Custom Chrome Goliath Kit 2004

Custom Chrome Goliath Kit

This shows just a fragment of all the parts involved.Hang on. Here comes a complete build of a custom CCI Goliath Bike Kit. We built this 100-inch Rev Tech monster in nine days. The bike was assembled to promote the Annual Beach Ride, at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, through the efforts of Custom Chrome, George Hayward and We assembled the bike in the Bikernet Headquarters for the children's charity ride. It was also featured in three issues of American Rider, but this is the extended, unedited version with charts. Before we get started, I want to add an editorial note. If you read this and want to add something, don't hesitate. We can change the text whenever ...
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Goliath CCI Bike Kit Build

It was hard to imagine, when we stood in front of the garage doors, starring at a pile of boxes, that somewhere in there, somehow, a custom bike lurked. As it developed, except for a non-existent nut or bolt, the CCI Goliath kit was complete. The chromed quandary, could a novice builder, an average American rider (in this case a bumbling college art professor with limited mechanical experience), Ladd Terry, build a hard running 100-inch custom in a week to ten days?The answer was yes, in eight genuine eight-hour working days (not counting paint and powder coating by Custom Powder Coating In Dallas). Under the watchful eye of K. Randall Ball, aka Bandit, the parts contained within those boxes became ...
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