Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build

Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 4 Sponsored by Xpress

You’ve been watching this sweepstakes bike come together for four episodes. A terrific chopper industry team was established to build you a one-off, world-class custom motorcycle. What could be better? Just fill out a coupon or subscribe to Cycle Source or Bandit’s Cantina on Bikernet, and you could enjoy this puppy forever. This segment will demonstrate again the level of quality craftsmanship and passion for our industry guiding this magnificent motorcycle project. We have some fun with these articles, but the level of talent and engineering directed at this motorcycle is impressive. Take for instance this Crazy horse engine from John White’s factory in Kent, Washington. A longterm passionate Indian fan, John is also a highly successful heavy construction equipment business ...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 5 Sponsored by Xpress

Don't miss the last episode: I’ve never had so much fun building a bike, and it’s not for me. This one-off custom, art object, long-run bobber, chopper, will be awarded to either a Cycles Source subscriber or a Bandit’s Cantina subscriber on There’s always a growing buzz around building any bike. The vibe could be associated to the deadline, like the run to Sturgis, or a Bonneville land speed record effort, or for many shops, it’s a particular customer’s dream project. In this case, Gary Maurer, and Jules, from Kustoms Inc., created the aura of the build. Okay, it started with Prince Najar and spread to the Crazy Horse Engine Company, and Jason from Texas Frame Works. I can feel ...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 6 Sponsored by Xpress

Check the last episode: process is amazing. Not only are Gary Maurer, Kustoms Inc., and Julie, the lead builders, but they dragged this roller in various stages to over eight shows and events. It’s actually set up at the Broken Spoke in Sturgis right this fuckin’ minute. When I interviewed Gary, while Jules whispered in his ear, they were just 100 miles outside of Sturgis and rolling in. “It’s 1250 miles from Grand Ledge, Minnesota, to the Badlands,” Gary said. “Des Moines is the toughest, most congested area to scramble through.” The Sweeps bike, nearing completion, will be displayed at the Broken Spoke, the home port of Cycle Source, while Gary and his crew nail down tent stakes at ...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 7 Sponsored by Xpress

Don't miss the last episode: Hang on. We are two weeks away from running out to Vegas for Bikefest and pulling the winner of this most magnificent custom motorcycle, specifically built for Bikernet and Cycle Source fans, readers, and subscribers. You need to sign up, if you haven’t, or come to the Cashman Center in Vegas to grab a card and sign up for the drawing. You don’t need to be on site to win. After Bikefest, the scooter will return to Kustoms Inc. near Detroit, for final tuning and break-in before being shipped to the winner. So here’s the update in a flash, after Bonneville, and heading smack dab against a Cycle Source Deadline. “I’m way behind,” said Chris Callen, ...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build, Part 3, Sponsored by Xpress

Hang onto your asses. This is going to rock your boat, or your solo seat springs. We are building a bike just for you. That's right. A Cycle Source or Bikernet reader will own this one-off custom at the end of this year. No, I'm not kidding. This world-class team of builders, lead by Prince Najar, the vast and all-powerful organizer is headed-up by builder/designer Gary Maurer of Kustoms Inc, and Ron Harris of Chop Docs. We have the Texas Bike Works frame, the magnificent Crazy Horse 100-inch engine, and Jules, of Kustoms Inc. hand-made an oil tank. This issue we welcomed another state of the chrome-arts team into the fray, 3Guyz, a manufacturing shop capable of anything. They work ...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Subscription Sweeps Bike Build, Sponsored by XPress Lids

That's right. You can enter by filling out the coupon, subscribing to Bandit's Cantina on Bikernet, or to the Cycle Source Magazine. With a Crazy Horse 100-inch engine, and a frame from Texas Bike Works this build is already flying together.From issue to issue you'll see your motorcycle being built on the pages of Bikernet and Cycle Source. You'll witness Gary Maurer from Kustoms Inc. and Ron Harris from Chop Docs bend sheet metal, create one-off components, and shoot one of the sickest old-school paint schemes that you have ever seen...The team will carefully select components from the best in the industry, including wheels from Ride Wright, electronics from Accel, leatherwork by the master, Howard H. Knight, and controls from ...
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