Pandemic 2020

Old Harley Clutch Wars

Never Give Up! By Bandit with photos by Buck Lovell "This tech will be amazing. I built this 1950 Panhead during the Covid thing, so we called it the Pandemic. We fought with a magneto for a year and finally slipped in a used automatic advance distributor and it started first kick, with a Mike Egan R.I.P. rebuilt M-35 Linkert. We ran into another issue. The clutch dragged. Who the fuck knows? After working on old Harley 4-speed clutches for over 50 years, I was blown away to find out so much about the bastards." READ This epic Tech with Photos only on, Click Here... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ...
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Pandemic Panhead Project: Part 3 Tuning

It was a lesson in Frustration on Several Fronts I’ve built a number of bikes and maybe I was just lucky. With the Pandemic not so lucky. Trouble getting it started in Sturgis, so we brought it home and sent the Morris Magneto back to Deadwood Custom Cycles for a check-over. Click Here to read this Tech Article on Bikernet. Join the Cantina - Subscribe Today.  
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Pandemic Panhead Project, Part 2

The tanks and fender are out to Deny 925, the master of patina paint, for a scallop classic paint job. In the meantime, I needed to install the Morris Mag, decide on a carb, install the front brake, finish a handful of welds, work with the guys at Bates on a clutch cable, make an old clutch lever work, hell, make the brake lever work and find a brake cable, take the springer apart and add Paughco inner springs, install the headlight and taillight, make a muffler bracket and mo’. READ THIS BUILD TECH ON BIKERNET - CLICK HERE JOIN THE CANTINA - SUBSCRIBE TODAY
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Pandemic Project Panhead: Part 1

The Basket Case from Hell By Bandit with photos by Wrench It all started on a dark, foggy harbor day in 2018 when the Pandemic basket case arrived at the Bikernet Intergalactic World Headquarters in Wilmington, Califa. It didn’t have the rights to the Pandemic title just yet, but it was coming… READ THE FULL TECH ARTICLE ON BIKERNET - CLICK HERE JOIN THE CANTINA - SUBSCRIBE TODAY
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