An Unintentional Pilgrimage

This was the second year for this event, and you may be interested in seeing the article on the first event to help you get a better idea of what this is all about.

AN UNINTENTIONAL PILGRIMAGE ( A group of us going on a ride to deliver a Time Capsule in Clarksdale With a couple of stops on the way to meet up with others and then having a wedding cause it was time to do it.

The story is that Berry Wardlaw and Robby Defazio were having a late-night phone conversation and part of it was about the movie Rough Boys and getting people that were in it and or involved with it to get together and have a party.

Check out this report by Rogue along with photos only on….click here.

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Visit last year’s Unintentional Pilgrimage at Bikernet by clicking

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