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Chopper Time Biketoberfest 2022

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by Rogue, Dale, Christy

“This event has a big turn out and has for as long as I can remember. I never miss it, and it appears many others feel the same way.

Wille from Tropical Tattoo, some sponsors and a lot of volunteers come together to present this great bike show twice a year.

While the motorcycles on display are all great, Roadside Marty the MC is always a hit with the mic.”

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Come Ride With Us, Ride Free Forever !!!


Why We Chop: Chapter 4

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Even in Oklahoma City
by Bill May

“As a kid growing up in Oklahoma in the ‘60s I was crazy about hot rods and motorcycles. My father passed away when I was 14. Mom didn’t drive. It was legal for a 14-year-old to ride a motor scooter of five horsepower or less.

Mom bought me a Cushman Eagle to ride to school and run errands on. I got a job at the local root beer stand and rode every day. I read hot rod magazines. Sometimes they’d feature a stripped-down custom motorcycle.”

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Latest “Chopper Charlie” story by Bandit

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short fenders and temptation of the road will leave trail marks on your life forever

by K. Randall “Bandit” Ball

“Chopper Charlie was in a jam, he knew it. He stepped into too many dark alleys with the wrong guys. He told his old lady to pack everything she owned into her Buick Roadmaster station wagon and get ready to split.

Melanie did as she was told. A tiny, bubbly thing, as cute as a button, she stood by her man unless another man came along. Charlie wasn’t a big guy, maybe 5’8” but he curled 50-pound dumbbells and bench-pressed over 300 pounds. With skinny legs, tight biceps and a barrel chest, he worked in the back of a notorious bike shop run by a four-man 1%er club called the Question Marks. “

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