Agent Zebra's 2000 Sturgis Softail

Bikernet East – An Eagle in the Garage

Custom Chrome introduces the world's first rocket-powered Zebra. The power plant of the Great Zebra Northern Steamer for Bikernet Chop-Off 2000 by Special Agent Zebra 05.22.00. The Great Zebra Northern Steamer is to be a biker's bike. No fantasyland Hollywood bullshit in the way of $80,000 paint jobs or diamond encrusted spokes, no chop-shop hoopla, the Zebra Steamer is going to the root of American bike building, tight, right, fast, and reliable. It's being built by the rider, with help from Bandit, Wrench, the Chinaman and the torque kings at Casa El Horsepower, in an anonymous garage in San Pedro, California.    The scoot is being designed to take a lead wrist and heavy beatings without snapping, leaking, dying, or ...
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Bikernet East – Zebra’s Chop Unveiled

 When the dust and metal filings settled, the smoke cleared, and the greasy gang of wrenches at the famous Bikernet Garage sobered up, before us stood a gleaming new chopper, complete and ready to break in, save for a few minor tweaks and a seat. The Zebra entry for the Bikernet ChopOff 2000 was complete. The Great Northern Steamer, scheduled to blast from the Caribbean shores of South Beach, Miami, all the way to the western Badlands of Sturgis, South Dakota, stood shimmering in the Southern California sunshine. A moment of silence occurred naturally. Then Bandit farted. The Great Northern Steamer is the first complete entry (or virtually so, save for custom seat, a bit more paint, and a few ...
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Bikernet East Installment 5

Thunder Cycle Designs629 E. Sunrise BlvdFt. Lauderdale, Fl 33304  "I’m thinking of having a painter do up the bottom of the bike with some radical paint design because the fucker is so damned fast with this S&S 113 that it brings the front end off the ground in second gear. I’m not kidding. I had to switch it back to a chain from a belt, because the belt would just sit there and whizzzz, spin like crap and fry." "The customer is completely nuts," Eddie Trotta continues, as he closely examines a gorgeous, low-slung chopper which he hand built for a local Fort Lauderdale, Florida client. "The fuckin’ guy, he walks in here, I let him take a ride, he ...
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Bikernet East – The Zebra Reports

Bikernet East, Zebra Report 8/17/2000:ZEBRA CRUSHES BANDIT! ARRIVES FIRST IN STURGIS!Despite overwhelming odds, such as a rev limiter installed secretly byBandit (later ripped out and thrown in the ditch), heavy rain on the eastcoast, phony tags (fuck the Florida DMV), a bleeding gas tank (Bandit issuspected here as well), hail in Atlanta, deer in Kentucky, troopers inIllinois, and a host of other hurdles, as well as a distance over 500 mileslonger than Bandit's short hop from L.A., Special Agent Zebra rode like anoutlaw and arrived four beers and three Jack and Cokes ahead of Bandit andhad the promised Jack on ice awaiting the West Coast slowpokes. Kudos tothe Doctor of Throttle, Special Agent Zebra.And in answer to West Coast Chopper's ...
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Bikernet East – The Rolling Chassis

 The competition has changed, expanded. Can home-built choppers fly to Sturgis? Can Jesse James build a chop and actually ride it, with all his tools, mechanics, equipment, lathes, milling machines, and money? Can Billy Lane from Choppers Inc. build a bike by hand while wanton women dance seductively around him daily in him Maimi based studio. Can two crazed fools from Bikernet build two chops in a small San Pedro garage with limited tools and no cash and make it to the Badlands? Another builder has entered the competition, Japanese Jay from the local motorcycle shop, Station 34 in San Pedro. He's building a rat Shovelhead, I think.     While we're damned low on time and still trying to recover ...
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