance (of  Debary, Florida, with Vice President Brad Grissom seen here on the right), has big plans for development of the product line with a slew of new products in the making for later this year;

TTS: Steve Cole and his Glendale, Arizona based TTS Power Systems (The Turbo Shop Inc.) is among the best-known V-twin diagnostics and tuning specialists in the industry. His TTS MasterTune2-HD system for V-twin models provides ECM calibration development, toggling between modified MAPs, correct speedo calibration or change primary ratio. Ajustments include AFR target, spark advance front and rear, knock control, injector sizing, engine displacement, rev limit, EITMS settings and more. VTune3-HD calibrates VE tables, Spark tables and EGA correction tables and combines inputs from the DataMaster or FlightRecorder to create a fully custom and optimized calibration;

Arlen Ness Enterprises: Recent new products from the Dublin, California based parts and accessories specialist include the ‘Method’ line of patent pending polycarbonate window air cleaners, handlebar dampening kits, risers and fork braces; Ness 10-Gauge covers for Twin Cams and M-8 models; Rapper, Profile and Pro Steel Short stamped steel fenders (for Harleys and selected Indian applications); an ABS fairing with smoked plexiglass windshield for a fabrication-free easy install on Scout models;

Help support Bikers Inside the Beltway 2019!

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Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Wind,

Although we may have never met, I believe that I know you. Yeah, that may seem a little presumptuous on my part, especially since I’m going to ask you for money.

However, before I ask, please allow me to introduce myself:  Fifty plus years riding; forty plus years motorcyclist rights advocacy; thirty plus years committed to the mission of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. And, as I said to MRF members last year…  “We may not know each other and we may not have a lot in common, but we do have at least two things that we value… Our past and our futures are woven together with the love of motorcycles and our love of freedom.”

Your rights, your motorcycle, and your lifestyle are under siege.Nope, that’s not some cliché from a well-paid Madison Avenue advertising agency. It’s real, and it’s happening on a regular basis. However, the MRF is relentlessly working to keep the siege at bay. MRF members are updated regularly on profiling, the Road to Zero, E-15, driver-less vehicles, plus an almost never-ending series of attacks on our rights, our motorcycles, and our lifestyle.

Thanks to you and the generosity of other MRF members in 2018, the MRF took the most successful ever Bikers inside the Beltway (BITB) to members of Congress. Over 150 motorcyclists representing 33 states, 40 motorcycle clubs and independent riders converged on Washington with one purpose – to repel the siege!

However, the work is not complete.

The approval of the anti-profiling resolution (S. Res.154) by the Senate in December 2018 came from a determination by the MRF and dedication by MRF members. All-encompassing planning was at the root of that success. BITB is successful and a tribute to its conceptual father, “Boz” Kerr, because extensive planning is at the top of our list.

With a pre-event briefing and Q&A the day before, participants are given a “playbook,” well-schooled on the issues, appointment times, and what to expect when meeting with their members of Congress. That playbook is used throughout the year.

In addition to the playbook and “leave-behinds,” the MRF’s 2019 Legislative & Regulatory Priorities is a working game plan on what’s important to MRF members as we prepare to meet the next session of Congress. For more details on the 2019 Legislative & Regulatory Priorities, go to


On May 21, 2019, the MRF brings a well-orchestrated counterattack on the siege against your rights, your motorcycle and your lifestyle back to where it all begins – Capitol Hill.As always, you are invited to join this group of dedicated and determined freedom fighters as we take our message directly to our friends and adversaries in Congress.

Thanks to you and the generosity of other MRF members, expenses for BITB 2018 were paid without taxing the MRF treasury.  The ancillary costs for printing, permits, and related expenses are nearly $5,000. We are once again appealing to your generosity and your belief that the MRF is on task with BITB.

When talking with members at the Meet of the Minds and Bikers inside the Beltway, I’m confident that you value your motorcycle and your freedom as much as I valuemine.  Your contribution of $10, $20, $50, or $100 will help your MRF bring the voice of motorcyclists to members of Congress. With the leave-behind handouts that your contribution helps purchase, members of Congress and their staff will be remindedthat the MRF is not going to be ignored, forgotten, or go away!

The legacy of Boz Kerr will continue when your MRF leads Bikers inside the Beltway to Capitol Hill. Again, we would like you to join us on that ride as we once again take our message directly to members of Congress.

Schedule too jammed to attend BITB?  Please go to www.MRFA&E.ORG to make a tax-deductible contribution of $10, $20, $50, or $100 to raise funds needed to offset the administrative and printing costs of sponsoring BITB 2019.  Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc. (MRF A&E) is a not for profit 501(c)3 and sponsors BITB with an awareness presentation to members of Congress.


OR … Mail your contribution to:

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness & Education, Inc.,

2221 S. Clark St.; 11th Floor

Arlington VA 22202


Your support of BITB is much appreciated!  The efforts to promote and protect the rights of motorcyclists could not be done without members such as yourself. 

Yours in Freedom,

Fred Harrell

Director, Conferences & Events


P.S. Rooms at the Governor’s House Inn and Clarion Hotels are still available. However, this year’s BITB may rival last year’s record-setting success.  The event is free, but you must make your hotel reservations no later than April 19.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in Washington on May 21!!

About Motorcycle Riders Foundation
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) provides leadership at the federal level for states’ motorcyclists’ rights organizations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the national and international levels that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. The MRF is committed to being a national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle and works in conjunction with its partners to help educate elected officials and policymakers in Washington and beyond.

RIDING FREE FROM DC: from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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Your Weekly Biker Bulletin from Inside the Beltway

Your Motorcycle Riders Foundation team in Washington, D.C. is pleased to provide our members with the latest information and updates on issues that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. Count on your MRF to keep you informed about a range of matters that are critical to the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle. Published weekly when the U.S. Congress is in session.

Capitol Hill Update

A Meeting at HQ

With the help of MRF Vice President Jay Jackson, our Washington team secured a meeting this week at the headquarters of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Tiffany and Rocky sat down with Michael Fox, Highway Accident Investigator and Eric Emery, Chief of the Safety Research Division.

Michael is the lead investigator for motorcycle-related crashes in the United States. Michael travels around the country investigating motorcycle-related crashes and determining the cause of the accident and crafting proposals for preventing future accidents. Michael himself is a motorcyclist and is passionate about protecting motorcyclists.


Eric is the author of the 2018 NTSB safety report titled, “Select Risk Factors Associated with Causes of Motorcycle Crashes.” Eric asked what the MRF believed were some of the biggest future safety challenges facing motorcyclists. We discussed the rise of autonomous vehicles and the need for autonomous vehicle technology to recognize and react to motorcyclists.

What was most satisfying about the 2-hour long conversation was the willingness of the NTSB to work with the MRF on areas we have common ground. Both gentlemen understand that there are issues where the MRF and the NTSB may not be in agreement. However, they stressed their desire to find issues we can agree on and not get hung up on our differences.

The NTSB is eager to participate in our May Bikers Inside the Beltway program on Capitol Hill and offered a myriad of ways that the NTSB could raise the profile of our event. We hope that partnering with the NTSB on common ground issues will not only help raise the profile of our event on Capitol Hill but will also raise the overall profile of the MRF with lawmakers. As we get closer to May, we will have details on how this partnership will work.

Both Sides of the Aisle

Last year the MRF made a concerted effort to have both anti-profiling bills bipartisan. In both the Senate and House versions, we had both Republican and Democrat cosponsors. This year with our focus strictly on passing a House version we are taking the same approach.


This week the MRF met with Congressman Peterson of Minnesota’s office to ask if he will once again cosponsor the anti-profiling legislation. Congressman Peterson is a Democrat and member of the House Motorcycle Caucus. His office is scheduled to meet with Congressman Walberg’s office soon and finalize the anti-profiling bill for this Congress. When the bill is officially introduced, we will let you know.

MRF News & Events

Bikers Inside the Beltway 2019

The 11th Annual Bikers Inside the Beltway is just two months away! We hope you will join us and other freedom fighters from around the country while we embark on our journey in the halls of the Capitol to advance our legislative priorities with our elected representatives. We will kick off the event on the evening on Monday, May 20th with a prep session to get everyone up to speed on the legislation that we are working on this year and to pass out the leave behind packets for your meetings. On Tuesday, May 21st, we will head to the Capitol to lobby our legislators. If you are planning to attend this year’s event, we ask that you sign up online at and encourage you to book your hotel accommodations before April 19, 2019, to receive our special event rate. You can download the flyer here: 2019 Bikers Inside the Beltway Flyer


Read the whole tamale this week in the Bikernet Weekly New.–Bandit


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The Choppertown Channel has launched.

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Ride epic terrain. Enjoy Baja culture. Help save lives! The Dempsey Gray Memorial ride is scheduled for this year on March 14-16. All are welcome to register and take part in this historic ride. All proceeds of your entry fee go directly to the City of Hope Cancer Research Fund, established by our late friends Gene Dempsey and Ron Gray. All funds donated are matched by a 3M grant program. Through the years, the ride has donated over $210,000 direct to City of Hope. For more information, go to:

Find Monte In Hiding In Breckenridge!

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Maverick Arts is pleased to announce that you are able to see and purchase works from Monte Moore at the In Hiding Gallery in Breckrenridge, Colorado!  While in Breckenridge, Monte met fellow artist Matt Tackett and was invited to show his work in this super cool, eclectic gallery.  Matt’s and Monte’s works are a great fit as Matt’s topics range from gothic and automotive to music and world travel, as do Monte’s works and interests.  MavArts is excited to be a part of this new venture, and Monte looks forward bringing existing pop-culture, Star Wars, Auto-Moto and Fantasy works to the gallery as well as creating new exclusive pieces to show in Breck, alongside Matt’s works.  Visit the In Hiding Gallery at 305 S. Ridge Street, Unit 2594, Breckenridge CO

Bikernet Staffer Attacked by Facebook Staff

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Promoting Gun Rights and Motorcycle Clubs got me into Facebook Prison.

See attached Screenshot. Facebook has blocked me from posting anything for 3 days for sharing the Bandidos Texas story.

Like I said, politics, climate, guns, etc are all best outside of motorcycle business if it is online business. Offline business such as Bandidos MC can survive this bulshit, we can’t.

I will focus on the Blog content or an article for the Cantina and wait for the three days to pass. Its the weekend anyways so maybe I will ride the Enfield instead.

–Wayfarer, banned but not dead.

Supreme Blog Editor In Control

Bikernet News Bureau India