100 WFC: The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer

The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer
with illustration by Wayfarer

Tobey pawned off whatever was left of his inheritance—clothes, shoes, cheap jewelry and twenty years of Reader’s Digest. He sold suitcases for trips never ventured. These were of no benefit while his Mom was alive. Life insurance paid a pittance of her funeral bill.

All the cash he mustered amounted to the sum of $ 21,699.25. The sum total cops wanted for a rotting, rusting Panhead, once Tobey’s father’s ride. Mom sold it to make ends meet when Dad died in a work accident.

A means to beginning Tobey’s new life of freedom from familial obligations. He sought the rehaul, the ride and the open road. His Harley represented a magnificent metamorphosis.

(publication dated 07-June-2024)

* * *

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