Book Review: I AM Delilah Jones

Book Reveiw of the Week By J.J. Solari The book “I AM Delilah Jones aka Doris Gohlke: I Lived And Loved As I Pleased,” is, first of all, large. It’s the size of a sheet of normal bond paper, 337 numbered pages and full of photos. If you’re an edentulate reprobate like myself, you probably – and I hate to say this if she’s reading this– you probably took her into the bathroom with you when you were a strapping young lad because she was in damn near every “girlie mag” that was flooding the back racks of the newsstands, when they had newsstands, and she wasn’t bashful. This wasn’t the Hustler age of girlie mags, they weren’t porn, but they WERE forbidden by moms, girlfriends, and – what are they called?…..oh yeah, wives. Click here to read this thrilling review only on Bikernet.com

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The Soft Globes of Life

by Bandit with Images from Sam Burns Sam Burns inspired me the other day, when he sent me a magnificent assemblage of beautiful women images. We couldn’t let them linger in a file without showing respect and love. Enjoy. Click here to reminisce on the great powerful orbs that are so commonly found and not easily fondled. * * * * For more madness, discover the Cantina Membership Visit: https://www.bikernet.com/pages/custom/subscription.aspx

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