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John’s 1960 Panhead 4-Speed Rebuild

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by Bandit, John, Frank R.I.P. and Lee Clemens with photos by Weed

We Started with Box of Parts and Pieces

A friend, the notorious Deadwood John, called recently about his 1960 Panhead roller project, sort of a basket case on wheels. The engine still remained in the frame and a glide front end was in place, but not much else.

He wrote to Ron the shop owner in Alaska and said, “What about the transmission?” Ron who ran this shop for 40 years was an old friend. Semi-retired he was willing to help with all aspects of the build, so he sent John a box of transmission parts.

John tried to hand it to his engine rebuilder who rightfully turned him down. I’ve been around 4-speed transmissions for 50 years and rebuilt one in 1971. Kinda fucked it up but made it right.

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Nominations for MRF Hall of Fame Class of 2024

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Nominees Wanted – Class of 2024
MRF Hall of Fame Class of 2024

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame (MRFHOF) was introduced at the Meeting of the Minds in Denver, Colorado. This institution was created to recognize individuals who have worked through the MRF to positively impact motorcycling. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is proud to announce that the nomination process for the next class of inductees into the MRFHOF is now open.

The nomination form and a timeline are posted on the MRF website at: Click for Nomination Form

MRFHOF Website:

Nomination applications are due to the Hall of Fame Committee by March 1st, 2024 – please send completed forms to

Past Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame inductees are: Keith “Bandit” Ball, Mark Buckner, Wayne Curtin, Michael “Balls” Farabaugh, “Still” Ray Fitzgerald, Richard Gray, Bob Illingworth, Nathan “Buck” Kittredge, Ed Netterberg, Sherman Packard, Todd Vandermyde, Paul Vestal, Penny Walker, Ed Youngblood, Vince Consiglio, Fredric Harrell, Rodney Roberts, Simon Milward, JoAnne Packard, Karen Bolin, Lee Richardson, Jerry “JT” Thomas, Teresa Hepker, Dick “Slider” Gilmore, Charles Umbenhauer, Wanda Hummel-Shultz, “Biker” Jim Rhoades, Lee Ryan, Marc Falsetti, Gary Klinker, Charlie Williams, Dave Dwyer, “Radio” Bob Letourneau, “Farmer” John Eggers, Michael “Boz” Kerr, Butch Brown, Deb Butitta, Jim Dahling, Carol Downs, Jay Jackson, Gary Sellers, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, Jim “Legs” Korte and Mary K. Donnay.


The First H3LLRAISER Show

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And the first 5-Ball Leathers Produced Los Angeles Event
by Frankie

My friend’s father owns a warehouse In Boyle Heights that’s in the middle of being re-leased and currently vacant. He told me I had a month to pull something off before… We reached out to Carrie from Choppers Mag and started the uphill battle of planning everything.

We pooled our resources to make the H3LLRAISER BIKE SHOW as cool and fun as possible within our budget (pretty much 5k) and limited time–three weeks.

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Is Green the New Gray Area

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by Mark Buckner with images from Sam Burns

For as long as I can remember – which is getting to be a LONG time! – those of us who love riding motorcycles and have devoted a large part of our lives to preserving and protecting our way of life have been telling anyone who would listen that the enemies of motorcycling don’t just want to pass more and more restrictive laws where we’re concerned.

Their ultimate goal is to get us off the road entirely.

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The Soft Globes of Life

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by Bandit with Images from Sam Burns

Sam Burns inspired me the other day, when he sent me a magnificent assemblage of beautiful women images. We couldn’t let them linger in a file without showing respect and love. Enjoy.

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Fliers for Freedom

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I was inspired by Becky Zarling, an MRF Assistant rep and a hardworking member of ABATE of Wisconsin. She pronounced in her newsletter that members of ABATE would attend every motorcycle event in Wisconsin, meet bikers and hand out fliers regarding legislation, MRF efforts and ABATE of Wisconsin activities. I was moved and motivated.

I asked Becky if I could create an important MRF flier about the biggest threat to our lifestyle. Could she add it to her leaflets and make it available to riders all over her state? She said yes, but there were some guidelines she must follow. First the flier had to be motorcycle centric and secondly, and of course, the wording must be approved by the MRF Board.

There you have it. So, I’m here to present my original version and the version edited by the CO2 Coalition. I hope one or the other is approved and we can move forward. Chris Callen, the boss of Cycle Source Magazine volunteered to handle the art layout. We will make these available to anyone who wants them free of charge. is also sponsoring this

Keith R. Ball



Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz tells us that after 120 years of being famous for its big gas-powered models, electrification is the logical next step.



More carbon dioxide will help everyone including future generations. CO2 is the essential food for land-based plants. The Earth’s biosphere has experienced a relative CO2 famine for millions of years, but the recent increase in CO2 levels with the use of Fossil Fuels has had a measurable, positive effect on plant life.




Net Zero Plans are dangerous and unsupported by science. Six hundred million years of geological evidence shows that CO2 levels are near a recordlow and that atmospheric increases of the gas follow warming periods rather than precede them. This is enough to debunk the notion that CO2 is a dominant driver of global temperatures.

–CO2 Coalition



THE MRF: The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is fighting for individual rights to ride internal combustions engines into the future. We want YOU to be able to choose what you ride and when you ride.

We believe in freedom and the ability to ride free

Join the MRF:

The IMA: The Independent Motorcycle aftermarket was founded on the principle to protect independent dealers and custom bike builders’ rights to repair and modify motorcycles. The IMA membership is determined to keep us free and vibrant into the future.

We are fortunate to be aligned with the MRF, which fought to protect our culture for over 40 years, has excellent lobbying efforts in D.C and is connected to state organizations all over the country.


THE CO2 COALITION: Providing the facts about CO2 and climate change

CO2 Coalition is the nation’s leading organization providing facts, resources and information about the vital role carbon dioxide plays in our environment.


A FINAL THOUGHT: Did you know every wind turbine contains 80 gallons of oil?

We will never give in or give up on Freedom, the Truth or our Motorcycles

–Keith R. Ball


Climate Alarmism’s Threat to a Cycling Lifestyle

Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz tells us in the Jalopnik newsletter that after 120 years of producing big gas-powered cycles, electrification is the logical next step in a so-called age of decarbonization.

REALLY? What’s the real deal? The true science?

FACT: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a necessity for all life, not a pollutant that threatens our existence.

For millions of years, Earth has been in a relative CO2 famine. However, since the Industrial
Revolution, increasing atmospheric CO2 has had a measurable, positive effect on plant life.

This reversal of CO2’s downward trend may very well prevent the eventual demise of all life from CO2 starvation, according to scientists at the CO2 Coalition.


CO2 will continue to boost farm productivity, help feed a growing population and contribute to an overall greening of Earth that began nearly a century ago.

Challenging Net Zero With Science

Net Zero plans to eliminate emissions of CO2 are dangerous and unsupported by science. According to 600 million years of geological evidence, CO2 levels are near a record low and atmospheric increases of the gas follow warming periods rather than precede them. This is enough to debunk the notion that CO2 is a dominant driver of global temperatures.

TRUTH: Net Zero means zero freedoms.

FIGHTING BACK: The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) stands for the freedom to choose internal combustion engines far into the future.

YOU should be able to decide what you ride and when you ride. We believe in liberty and the ability to ride free forever.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation and the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket are aligned in maximizing the freedom of riders and independent dealers and custom bike builders.

Having fought for more than 40 years to protect the cycling lifestyle, MRF has excellent lobbying efforts in D.C and is connected to state organizations all over the country.


CO2 COALITION, with a membership of 150 scientists and researchers, is the leading organization standing for the truth about CO2’s benefits and for
honest science.

JOIN the CO2 Coalition.

FINAL THOUGHT: Did you know that every wind turbine contains 80 gallons of oil?

We will never give in or give up on Freedom, the Truth or our Motorcycles.

–Keith R. Ball
Gordon Tomb
Senior Advisor
CO2 Coalition

Firing all barrels with Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

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Even with production at the company’s Oragadam factory outside Chennai running flat out for six days a week, there are waiting lists everywhere for the 650cc models such as Super Meteor, Continental GT and Interceptor —  as production struggles to keep up with demand. Yet Royal Enfield’s parent company Eicher Motors (albeit RE accounts for 92% of its overall turnover) just reported a huge 54.70% increase in net profit last November for the second quarter of its business year, with turnover up 17% on the back of a 13% increase in Royal Enfield sales.

The 650cc models have catapulted the Indian manufacturer into a leading role in the global middleweight motorcycle market.

This desirable problem of meeting motorcycle sales demand is expected to worsen with launch of 2024 Shotgun 650.

In U.K., base model Sheetmetal Grey color will cost £6,699 including 20% tax, while the Plasma Blue and Green Drill variants are priced at £100 more, the Premium model in Stencil White costs £6,899. In comparison, 2024 units of the Super Meteor 650 start at £6,799, and in America, it starts at US$6,999. If Royal Enfield keeps such narrow margins with U.S. pricing, you can expect something just above $7k.

At fairly low 9.5:1 compression ratio it denotes a low state of tune, most likely to ensure it runs well even on poor-quality fuel in delivering a claimed 51.6 mpg.

Rigorous testing regime conducted simultaneously in India, Europe, the USA and the UK are unique to Royal Enfield.

You will have a motorcycle that has been there and done that in the real world and not just under “test conditions”

Media test riders have praised the tremendous improvement in handling and performance over Super Meteor 650. Shotgun is a incredibly good motorcycle, providing an unexpectedly high level of performance along with an ability to be individualized as your inclination and bank balance allow.

It is a Made in India take on the breed of chameleon sportbikes conceived by Japanese manufacturers in the late ‘80s and 1990s, all of which were sold at very affordable prices, it was then up to the customer to improve on as he or she could afford to do so.

“We looked at what people were doing with our bikes post-purchase, and saw they were increasingly eager to customize and personalize them,” he says. “So we decided to create the Shotgun as the starting point for them to do that, and we’ve taken inspiration from the Custom world to create a platform that people can take forward and develop on their own.” Mark Wells, RE’s Global Head of Product Strategy & Industrial Design says it was envisioned as a blank canvas for custom bike makers.

Dakar-winning YZE850, which was a classic predecessor of the RE Shotgun, was the first bike to have a 270° crank in a parallel-twin motor.

The 650cc engines are firing all barrels, paving a blaze for glory. CEO Siddhartha Lal says he expected at the outset the 650 models would have greatest appeal to export customers. Instead, Lal and his colleagues have been pleasantly surprised, with demand in the company’s Indian home market for its twin-cylinder models far exceeding their expectations.