Betsy's Revival

Bikernet Bike Build: BETSY’S REVIVAL STORY Part 2

      Oncethat trailer gate hit the driveway back at home I could see tired ol'Betsy begging for another chance at life! As I walked aroundthe trailer she lay resting after the 1500 mile journey back. Iassessed the impending task of making this Ol' girl right again. "Rode hard and put up wet," I said to myself thinkingof all the journeys and adventures she served Scooter Tramp Scotty through.As I took in every line every worn out part of this soul servingmachine I tried to imagine all the places she saw, all thelandscapes, the women who made passenger, the endless white lines stretched for over half-a-million miles. The nomadicvessel of freedom that is this motorcycle I now have the honor ofsorting ...
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