Save Our Shops!

The independent and aftermarket motorcycling industry is endangered. Shops, builders, parts makers – every aspect of the industry is being threatened by regulatory lockdown. Dealers won’t work on bikes over ten (10) years old, but manufacturers won’t let anyone other than dealers work on the bikes. Motorcycling legend Bob Kay is speaking out for the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket (IMA). The IMA is collaborating with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) to save this industry, which supports the biker culture throughout the US. Watch the video and hear Bob Kay in his own words! Do you know an independent shop owner? Share this email with them and tell them about the IMA and MRF. Together, we can save our Right to Repair and the aftermarket industry. Click here for Bob Kay’s Bio Click here and Join The MRF

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Build Moto sees a future for mechanics

Build Moto sees a future for mechanics And so does Harley-Davidson which is now a sponsor by Wayfarer Would you have liked to build a motorcycle when you were in highschool? A mentorship program based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is teaching teams of high school students how to work on motorcycles. Mentors from various companies are scheduled to donate time and effort to educate students about motorcycles, their maintenance, and custom building them. Milwaukee also has a history with international motorcycling community and hence some big brands are coming onboard. Build Moto program will get support from Harley-Davidson as a sponsor from 2025 donating motorcycles, parts, accessories, support, and manufacturing expertise to enable a generating of motorcycle mechanics and gearheads. Students will also learn fabrication, welding, machining, and of course the marketing and fundraising skills which is essential to the motorcycle industry. Small businesses, race teams, employment at a factory or dealership– it all will benefit from this knowledge and experience. While that’s the big picture–for the immediate short term effects, teams of students from schools will be invited to design and build flat track racing motorcycles that meet American Motorcyclist Association specifications. Social media will document and promote the progress till the final winner is awarded their prize. The global village, the internet and the community is definitely the need for the art and craft of motorcycling to survive and prosper. It is the connection between the rider and his community that spurred the Golden Era for motorcycling and this highly skilled, highly evolved industry can do this again by involving the community. As Build Moto says on its website– “Build a motorcycle, Build a future”. Certainly agree to that! Consider Visiting About Build Moto BUILD is a non-profit organization building trade & life skills through motorcycle fabrication. We

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Life and Times of Bill May, 1971

The Girl, the Stroked Knucklehead and the Band as narrated by Bill May Shifting back in time, in 1970 I sold the bike I rode from Nevada to Oklahoma on in ‘69. I cruised back to Reno for a few months and fell in love with a girl there. I was riding with a small club in Oklahoma. There wasn’t much going on and I guess I was just bored. I took off to Reno in a ‘62 Chevy. When I arrived there, she touched me but had a young child and a husband in LA. She ultimately decided she should go back and make up with him. Click here for the ride down memory lane, splitting hairs about what was only on * * * Do you yearn to know the real deal about the golden era gone by in chopper culture and outlaw lifestyle? We got you covered and with plenty more to dig through in the Bandit’s Cantina. It is an exclusive area, guarded by hounds of Harley-Davidson bikers and their minions. Visit Try the best membership deal online since 1996

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Built by the Himalayas

COMING SOON TO USA THE HIMALAYAN 450, BUILT BY THE HIMALAYAS A motorcycle with strong adventure lineage yet remains true to our philosophy of pure motorcycling. The all-Himalayan retains the capability, versatility and the ability to go anywhere your adventure takes you. Nothing you don’t need and everything that you do. We invite you to come join us on one of the 5 incredible trips through empty stretches of pristine landscape, traversing rock-strewn pathways, crossing great valleys and some of the highest mountain passes in the world – and all the while being surrounded by snow-capped views that will continue to take your breath away. Choose one of the expertly curated routes below. Limited Slots Available! Moto Himalaya Zanskar 2024 offers an unparalleled and unforgettable 2-wheeled experience! Get well off the beaten path in this vastly unexplored region and soak in the raw adventure. On this ride through Zanskar, nothing is static – you’ll capture the distilled essence of exploration and conquer uncharted roads and off-road stretches. Visit Tell ’em Sent Ya !!!  

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TwinPower Launches Innovative Bag-in-a-Box Oil Program for Dealers

TwinPower Launches Innovative Bag-in-a-Box Oil Program for Dealers Free Rack Helps Manage Storage and Dispensing Oil and Lubricants Keller TX – July 10, 2024 – Twin Power, a leader in motorcycle parts and accessories, today announced the return of one of its most popular dealership support efforts, the 6-gallon Bag in a Box Dealer Oil Program. This program provides dealers with a free, heavy-duty metal dispenser rack when they purchase six boxes of Twin Power’s high-quality oil and lubricants. This innovative program offers numerous advantages over traditional 55-gallon drums, especially for dealers with limited space or a focus on service and repair. “We are thrilled to bring this efficient and environmentally friendly program to our dealers,” said Twin Power’s Brand Manager James Simonelli. “The Bag in a Box system is compact, easy to use, and offers substantial savings, which makes it a great choice for shops looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs. And, it’s the same great oil that we offer in our quart containers, not a short service interval or break-in oil.” The 6-Gallon Bag in a Box Dealer Oil Program offers numerous benefits to dealers. First, the free dispenser rack provides a practical solution for oil storage and dispensing. The system’s compact design requires no more space than a single 55-gallon drum, making it ideal for shops with limited storage. Additionally, the easy-to-use system simplifies oil dispensing and allows dealers to keep service quantities of several different weights of oil available to technicians. Environmentally, the bag-in-a-box design eliminates containment and disposal issues associated with traditional drums, reducing waste and eliminating the challenge of handling drums of oil. The six-gallon bag saves dealers up to 30% compared to quart prices, providing significant financial benefits. The oil in the bag-in-a-box system is the same top-quality product found in

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Yamaha Announces New YZ250FX & WR250F

Yamaha Announces New YZ250FX & WR250F Along with Additional Updates to Off-Road Lineup MARIETTA, Ga. – July 10, 2024 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA is introducing its new lineup of 2025 off-road motorcycles with thrilling options for enthusiasts ranging from young beginning riders to seasoned professionals. The spotlight for 2025 falls on the exciting and ultra-capable new YZ250FX and WR250F. Based closely on Yamaha’s class-dominating YZ250F motocrosser, the new YZ250FX and WR250F are both designed to be slim, light and agile off-road weapons, ready for competition straight out of the box. The YZ250FX includes specific suspension and engine tuning suited to the extreme conditions of cross country racing, while the WR250F is prepped for enduro with unique engine and suspension tuning, an H4 headlight, LED taillight, shortened muffler with spark arrestor and other specific enduro features. New 2025 Yamaha YZ250FX Fresh off claiming last year’s XC2 GNCC title, the new 2025 YZ250FX features an extensive list of enhancements designed to further boost its class-leading performance and capability. With a revamped chassis, updated suspension tune, and reconsidered ergonomics, the new FX is lighter, sharper and more agile, with a better handling feel. Perfect for carving up tight cross country courses. Updates to the 2025 model begin with a completely redesigned aluminum bilateral beam frame. Based on the competition-proven YZ250F, the new frame provides just the right amount of strength and flex for the perfect balance of stability and cornering performance. The redesign also includes model-specific engine mounts and lightweight subframe. The result is a better handling machine with lightweight feel and increased front wheel traction, allowing the rider to enter corners with greater confidence and more line choices. Complementing the revised frame, the YZ250FX’s class-leading, fully adjustable KYB® suspension is 10mm shorter and includes updated settings to deliver exceptional balance between

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Frankie 1964: Life and Times of Bandit

An Outlaw Rider’s Story by Keith “Bandit” Ball illustrated by Wayfarer Whether he knew it or not he reveled in three aims, creativity through motorcycles, freedom through riding and the touch of a woman. He quickly discovered insincerity, power, control and evil in the service, but Frankie held true to his belief in fairness and freedom. He fought to save his fellow sailors from confinement by the hands of power hungry Shore Patrol Officers. He stepped in when a gang attempted to fuck-up a fellow shipmate in the Philippines. He sought a sense of violent understanding and when to step into the fight and when to step away. After his third tour in ‘Nam, he married his second love and during the confined periods on ship he wrote her adoring letters and studied motorcycle magazines. He dodged military treachery and ended up close to home, where he could ride, build a shop and start to customize motorcycles. Soon, he had run-ins with clubs in San Pedro with Outlaws and Hangmen and then the Hells Angels and Hessians at the Chino run in Riverside. Click here to read this hard fisted, fast paced, road ripping fiction only on * * * * Get your fix of Two-Wheeled Adventures, real and unreal–in our Two-wheeled Tales department for free.

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Get Your Kicks on Route 666

Story and photos Koz Mraz Arizona has incredible geological diversity that lie between Flagstaff’s Humphries Peak, at 12,637 feet to the Grand Canyon, the Red Rocks of Sedona to lush Verde Valley. Arizona also has the longest continuous stretch of uninterrupted Route 66 two-lane asphalt and is home to Route 666. Renamed SR 191 in 2003 because the Department of Transportation was constantly replacing stolen highway signs. Click here to read this ride report only on * * * *

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Indian Motorcycle and King of the Baggers in UK

Indian Motorcycle brings the thunder to Goodwood Festival of Speed with the Challenger RR and FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, will bring the thundering sound of King Of The Baggers and American Flat Track racing to the UK with the appearance of the Indian Challenger RR and FTR750 at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 11-14. Renowned for its celebration of motorsport culture, the Goodwood Festival of Speed attracts enthusiasts from around the globe for a one-of-a-kind event, where the past, present, and future of automotive innovation converge while honouring the rich heritage of iconic brands such as Indian Motorcycle. Sharing the famous hill with some of motorsports biggest and best icons, the Indian Challenger RR makes its Goodwood debut offering a rare opportunity for fans outside of America to witness a full-factory race Bagger in action and hear the outstanding PowerPlus V-Twin engine in the hands of racing legend, Jeremy McWilliams. Created to celebrate the 2022 King of the Baggers championship crown, Indian Motorcycle and S&S Cycle built just 29 Challenger RR customer bikes, each hand-crafted and race-tuned with the same spec and setup as Tyler O’Hara’s #29 championship-winning bike. The Challenge RR offers collectors the unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Returning to Goodwood after first appearing in 2018, the Indian FTR750 is the dominant force in American Flat Track racing. A clean-sheet design, the FTR750 was developed in-house by the Indian Motorcycle Racing engineering and design teams with a high-performance 750cc V-Twin engine and unique, ultra-light steel frame, large centrally located airbox and sleek lightweight carbon fibre body. From its racing debut in 2017, marking Indian Motorcycle Racing’s official return to professional flat track racing, the FTR750 has cemented its legacy with seven consecutive American Flat Track SuperTwins Championship titles and

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The Mike Parti Story

A portrait of an avid motorcyclist by Michael Fitzsimons  Parti was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on June 23, a long time ago. At 15, Parti bought an old Ford jalopy. When his mother saw the car, she threatened to chain the tires together until Parti turned 16 and got his driver’s license. Early on, he bought an old Indian Scout for $15, which Parti pointed out was the going rate for a bike that didn’t run in those days. NOTE FROM Bandit: Mike Parti sadly passed a few years back, but his bikes and his legacy live on. Recently his daughter Clarice “Tish” kindly donated this historic sidecar rig to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. We are exceedingly proud to add this unique Bonneville Vincent powered sidecar rig to the race inspired exhibits. Click here to read this photo feature article only on * * * * Subscribe to the Free Weekly Newsletter by clicking here  

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