New Release from Artist David Uhl

Last year, we released the first in David’s new series, titled “Female Figure on Motorcycle 1”. We are pleased to announce the release of the second piece in the series, appropriately titled “Female Figure on Motorcycle 2”. He still has some finishing touches left on this one, featuring the lovely Stephanie Pietz. One of his finishing touches was to remove the tattoo. He felt it wasn’t necessary given the contrast between her flesh tones and the dynamic background. He also changed the top color and her shoes. We still have a few left in the print edition (details below). This submission is going out to a special group via email only (not on social media), therefore it will be a very exclusive offering. We will also be offering a VERY SMALL edition of canvas prints, hand-signed and numbered, with Certificate of Authenticity. ** Image size 20×30, edition of 12 plus 2 Artist Proofs and 2 Hors d’ Commerce, $895 framed ** Image size 24×36, edition of 12 plus 2 Artist Proofs and 2 Hors d’ Commerce, $1,295 framed If you own the first in the series, you have first right of refusal for your matching edition number on this one. You can email me or call 303-913-4840 to place your order. Thanks for your time! Greg Rhodes International Sales Director David Uhl Fine Art Uhl Studios Uhl Studios website 303-913-4840

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The Motorcycle Australian Exhibit

Passion, Desire and Action Curated by US-based design curator and physicist Professor Charles M Falco and writer and filmmaker Ultan Guilfoyle in collaboration with QAGOMA Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) opens the world exclusive exhibition ‘The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire’ tomorrow, featuring 100 exceptional motorcycles from the 1870s to the present. Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) Director Chris Saines said ‘The Motorcycle’, showing until 26 April, 2021 celebrates 150 years of motorcycle history and included multiple interactive experiences for all ages. ‘Curated by US-based design curator and physicist Professor Charles M Falco and writer and filmmaker Ultan Guilfoyle in collaboration with QAGOMA, the exhibition features pioneering motorcycles and classic commuters, off-road bikes and speed machines, as well as custom creations and numerous electric bikes heralding the future,’ Mr Saines said. Click Here to Read this Photo Feature on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Now.

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The Motorcycle – Design, Art, Desire at the Gallery of Modern Art

28 Nov 2020 – 26 Apr 2021 GOMA | Gallery 1.1 The Fairfax Gallery, Gallery 1.2, Gallery 1.3 Eric & Marion Taylor Gallery | Ticketed Discover a whole new perspective of The Motorcycle. Get your motor running… ‘The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire’ opens the throttle on the ground-breaking designs that shaped one of the most iconic objects the world has ever seen. Featuring radical concepts, record breakers and road icons, the fully-immersive exhibition showcases 100 of the greatest motorcycles ever assembled. Show off your ride with #MotorcycleGOMA | Read more about the motorcycles Tickets are also available to purchase onsite between 10.00am – 4.15pm. Visit our ticket information page for details on ticket prices, accepted concessions, companion cards, season tickets etc. The accompanying cinema program ‘Motorcycles on Screen‘ explores film depictions of motorcycles from around the world, looking back at more than a century of motorcycles on screen. It includes iconic classics (The Wild One 1953, Easy Rider 1969), cult favourites (Scorpio Rising 1963, Akira 1988) and recent films (Finke: There and Back 2018, The Wild Goose Lake 2019). Explore themes of freedom, danger, and fraternity, as well as surveying the vehicle’s history and looking ahead to the roles it may play in future societies. Drawing on QAGOMA’s unique cutting-edge design technology, the exhibition will feature a range of immersive interactives to enhance the visitor experience. Discover more about the art, design and historical context of each bike through the exhibition companion website. Take a virtual seat on a 1950s Vespa, 1960s Dirt Bike or an Electric ‘Future’ Bike and go riding in real-time through a themed landscape. Spend some time building and customising your own bike, on a touch-screen interactive, maybe with a little help from our virtual Ellaspede consultant. ‘Full Face: Artists’ Helmets’ introduces visitors to the interwoven

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Turn your BMW adventure scooter into an art deco masterpiece

by Kyle Hyatt from NMoto is working on its Golden Age kit to transform the BMW C400x scooter into a prewar work of art. So, here’s the thing. Most scooters aren’t very cool. Vespas get a pass, obviously. So too does the Honda Ruckus, because it’s weird and utilitarian. A Quadrophenia-cosplay-type Lambretta would also have my respect, but anything else? It’s going to be a tough sell. Take the BMW C400x, for example. Is there anything particularly wrong or weird about it? Nope. It’s reasonable and affordable motorized transportation, of which, frankly, I’m a fan. I just can’t get over the inherent not-motorcycle-ness of it, though, which is why a concept from a company in Florida called NMoto has my stoke level pegged. The kit was debuted recently and is called “Golden Age,” and as you can see from the images, it takes the humble C400x and transforms it into a piece of art deco alternate-history brilliance. How does it do that? Well, the kit hasn’t made its official debut yet, but we suspect that it will involve a not-insubstantial chunk of money and a similarly weighty piece of your time, but the results look worth it. I like the Golden Age’s bubble fenders and round headlight pod, but I absolutely love the narrow prewar BMW kidney grilles on the front. The whole thing is executed way better than it has any right to be. If you’re curious about the C400x on which this concept is based, it’s got a 350-cc engine that makes a claimed 34 horsepower and 26 pound-feet of torque. That energy is routed through a CVT transmission, which is pretty standard fare for a scooter. The thing also has plenty of storage, a big gas tank and a nice, relaxed riding position, again, because: scooter.

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World’s Rarest Motorcycle – Price $35 Million

from World’s Rarest Motorcycle – Price $35 Million – The Cosmic Harley Davidson – 10th Anniversary The Cosmic Harley launched at $1 million sold in 2012 for $3 million and paved the way for the creation by others of multi-million dollar motorcycles. MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 21, 2020 / — The Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson Motorcycle is officially 10 Years old today and is currently priced at $35 million. It premiered at a Red Carpet Gala event at Bartels In Marina del Rey, California, in 2010, and was filmed by the world press. As reported in the DuPont Registry , Shelby 50th Anniversary Edition, the Million Dollar Harley sold in 2012 for just over $3 million. Bill Bartel of Bartel’s, the main California Harley Davidson Dealership, said, “Harley Davidson has been in business since 1903, and this Cosmic Harley, launched just 10 years ago, is the most famous motorcycle ever created. The Red-Carpet Gala Event hosted here rivaled most all movie premieres in California, as artist Jack Armstrong landed from the sky in spectacular style, amid lights and sound, astride the Motorcycle and Lorenzo Lamas rode it along the red carpet into the showroom. The event was, by any measure, an extraordinary feat” Spokesman for Star Global International Inc., Iain Hammer, said, “This $1/2 Million spectacular launch was the brainchild of CEO Robert Star who conceived the idea to promote this exceptional artist to a new generation of art lovers, much in the same way as the artist’s friend, Andy Warhol, promoted himself with his Campbell’s soup can. Warhol called the artist ‘The Last Wizard of Art’. Jack Armstrong used several layers of paint plus 37 coats of clear and took 6 months to finish the project. The Cosmic Harley just completed a 2-year

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Michael Lichter Heavy Mettle Show

Motorcycles and Art with Moxie in Sturgis 2020 For the last 12 years Michael Lichter has put on a Motorcycles Art Exhibit for Sturgis Rally riders at various locations. Industry Guests had a special showing on Sunday by invitation only. The event was also open to the public for Free from 2 P.M. to 10 P.M. Saturday August 8 through Friday August 14, 2020 This year’s show was named Heavy Mettle and like previous years included the who’s who of the motorcycle builders from around the world. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COVERAGE ON BIKERNET Quick, Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Motorcycle repairmen mould scrap into fine art

by Pann Rethea from At a small motorcycle repair shop about a half-hour drive outside of Phnom Penh on National Road 1, passersby can’t help but stop and take a look at what’s for sale. But it’s not motorbike parts they’re interested in, it’s the works of metal art formed by fusing scraps and old tools. Metal creatures made from bike chains, spokes and discarded shocks beckon people over to take a selfie and chat with the artists, low-income repairmen who turned to artwork after their wages took a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “During the pandemic, many people have been facing financial problems, especially blue-collar workers,” 36-year-old Kang Sothea, the founder of the small collection of repairmen-artists, tells The Post. “The team of motorcycle repairmen whom I’ve supplied motorcycle engine oil to are losing their income. Less people come for engine oil changes, so they can no longer afford to stock the products I’m selling.” Because the repairmen have fewer jobs to fill, they often have time to chat about their mundane lives and crack jokes to cheer themselves up during hard times. It was during one of these laidback chats that Sothea noticed a pile of discarded motorbike parts which the repairmen intended to sell to a junk collector for petty cash. Sothea says: “I often noticed them stockpiling old rusty parts of motorcycles in the back of their workshop. The chain, sprocket-wheel, suspension, steel mudguards, nuts and screws sparked an idea [in me] to turn them into something interesting that can be sold. Seeing different old parts of motorcycles triggered my imagination. I could see them turning into metal animals for decoration.” Having worked in engine oil distribution for three years, Sothea has become close to repairmen in different places. These strong friendships paved the

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Sultans of Steel by Kromworks Is Superbly Crafted Harley-Davidson Custom Art

by Elena Gorgan from As much as you appreciate a good – and good-looking – motorcycle from any manufacturer out there, there is no denying there is but one way you’re guaranteed to stand out: with a custom build. That’s what Tedja Wijaya was also thinking when he approached his friend Andi from the custom shop Kromworks in Indonesia, with the request that he build him a bike that would truly be one of a kind. Andi and the team build for him the Harley-Davidson-based sportster known as Sultans of Steel. Sultans of Steel was completed and delivered at the beginning of the year but, given the location of the custom shop and the fact that 2020 has proved to be, generally speaking, the absolute worst, news failed to register on the international radar. The bike is so beautiful and beautifully executed that we couldn’t have overlooked it and not included it with similar pieces of art, detailed as part of our Custom Builds Month theme. The Sultans of Steel rolls on 23-inch (58.4-cm) rims with Avon rubber, and features an exposed Sportster 883 engine, H-D Softail rear shocks and catalog brakes, but otherwise it’s Andi’s work of art. It’s a superbly crafted piece of jewelry that stands as tribute to raw metal, and simplicity as the ideal means for said tribute. Crafted from stainless steel, with the occasional brass inlays for necessary contrast, the detailing on this bike is astounding. With curves and aggressiveness overload, it stands out for stark minimalism in the design, as well as the refusal to use any other material than those mentioned. There is a single downtube and a single backbone, while the double cradle design stands out for extreme curvaceousness. Both the vintage leather seat and the rear fender seem to float

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Honda CG Pop Trio Make Up a Crazy Art Statement, Honor BMX

by Daniel Patrascu from Back in the 1970s, an extreme bicycle-based sport called BMX started to take hold. In a way short for bicycle motocross, the sport came to be once bicycle riders got a taste of motocross tracks, and the world saw the potential of properly-built two-wheelers and a talented rider. BMX was particularly appealing to Europeans. This time of biking and the bikes used for it quickly became norm on the continent, and by the end of the 1980s one would have had trouble finding a kid riding something else. The three bikes in the gallery above pay tribute to the “80’s BMX craze that so influential in our childhood.” This is how the garage behind them describes the motivation behind the builds. But we are also told they are works of art. All three have been Honda CGs made in the 1980s at one point. They got stripped down to the bare minimum, in an attempt to keep them “light and simple,” and gifted with crazy colors meant to represent the artistic approach. The three motorcycles are officially called Black!, Rock!, and Punk! and all received a mechanical overhaul as well: the engines have been cleaned and refreshed, the hoses and cables replaced, and the batteries removed. As a nod to BMX bikes, special handlebars, pegs and grips were fitted. More modern elements, like LED lights at the rear, have also been included in the design. The most striking and eye-popping elements on these Hondas remain the colors, bright neon hues from the House of Kolor palette. These builds, completed about half a decade ago, are the work of a Spanish custom shop that goes by the name El Solitario MC. We’ve already talked about some of their designs over the past few days, and we’ll

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