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Royal Enfield eager to enter used motorcycle business

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* Royal Enfield is likely to enter the used-bike segment
* The company has got Trademark for “Reown” brand
* They could sell used ones from current dealerships

Royal Enfield is likely to enter used bike business officially. The company has applied for a new trademark and received permission to own and use ‘Reown’.

This trademark clearly mentions that Royal Enfield wants to enter the pre-owned bike business. Currently, only a handful of motorcycle brands are in the used bike business. Through this route, brands can offer motorcycles in better condition, but the prices are usually higher than in the unorganised used bike industry.

Renown brand will enable them to offer motorcycles bought from their dealers or used motorcycles from an exchange program. Details are scarce. Thee iconic company would probably have rules & checklists for every used bike to assure quality to the customer before re-sale.

The surprising news is there’s a high chance all these used bikes will be sold through their existing dealer network. While this provides a great many outlets immediately, its a strange move by a company that has the biggest market share for middle-weight motorcycle segment. After all, if a customer walks in and can buy affordable used company-quality-assured motorcycle, then they may not splurge on a top-end brand new model offering of Royal Enfield. These motorcycles are a premium segment bike in India’s economy and the middle-class majority may not want the burden of loans if they can outright buy used older model Enfield.

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Kawasaki Celebrates 70 Years Of Making Motorcycles

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In September of 2023, Kawasaki Motors celebrates its 70th anniversary of making motorcycles, first making its forays into the motorcycle business in 1953. After the end of World War II, Kawasaki produced motorcycle engines under the name of “Kawasaki Machine Works.” Since then, Kawasaki has continued to Let the Good Times Roll and has strived to share “Fun to Ride” motorcycles with our customers around the world. Today, Kawasaki motorcycles are sold in more than 90 countries and regions.

To commemorate Kawasaki Motorcycles’ 70-year anniversary, a special exhibition will be held at Kawasaki USA Heritage Hall in Foothill Ranch, California as well as Kawasaki Good Times World in Kobe, Japan starting in September 2023. The display will focus on the history of the motorcycle business in the U.S. market, which marked a major turning point in Kawasaki’s overseas strategy. It will be the first in a series of events to commemorate this special anniversary.

Working toward upholding our mission statement of “Working for the happiness and joy of all those whose lives Kawasaki touches,” Kawasaki aims to keep moving forward and growing into the future.

(Press Release)

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Tucker Powersports will be acquired by Turn 14 Distribution

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Tucker Dealer Update – August 14, 2023

Dear Tucker Powersports Dealer,

Today we are announcing that Tucker Powersports will be acquired by Turn 14 Distribution, one of the largest automotive aftermarket distributors in the United States. The purchase includes certain assets of Tucker and all of its private label brands, which include well known brands.

We know that this will have a positive impact on you and all of our customers.

Turn 14 Distribution is a sixteen-year-old national B2B-only distributor based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have operations in four states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, and Nevada, and have over five hundred employees across three distribution centers and two office locations.

The purchase of Tucker Powersports is Turn 14 Distribution’s entry into the powersports market, and with that comes more stability and growth for the market. They will apply many of the principles their company is founded on, including strong relationships with partners and employees, and leveraging its strengths in efficiency, focus, and excellence in serving all types of dealers.

For you, the customer, this means:

  • Better access to more inventory.
  • Reduced operating costs through better efficiency.
  • Increased transparency.
  • More tools to help you plan and operate your business.
  • More customer service representatives.
  • Optimized logistics.

Turn 14 Distribution has a well-earned reputation for listening to its customers and partners. They are known as the distributor who has embraced technology to ensure efficiency while maintaining a human-facing, customer-first mentality that comes from the core value, “our customers are royalty.”

In the short-term, your orders will be fulfilled by both Tucker and Turn 14 Distribution and in time you will be transitioned to the Turn 14 Distribution B2B website and provided with new login information. Please remember that this acquisition is a work in progress involving several moving parts.

Please be patient as our respective teams sort through the details.

To learn more about Turn 14 Distribution, please visit

For those of you that have been with us on Tucker Powersport’s fifty-six-year journey, we want to thank you all for your continued support and business. While this is a significant change, I am confident that we are leaving you and the industry we love, in good hands.

Marc McAllister

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