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Jacob’s Gallery: new releases

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I know it’s technically been Spring for over a month, but in South Dakota, it started getting warm this week! 😮

When we think of the warm sunshine, my family thinks of tequila by the pool or a tasty red wine at dinner.

We pulled Scott’s Patron Platinum painting from our Archives to release as the Spring/Cinco de Maya edition!

The second image is a Caymus painting that many collectors have been waiting months for. It’s a dramatic wine painting called “Cabulous” because frankly, it’s FABULOUS!

Scott’s 82nd Sturgis Rally AND Daytona Bike Week paintings are available.


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Action Bikernet Weekly News for April 27th 2023

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Events on the Horizon all over the Country


Warmer weather is coming and we’re taking a gamble this iffy weekend and prepping the Salt Torpedo for test runs in Sturgis, South Dakota. Every week is incredible.

I have a buzzing feeling, something good is about to happen. For tonight, whiskey needs to do the trick.

Keep the faith; we ride free forever!


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