Wisconsin Girl In London

Cat Hammes rides London and brings us there What a cool way to spend time away, in no other place like London at a motorcycle show. The London MotoShow is an annual event held at this incredibly beautiful location called the Tobacco Docks. I thought I would check it out, I’m here. I was in for a shock, this Wisconsin girl in London! — Cat Hammes Click here to read this photo feature travelogue only on * * * * Go Places. Get Free Entry to EVENT COVERAGE Department at Click here.

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Engine Guard Kit Installation

An eye-opener by By Christy After installing the forward controls on my motorcycle, my boyfriend suggested an engine guard just in case I accidentally drop my bike. This highly polished, chrome-plated guard matches stock plating and works great with the FXST Forward Controls. Engine Guard Kit 49000138 | Harley-Davidson USA I had a first-hand visual experience of how well this works when my boyfriend’s foot slid on something, and he dropped his bike while stopped in the driveway. The only damage was a slight scratch on the engine guard. Click here to read this photographed tech report on * * * * Get the details to all the Tech and Garage insider info in our Free Tech Department at

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Fun and Fun and Fandango 2024

Photos and Text by Chris Callen, Cycle Source A good old fandango, kicking-up some dust Texas-style in Fredericksburg. If you’re into motorcycles, chances are you are also into old ones. There’s no better way to snatch a weekend full of antique and vintage two-wheel machines than an AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) meet. Problem can be some of the AMCA meets are a tad slow-paced, and sometimes if you pull in on a chopper, you’ll get a raised eyebrow or two. That’s not true in Texas, with the Cherokee Chapter of the AMCA. They initiated the Texas Fandango, and 2024 marked the third annual Fandango in Fredericksburg, Texas. It was a huge success. Click here to read this photo feature article on * * * *

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Can-Am Ryker: A Small and Agile Three-Wheeler

The all new 2024 version is out and about by Ujjwal Dey The first thing you notice about the 2024 Can-Am Ryker is of course that it is advertised as a “three-wheeled motorcycle.” For those who love and ride motorcycles, there is no such thing. You got one wheel too many to call it a motorcycle. The name Ryker is not of Biblical origin nor a Bavarian legend. It is a silly portmanteau on “Ride”-“Biker” with a “Y” replacing it to re-invent the three-wheeled thing called “Ryker.” Plus, it rhymes with Can-Am Spyder. Click here to read this photo feature breakdown of the all new Can-Am Ryker * * * * Follow Bikernet Free Weekly Newsletter to get latest Motorcycling news, updates, reviews, tech, tips, events & lot of fun. Click here & take a test ride.

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XDA Delivers a Platinum Performance Season Opener

The 30th annual Platinum General Services event, proudly presented by the XDA, took on a bittersweet tone this past weekend at the Maryland International Raceway. As engines thundered against the backdrop of spring skies, the event unfolded with a poignant undercurrent, marking the first race since the passing of XDA co-owner Chris Miller. Miller’s absence was deeply felt, his legacy casting a long shadow over the track he helped cultivate into a haven for speed enthusiasts. Despite this, racers and fans alike came together in a powerful display of solidarity and respect, celebrating his memory by ensuring the event he cherished ran with the precision and passion he was known for. During three exhilarating days, competitors from far and wide converged, introducing fresh talent to the racing scene while seasoned veterans showcased their enduring skills. Click here to read this Event Coverage on * * * * Get There Faster, Click & Get the Free Weekly Newsletter

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The Confused Bikernet Weekly News for April 18, 2024

It’s trying to snow this morning but can’t decide which way to go. The dusty flecks of snow are dancing around in the breezy sky and can’t decide whether to land or just enjoy the ride, in the wind. Let’s hit the news and see what happens next. You just can’t ever give up or give in. Keep the faith and keep riding free! –Bandit Click here to read the Weekly News only on If you like articles, tech, news, commentary, road-tests, reviews and more–then consider supporting this motorcycle-haven that is online since 1996 by becoming a member of Bandit’s Cantina. Click here to know more. Best deal online and free swag with it.

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