Mudflap Girl FXR 2011

The Mudflap Girl FXR Saga

It all started when a brother was desperate for cash and I bought a basket case Dyna, and with the help of JIMS machine turned it into an FXR. I started to build it for my son, Frank, the tattoo artist, around an old Kenny Boyce-styled pro street frame. Making progress on this build, with a massive upside down Custom Chrome front end, a brother stumbled into my shop and told me about Paul Cavallo and Spitfire Motorcycles. Paul’s been around the industry for a couple of decades. When the economy tanked, he hung on with his dad and started Spitfire motorcycles. He was struggling and a brother thought I could help by using a couple of his Spitfire components ...
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Mudflap Girl FXRs, part 11: The First Road Test

Mudflap Girl, chapter 10: can’t make it to Sturgis this year. We are focused Bonneville builds, like mad starving dogs, and the two events are only separated by two weeks. Ray is tuning and I still don’t have an engine, but we’ll cover that later. The engine could be running today, in Richmond, Virginia, at Departure Bike Works.Okay, so what’s a poor bastard to do, when he planned to make the run to the Badlands with his brother Hamsters? They ride out from the West Coast every year. Some of the members, including Arlen Ness are in their 70s and riding custom Victory bikes. Some rode from Spearfish, South Dakota, out to Mammoth Lakes, California, to ride back to ...
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ACORN NUTS MEET THE MUDFLAP GIRL-- P/N: MK731: 110-Piece Solid Brass Acorn Nut Assortment Tray  Brass is class, and a great gift idea for old school bikers! Conveniently stored in the heavy-duty Tray with lid is a 110 piece assortment of Solid Brass Low Crown acorn nuts in 12 of the most popular UNC & UNF nut sizes.  Available along with a collection of classic inspired parts at . Or, call “Mr Lucky” direct at 832-559-8560 and get the whole skinny! The brass acorn nuts add a nice finishing retro touch. Don’t remember if I sent you the press release on the assortment tray or not, so image & copy are attached. The tray as well as the individual ...
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Mudflap Girl FXR Part 12—She meets S&S

Here's the link to Mudflap Girl Part 11: son’s Mudflap Girl FXR is running and partially broken in. I even, finally, dialed in the Wire Plus Speedometer, and it’s working. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong, but that puppy works like a champ. I enjoy the tightness of the display and ease of installation. In that small cylindrical Wire Plus display, I get a speedo, a tach, trip gauge, neutral light, turn signal indicators, oil idiot light, and what else?Okay, so it’s time to turn the Pro Street version of the Mudflap over to my son, Frank, but first we couldn’t leave the bone stock remanufactured 80-inch Evo engine alone. I reached out to S&S for ...
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Mudflap Girl FXR Part 13 New Paint and More

Here's the link to Part 12:, so my Mudflap Girl FXR was running fine and I enjoyed every ride with the bare chassis, but I got a hair to treat the frame and powder coat some parts, but the corrosion treatment made the frame look almost black, and I didn’t want to build another black motorcycle.I also had some tech obligations. I needed to test the new Centramatic wheel balancers. I needed to install new Spitfire rocker axles in the girders and tack weld them into place. Then the bros at Digital Dawg contacted us and told us about their new keyless ignition. Suddenly I was inspired. I had installed a marine ignition switch in the backbone of the ...
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Mudflap Girl FXRs Build, part 9

Here's a link to the last chapter: a year, and we're cranking on so many two-wheeled fronts. Both Mudflap Girl bikes are running and one is in the wind, but I’d better back up. You're going to love this tech, and the ending. I took the Mudflap Girl bike to Saddlemen during the holidays, at just the wrong time. They faced the holiday schedule, then dealer shows, including the Easyriders V-twin show, then Daytona, before the dust settled and the shop was calm enough to focus on a couple of custom seats. Sure, the economy sucks, but you wouldn't know it if you stumbled into their brick manufacturing facility in a Los Angles industrial community. The shop is cooking, ...
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