Big George’s Big Snake by Gearhead

Big George’s Big Snake
by Gearhead

Big George, with a bad kicker knee wasn’t big, but bought a yardstick sized Boa Constrictor. Glistening and striped Samantha rode in his 1965 Panhead chopper leather saddle bags. Grew too big for his bags, so she ran loose in his pad.

Big George married, petite and perfunctory Judy, who knew Samantha, but the snake didn’t take to the wife and slithered on her vanity knocking all of her perfume bottles and cosmetics on the wooden deck, more than once. Impulsive Judy snapped, “The snake leaves or I do!”

Judy’s gone, and slithering Samantha still rules the roost.

(publication dated 03-June-2024)

* * *

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