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Part 7 of VLXAFL5: Final Assembly Begins

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by Bandit with photos by Weed

The Paint Returned from TNT

It’s been awhile, but I haven’t dawdled. I’ve been working hard on various projects. That guy in Deadwood, who was once 45 John bought a 1960 Panhead roller/basket case and I’ve been helping with the reconstruction. I rebuilt or built and trans from a case and a sketchy box of parts. With Fab Kevin we built a front disc brake. John rebuilt the rear star hub and I helped with fitment and the rear brake.

We slid in the engine after I stumbled. I used the rear axle and a flat lift jack to jack up the bike, so I could block it, remove the jack and start to install the 5-speed trans in a 4-speed S&S case. The trans didn’t want to go so I filed and ground all the paint out of the 4-speed slots and the slot I made and welded for the 5th stud on the right. I even had to grind the rear tab on the trans case more for additional clearance.

I couldn’t run an old school 4-speed trans for a couple of reasons. It’s an alternator S&S engine and I wanted it to be electric start.

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Drag Specialties demands waiver signatures

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Hey, this is major important.

Drag Specialties is making it mandatory to sign a waiver before you can buy any performance parts from any shop. This is why you need to be on the alert. There is only one organization with the balls to fight back, the MRF and the new IMA with Bob Kay, Kirk Willard and myself. We won’t go down without a fight.

Join the MRF and the IMA



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100 WFC: Joy Of Giving by Wayfarer

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100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

Joy of giving
by Wayfarer
with illustration by Wayfarer

“For he is a jolly old fool, who gives away his tools…” Jenny teased her hubby who desperately gifted his old parts and tools to anyone who spent time with him.

“I have one motorcycle and I love her and she has no use for heaps of junk piling up in my garage,” Grant explained.

“Well, how about repairing it first?” continued Jenny.

“I did.” He yanked off a canvas tarp to reveal a restored sidecar, “No excuse for you to not ride now honey!”

“You did all this for me?”

“I was talking to the dog!” teased Grant.

(publication dated 15-December-2023)

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