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AHDRA pre-race report

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AHDRA motorcycle drag racing series pre-race report

event: AHDRA’s MTC Engineering Sunshine Nationals

when: October 17-18, 2020

where: Orlando Speed World, Bithlo, Florida, USA

AHDRA Bringing Nitro to Orlando

AHDRA is bringing all-American motorcycle drag racing and the smell and fury of nitro to Florida’s Orlando Speed World with their MTC Engineering Sunshine Nationals on October 17-18.

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Harley-Davidson Brave Guy Is the Fat Boy the Terminator Should Have Ridden

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Terminator 2: Judgement Day will probably remain the most famous movie in the franchise, as no matter the efforts put into coming up with something better, no subsequent flick rose to its level. Story aside, what made the movie great was the still young Arnold, his T-800 , and the tools and weapons he used to fight off the bad robot chasing John Connor.

One of the machines used in the movie was a 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Thanks to the status of the movie, the motorcycle is considered one of the greatest two-wheelers to ever be captured on film, partly on account of a rather impressive chase scene (see video below for more).

Now, that bike was brand new at the time when T2 came out, so quite impressive. But what if we were to take back a more recent Fat Boy, not stock, but customized, and hand it over to the Terminator? Would it/he love it?

Probably, if the bike in question is this one here. Officially called Brave Guy (not a very cool name, we’ll give you that), it is the result of custom work performed by a German shop that goes by the name Thunderbike.

Made for one of their clients, it uses the regular complement of custom parts, some 30 of them, starting from the wheels and ending with the turn signals.

Up front the bike was changed with the addition of a 21-inch wheel, now tied to a lowered suspension to give it a more aggressive look. The fender that partially covers it is new as well, and so are the handlebars.

At the back the Fat Boy was treated with a new wheel, new fender, and a conversion that leaves very little room between the seat and the fuel tank, giving the entire build a very straight-backed appearance.

Spanning from the front to the back is a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system, but other than that we are not being told what (if any) modifications were made to the engine.

As usual, Thunderbike does not say how much the entire build cost to put together, but we do have a list of parts used, and punching in the numbers reveals a sum somewhere over 8,000 euros ($9,300) – that makes it one of the most expensive the Germans made all year.


Babes Ride Out: The Whole Story

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It was 2013 when we ran into each other at Born Free.

In 2012 I sold Anya the bike I learned to ride on, which was a Yamaha XS350 and I knew she had recently upgraded to a new H-D. I was in the same boat, proud owner of a purple Sportster with a flame seat and chrome junk all over it.

I didn’t care what it looked like, it was mine and I was going to ride it. Anya is a force of energy, kind, humble, and has been riding dirt bikes since the day she could walk. I was gaining my confidence and maxing out at turtle speeds around steep curves but becoming a better rider every day.

We were both fairly new to street riding. Casual conversation turned into a “Girls Weekend” of motorcycle camping in the desert of Borrego Springs. I practiced and got to know my capabilities on the grade that drops into Borrego, when I notice all the BLM land in the area.

We planned a weekend in Oct and set the location to a dry lake bed towards the Salton Sea just past Borrego. Unaware that it might have been illegal, but hey, it’s a town that doesn’t have a stoplight, so what harm could two ladies on motos be?

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Royal Enfield Road Racing

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Royal Enfield BUILD TRAIN RACE Program Goes Road Racing

Four female riders will prepare Continental GT 650 motorcycles into road racing motorcycles

MILWAUKEE, Wis (October 14, 2020) — Today Royal Enfield North America announced phase two of the BUILD TRAIN RACE (BTR) program seeking out female motorcyclists to customize, train and road race Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 motorcycles in 2021. A group of women will be selected by Royal Enfield for the program through an online video selection process. Women interested in the program must submit a video and respond to a questionnaire at to be considered.

“Building upon the success of the flat track BTR program, we decided to carry the momentum into the road racing segment, ” said Breeann Poland, Gloabal Brand Manager – Continental GT platform. “This is a unique opportunity for women interested in road racing and to make a name for themselves on a national level. The participants will have the opportunity to learn from world class racer, Melissa Paris, which is not a chance many people get. The ladies will also be some of the first people to road race the Continental GT 650 platform, so the motorcycling world will be watching.”

Professional Road Racer and BTR flat track participant Melissa Paris has agreed to mentor the women during each phase of the program. She will consult each participant on the development of a Continental GT 650 road race motorcycle, including design and parts selection, provide insight into sponsorship aspect of racing, and provide training on and off track for the four participants.

“When I watch the video submissions I’ll be looking for entries that display the same passion and desire to get into road racing that I had when I first started out,” said road racer and BTR mentor, Melissa Paris. “This program will be such an amazing opportunity and I’m looking forward to working with these female racers who have always dreamed of lining up on a road race grid”.

The participants will be selected by Poland, Paris and accomplished racer and journalist Anne Roberts. In their videos, interested participants will need to display a passion for road racing and answer a series of questions about their background and motorcycling experience. The selected participants will then have several months and a budget to convert a 2020 Continental GT 650 Twin into road racing trim. The ladies will then race in conjunction with a national event once they’ve completed the build and training aspects of the program.

The entry period for consideration in the BUILD TRAIN RACE program starts today and will run through December 1, 2020.

To stay up to date on the riders and their motorcycles, visit or follow Royal Enfield North America on Facebook and Instagram.

Indian Motorcycle’s FTR750 Sweeps Podium at Charlotte Half-Mile

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Indian Privateer Jeffrey Carver Jr. Takes Top Spot;

Wrecking Crew Riders Jared Mees and Briar Bauman Place Second and Third Respectively

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (October 10, 2020) – Indian Motorcycle Racing, presented by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and its championship-winning FTR750 put its dominance on full display once again, sweeping the podium in this past weekend’s Charlotte Half-Mile. In thrilling fashion, Indian Motorcycle Privateer Jeffrey Carver Jr. was able to surpass Wrecking Crew riders Jared Mees and Briar Bauman to take home his first win of the season. Mees and Bauman finished second and third, respectively, as they battle for the 2021 AFT SuperTwins Grand National Championship.

At the outset of the race, Mees and Bauman separated themselves from the pack and seemed well on their way toward a head-to-head finish. However, the complexion of the race changed dramatically when a red flag came out and forced a staggered restart. While Mees and Bauman exchanged passes through nearly every turn, Carver seized his opportunity and overtook both Mees and Bauman. Though Mees remained intent on capturing his third-consecutive win, Carver was successful in fending him off. The second place-finished proved vital to Mees’ season as it brought him to within nine points behind the reigning-champion Bauman in the season points standings.

“We’re really proud of our team for the show they’ve continued to put on this season,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle. “We know that both Briar and Jared are going to cut it loose in these remaining two races and we’re excited to see who takes home the No. 1 plate.”

Mees now has a firm grasp of second place with 264 points and is within striking distance of Bauman, who sits atop the leaderboard with 273 points on the year. After finishing fifth in Charlotte, Indian Motorcycle Privateer Sammy Halbert remains in third with 207 points. Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew Rider Bronson Bauman (162) holds a narrow four-point lead over both Indian Motorcycle Privateers Brandon Robinson and Brandon Price (158) for fourth place. Carver’s win is just six back of Bronson Bauman with 156 total points.

The 2020 American Flat Track season concludes on October 16-17 at the Progressive AFT Finale Doubleheader at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing, visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals New 2021 Lineup

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Zero Motorcycles Reveals New 2021 Lineup Featuring Updated Design and Engineering Elements for an Elevated Riding Experience

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, has announced the model year 2021 lineup. The updated product line is headlined by the reintroduction of the transformational SR/S, released earlier this year. The SR/S is Zero’s first fully-faired motorcycle, and is engineered to reward riders with 13% improvement in highway efficiency and range versus its un-faired sibling, the SR/F. The SR/S sets the benchmark in both technology and experience standards for premium motorcycles, and its most visible feature is the functionally advanced full-fairing. Along with this update, the aesthetic evolution for the brand can be seen in the updated colors and graphic options throughout the model line. Additionally, all Zero electric motorcycles for the 2021 line are powered by Zero’s cutting-edge Cypher II and Cypher III operating systems. Industry-leading engineering and technology combine to create a ride with effortless power, control, and connection.

“Despite the challenges of 2020, Zero Motorcycles has continued to see impressive growth. The unprecedented interest in the new SR/S has been matched by the building momentum in our enduro and dual sport model sales,” said Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycles CEO. “In spite of the challenges and closures due to pandemic-related lockdowns and recent wildfires this calendar year, we’ve continued to meet the fast-growing demand for our products and maintain our position as the brand that leads and defines the future of the electric motorcycle category.”


Zero’s 2021 Street lineup, which features the FXS, S, SR, transformational SR/F, and is now headlined by the category redefining SR/S. Inspired by aerospace design and crafted with cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the look of the SR/S is defined by its aerodynamic fairing. Like all things Zero Motorcycles, form follows function. When a rider leans into the cockpit, the stunning fairing will reward the rider with 13% more highway range with the SR/S versus its award-winning sibling, the SR/F. Sitting up and riding more upright allows riders to enjoy the elevated comfort of the SR/S’s thoughtfully designed riding posture and custom-tuned suspension. The 2021 SR/S is available in both blue and grey, with standard and premium models retailing for $19,995 and $21,995, respectively.

The award-winning SR/F, which changed the course of the electric vehicle industry, will be updated with all new colors: black & silver as well as mint & red. New for 2021, the SR/F standard and premium versions will each come with a low-profile fly screen. The aluminum bar ends, heated grips and a 6 kWh on-board charger remain part of the premium version. The standard and premium 2021 SR/F retails for $19,495 and $21,495, respectively.

The SR, the original Zero hotrod street bike capable of up to 223 miles of riding with 116 ft-lbs of torque, will be equipped with a 14.4 kWh power pack and available with new red and black colorway for a price of $15,495.

For the ultimate balance of power to weight for entry-level riding, the S, Zero’s original naked electric bike, is available in updated gray and blue colors for $10,995.

Finally, the agile 2021 Zero FXS is the only companion you need when battling traffic on the city streets. Light, nimble, and obscenely fun to ride, the 2021 FXS comes in a new striking grey and gold colorway. Available with a modular 3.6 kWh power pack for $9,295, or an integrated 7.2 kWh power pack and on-board charger for $11,295.


Zero Motorcycles is the only electric manufacturer to devote half of its product line to creating transformational experiences on any terrain. The cultural importance of dual sport riding is paramount to the company born on the trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Now, with the steadily and rapidly increasing interest in electric vehicles from riders across the globe, the off-road enthusiast has never before had as many options for effortless adventure than Zero offers right now. Zero’s 2021 Dual Sport lineup, which features the FX, DS, DSR, and DSR Black Forest bikes in all-new colorways and graphics, is perfect for the rider looking to unlock adventure, even if that means taking streets to get there. The 2021 Zero DSR Black Forest leads the pack and is the unequaled option for effortless adventure. Outfitted for any possible trail, the DSR Black Forest is available in all black design for $18,995.

For riders looking for ultimate adventure and the best range available, Zero’s 2021 DSR offers up to 223 miles per charge. The bike combines thrilling performance with an unparalleled array of parts and accessories for the dual sport rider who wants to be ready for whatever the terrain throws his or her way. Available in matte brown and gold, the DSR retails for $15,495.

Zero’s 2021 DS is the perfect entry-level dual sport electric motorcycle and serves as a gateway into an adventure. More capable and more customizable than virtually any internal combustion engine competitor with class-leading integrated storage, the DS will be available in all-new matte grey/green colorway, retailing at $10,995.

Finally, light, fast, and capable, Zero’s 2021 FX is the perfect electric bike for finding an escape from the daily challenges presented by this past year. The FX can navigate virtually any obstacle for up to 91 miles and will be available in a new Black/Green colorway with a modular 3.6 kWh or with an integrated 7.2 kWh power pack and internal charger for $9,295 and $11,295, respectively.

All 2021 Zero Motorcycles models are available at any one of the hundreds of dealerships across North America and Europe and are shipping right now from Zero’s headquarters in California.

Additionally, effective until December 31, 2020, consumers are eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit of up to $2,500 maximum with the purchase of any bike from Zero’s 2021 model lineup in the United States. See the Zero Motorcycles website or your local dealer for details.

About Zero Motorcycles:

Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero Motorcycles combines Silicon Valley technology with a traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative riders around the world.

Sam’s Picks for the Week, October 12, 2020

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Remember when life was simple. We thought about Weed, Whiskey, Women and of course Wheels. We didn’t much care about four wheels just two and mostly choppers.

Hell, in my day, we would jump off a building to see how it felt. I know guys who went into a bar just to see how long it took before they got into a fight. We were bikers and nuts, loaded on reds flying down a freeway on a bike held together with bailing wire. Fuck it, let’s ride.

We partied and slept on the beach, ran from the cops, slept with the mayor’s old lady, it didn’t matter. We loved being on the edge. When I was in Jr. High, we snuck into any local building or government facility that wasn’t locked down. We didn’t fuck with much, except to steal a gearshift knob. I remember running home being chased by the cops. Scared shitless, I lay in bed waiting for the cops to pound on the front door and arrest my ass.

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Rescued 1969 Harley-Davidson XLCH Sportster Is Why Simpler Builds Are Better

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Motorcycle shows and the Internet as a whole are suckers for heavily modified bikes. The more extreme the build, or the more different from what it used to be, the more applause and recognition the makers and two-wheeled machines get.

Unfortunately, this year we had a lot fewer chances of experiencing custom bikes. Most of the 2020 shows were canceled due to the health crisis, and custom garages, having been closed for a few months, didn’t come up with as many new exciting things as before.

Luckily, our generation has the Internet, and ideas like that of Harley-Davidson of bringing 60 builders from 10 countries together on Youtube, in short and separate videos meant to present all the hot builds of 2020 and the past years. Called The No Show, the event brought to light back in June some of the finest creations in the industry.

As you already guessed, most of them were hardcore modifications of existing production bikes, or in some cases rough builds made from scratch. That’s not the case with this kind of pure XLCH Sportster.

Part of the family that was born in Milwaukee in 1957, the XLCH was nicknamed Competition Hot due to its potent 883 cc engine fitted in the frame (1,000cc from 1972) and its sportier appearance: it was less embellished than its siblings, almost stripped-down.

The same can be said about the bike in the video below. Presented during Harley’s The No Show by Dan Sheridan from Sandy Hook, Connecticut, it is less of a custom build and more of a rescue project.

Allegedly the bike sat for an unknown number of years stored away by some Harley dealer, before being rescued. It was sold to Sheridan close to two years ago, and he tended to it with enough care as to make it ready for a number of motorcycle shows in 2019.

The rebuild, says Sheridan, was inspired by photos of bikes from the 1960s that showed custom meant just a few modifications here and there meant to make the two-wheelers not necessarily unique, but special to the one who rode it.

By the looks of things, Sheridan managed to achieve what he set out to do, as the bike does look like a blast from a much simpler and brighter past.


Inflatable Electric Motorcycle, Manual Wheelchair

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by Elena Gorgan from

Imagine a situation in which you can customize your dream vehicle based on your preferred position of riding. Then, imagine being able to further customize that vehicle and have it easily managed, carried and stored, without having to worry about storage or whether you’re strong enough to carry it. A POIMO would be just right for what you’re looking.

POIMO stands for “POrtable and Inflatable MObility,” a concept by Mercari R4D. The first iteration of the POIMO was unveiled earlier this year and now designers, in collaboration with the Kawahara and Niiyama labs from the University of Tokyo, have come up with the second model. It’s the customizable inflatable vehicle mentioned above, and it could be either an electric motorcycle or a manual wheelchair.

The idea is to create a means of transportation that would be easy to carry and put together, offer none of the downsides of having a solid frame related to parking or storage, and still be as efficient. Being customizable from a single picture of the rider’s posture would also be a plus, one that fixed-framed vehicles won’t have.

Designers say that everything on the bike would be made of the same inflatable material, even the wheels. That may be the case with the manual wheelchair, but we assume an electric motorcycle would require at least some components not made from fabric, no matter how durable it was.

Riding on inflatable wheels also seems a strange proposition for a motorcycle, but the designers promise you won’t feel the difference between this one and the real thing. In theory. Let’s not even get into how safe this would be in traffic. That balloon material will absorb shocks and bumps alright, but it will still be like sailing on an inflatable swan into a speedboat convention.

In case you’re wondering how this would work, the theory is this:

“For example, when designing an electric motorcycle type POIMO, the user first imagines the motorcycle he wants to make and then poses to ride it using a chair or the like,” the designers explain.

“The software extracts 3D information of posture from it, automatically designs a vehicle of shape and size according to the user’s pose, and displays it on the screen as a 3D model. Based on the proposed design, users can further customize the steering wheel, seat position, etc. at this time, the design parameters are automatically adjusted by the software so that the strength, stability, and operability are not impaired. The final design that has been adjusted is output as data that can be ordered as it is.”

One could argue that sitting on a motorcycle (or a bicycle, for that matter) has little to do with sitting on a chair as regards body posture, so even if you were to design an inflatable two-wheeler using this customizable method, you have no guarantee for a comfortable ride. But the idea behind the project is to try and offer customizable vehicles – and it stops at that. “Even if you are not an expert, you can easily design personal mobility,” the designers say.

An inflatable vehicle would also come with considerable advantages in terms of convenience. In crowded urban areas where it would be used, like Tokyo, people live in small apartments where they don’t have space to store a bicycle, or they can’t afford risk having their motorcycle stolen from the parking lot. Neatly packing your ride into your backpack after you get to your destination would surely do away with this issue.

Available at the bottom of the page is a video demonstration of the new POIMO iteration, the electric motorcycle and the wheelchair. They both look ridiculous, to be sure. But it’s important to stress – and remember – that this is research into a concept that serves as possible learning experience, and not an actual product that will be sold as such. The research will be presented at UIST 2020.


Women’s Racy Leather Hoodie Jacket

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Women’s Racy Leather Hoodie Jacket

$249.00 – $261.00

This is an amazing collaboration with Deb and Bartels’ H-D. It’s a tailored strong leather jacket made with soft hide and a black sweatshirt hoodie that zips to the liner or to itself. Or you can take the hoodie out.

The Racy Jacket has multiple pockets including two easy-to-reach gun pockets, perfect for cameras or cell phones. They even come with detachable gun Velcro holsters.

They also come with the 5-Ball exclusive media pocket in the back where you can stash your favorite magazine.

If you need help with sizing or have any questions drop a line.