The Tall Tales of the Climate Crisis

by Daniel W. Nebert For the past 35 years, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned us that emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, predominantly carbon dioxide (CO2), are causing dangerous global warming. This myth is blindly accepted — even by many of my science colleagues who know virtually nothing about climate. As a scientist, my purpose here is to help expose this fairy tale. From his seminal work while prisoner of war during WWI, Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch explained how climate is influenced by variations in the Earth’s asymmetric orbit, axial tilt, and rotational wobble — each going through cycles lasting as long as 120,000 years. Click here to read this article on Bikernet.com * * * *

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Nominations for MRF Hall of Fame Class of 2024

Nominees Wanted – Class of 2024 MRF Hall of Fame Class of 2024 Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame (MRFHOF) was introduced at the Meeting of the Minds in Denver, Colorado. This institution was created to recognize individuals who have worked through the MRF to positively impact motorcycling. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is proud to announce that the nomination process for the next class of inductees into the MRFHOF is now open. The nomination form and a timeline are posted on the MRF website at: Click for Nomination Form MRFHOF Website: https://mrf.org/mrf-hall-of-fame/ Nomination applications are due to the Hall of Fame Committee by March 1st, 2024 – please send completed forms to communications@mrf.org Past Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame inductees are: Keith “Bandit” Ball, Mark Buckner, Wayne Curtin, Michael “Balls” Farabaugh, “Still” Ray Fitzgerald, Richard Gray, Bob Illingworth, Nathan “Buck” Kittredge, Ed Netterberg, Sherman Packard, Todd Vandermyde, Paul Vestal, Penny Walker, Ed Youngblood, Vince Consiglio, Fredric Harrell, Rodney Roberts, Simon Milward, JoAnne Packard, Karen Bolin, Lee Richardson, Jerry “JT” Thomas, Teresa Hepker, Dick “Slider” Gilmore, Charles Umbenhauer, Wanda Hummel-Shultz, “Biker” Jim Rhoades, Lee Ryan, Marc Falsetti, Gary Klinker, Charlie Williams, Dave Dwyer, “Radio” Bob Letourneau, “Farmer” John Eggers, Michael “Boz” Kerr, Butch Brown, Deb Butitta, Jim Dahling, Carol Downs, Jay Jackson, Gary Sellers, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, Jim “Legs” Korte and Mary K. Donnay. JOIN MRF: https://mrf.org/

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Drag Specialties demands waiver signatures

Hey, this is major important. Drag Specialties is making it mandatory to sign a waiver before you can buy any performance parts from any shop. This is why you need to be on the alert. There is only one organization with the balls to fight back, the MRF and the new IMA with Bob Kay, Kirk Willard and myself. We won’t go down without a fight. Join the MRF and the IMA Visit https://mrf.org/ Visit https://mrf.org/join/join-mrf-imac/ * * *

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MRF on New Year 2024

Happy New Year! It is 2024. Time marches forward and so must we. We had a good 2023! If you missed the review of what we did in 2023, you can check out our most recent Facebook post using the button below. Now we must keep moving forward! At Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) in Harrisburg, PA this past September we set our agenda for 2024. Our top priorities include (in alphabetical order): Autonomous Vehicles Crash Avoidance Data Recorders Definition of a Motorcycle Emissions Regulations Helmet Laws Internal Combustion Engines Profiling Renewable Fuels Right to Repair We’ve taken our moment to celebrate 2023 and hope you have as well. The MRF now looks forward to seeing our entire family of Freedom Fighters, gather again to work toward saving the lifestyle we love! MRF Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/bikers.rights About Motorcycle Riders Foundation: http://mrf.org The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) provides leadership at the federal level for states’ motorcyclists’ rights organizations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the national and international levels that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. The MRF is committed to being a national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle and works in conjunction with its partners to help educate elected officials and policymakers in Washington and beyond.

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Ohio Powers Up Consumer Choice in Vehicle Market

Ohio Powers Up Consumer Choice in Vehicle Market as Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk In a major victory for consumer freedom, the Ohio General Assembly passed SAN-supported legislation ensuring Ohioans, not the government, decide what vehicles best suit their needs. The bill, H.B. 201, prohibits any state or local government entity from restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on their power source, including internal combustion engines (ICEs). Following its passage through the legislature, H.B. 201 now awaits the crucial decision of Governor Mike DeWine, who will either sign it into law or issue a veto. This bill represents a significant step forward for proponents of consumer choice, who believe individuals should have the right to select the vehicle that best fits their lifestyle and budget, regardless of its fuel type. Ohioans: send a letter to Governor DeWine requesting his support for the bill! Click here to contact your officials. * * * *

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