Frankie 1964: Life and Times of Bandit

An Outlaw Rider’s Story by Keith “Bandit” Ball illustrated by Wayfarer Whether he knew it or not he reveled in three aims, creativity through motorcycles, freedom through riding and the touch of a woman. He quickly discovered insincerity, power, control and evil in the service, but Frankie held true to his belief in fairness and freedom. He fought to save his fellow sailors from confinement by the hands of power hungry Shore Patrol Officers. He stepped in when a gang attempted to fuck-up a fellow shipmate in the Philippines. He sought a sense of violent understanding and when to step into the fight and when to step away. After his third tour in ‘Nam, he married his second love and during the confined periods on ship he wrote her adoring letters and studied motorcycle magazines. He dodged military treachery and ended up close to home, where he could ride, build a shop and start to customize motorcycles. Soon, he had run-ins with clubs in San Pedro with Outlaws and Hangmen and then the Hells Angels and Hessians at the Chino run in Riverside. Click here to read this hard fisted, fast paced, road ripping fiction only on * * * * Get your fix of Two-Wheeled Adventures, real and unreal–in our Two-wheeled Tales department for free.

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Book Review: City Blocks by J.D. Fratto

Hey, You can download this ebook for Free on Amazon, Monday to Friday, starting June 10. I believe the narrative is truly honest and introspective even though the language may seem complicated to some readers. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of people and places in the life of the protagonist. The changing scenario with unchanging circumstance of the narrator, the rich beauty evident in prose and perspective, the message of growth, love and being in the moment—it all shines through. This is a short, crisp novella, told in a very unique style–maybe as endearing as the protagonist it depicts. I would recommend it, especially to those with Kindle Unlimited. Its a good day’s read on a park bench in the thick of the city. Click here to read the full review on Praise for City Blocks, a novella by J.D. Fratto. “Wandering ways in a staggering prose displaying steady beauty” ~ “Life being what it is, you have to take a walk” ~ K. Randall Ball “A city as perceived through the amusement of a rambling man” ~ Ujjwal Dey “The joy of everyday things through someday moments” ~ * * * * Subscribe to the Cantina and support Visit

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100 WFC: The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer

The Widow’s Son by Wayfarer with illustration by Wayfarer Tobey pawned off whatever was left of his inheritance—clothes, shoes, cheap jewelry and twenty years of Reader’s Digest. He sold suitcases for trips never ventured. These were of no benefit while his Mom was alive. Life insurance paid a pittance of her funeral bill. All the cash he mustered amounted to the sum of $ 21,699.25. The sum total cops wanted for a rotting, rusting Panhead, once Tobey’s father’s ride. Mom sold it to make ends meet when Dad died in a work accident. A means to beginning Tobey’s new life of freedom from familial obligations. He sought the rehaul, the ride and the open road. His Harley represented a magnificent metamorphosis. (publication dated 07-June-2024) * * * Read the rest and the previous year’s entries and winners at

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Big George’s Big Snake by Gearhead

Big George’s Big Snake by Gearhead Big George, with a bad kicker knee wasn’t big, but bought a yardstick sized Boa Constrictor. Glistening and striped Samantha rode in his 1965 Panhead chopper leather saddle bags. Grew too big for his bags, so she ran loose in his pad. Big George married, petite and perfunctory Judy, who knew Samantha, but the snake didn’t take to the wife and slithered on her vanity knocking all of her perfume bottles and cosmetics on the wooden deck, more than once. Impulsive Judy snapped, “The snake leaves or I do!” Judy’s gone, and slithering Samantha still rules the roost. (publication dated 03-June-2024) * * *

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100 WFC: Ram Tough by JJ Spain

Ram Tough by JJ Spain with illustration by Wayfarer We parked our bikes on the north side of Deadwood Lodge. Omaha, off I29 to I90 was a long hot ride. I stepped on green grass to stretch. A loud snort turned me around. A Ram Big Horn Sheep with hazel eyes stared me down. He was as tall as my Harley and broad. His horns formed a perfect circle capped with gray, oyster and black ridges. Behind him stood four lady friends, half his size with matching fluffy white fur noses and rumps. Big boy snorted again, louder and longer as he stomped a hoof on the grass. I sought protection behind my Harley. “That ornery old goat wants you off his lawn,” Seth said… (publication dated 25-May-2024) * * * * Get cookin fiction with the non-stop contest since May 2023 Check out this year’s entries at Read the 2023 year entries and winners at

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100 WFC: What’s It Gonna Be

What’s It Gonna Be by Keith ‘Bandit’ Ball with illustration by Wayfarer Jake at 6 feet and buffed pulled up to the log cabin saloon off Highway 25, in CO on his highbar 80 flathead. No other bikes in the lot, only SUVs. He ordered a 3-2-1 Jack from blonde and bodacious. Her eyes sparkled but darted with concern. Suddenly surrounded by a young crew in camos, they snarled and brandished weapons. “Your loud pipes are done. It’s a climate emergency!” Said big and fuzzy. “What’s it gonna be?” Jake asked. “Freedom and Truth or a lying piece-of-shit dictatorship.” Fuzzy hesitated and gulped. “Bring it on,” Jake said. “Bikers are ready.” (publication dated 22-May-2024) * * * Read all about this 100 word mania at the contest page—click here

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Deadwood’s Biker Jailer

Based on actual events in 1982 by Keith “Bandit” Ball with illustrations by Wayfarer Deadwood, a town of outlaws, grit, gold, mile-deep mines, gambling and whores wrestled annually with South Dakota weather. It’s a bustling town of 1,200 dealing with an onslaught of three million drunken, gambling visitors a year. About 1982 a scruffy biker named Rusty, with a full beard mowed lawns and his wife worked at Family Dollar a couple of blocks away on the cobblestone street, while the Homestake mine endured another strike. Wasn’t much going on when the Sheriff asked Rusty if he would ride along on a prisoner transfer to Sioux Falls for 100 bucks. He smiled and took the job. Wasn’t much to it and he continued to fulfill the city position as a transport guard until busses came along and the Sheriff said, “I don’t want to lose you.” Click here to read this incredible adventure as only retold by Bandit on * * * * Join the gang by becoming a member–check out your options by clicking here.  

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100WFC: Divide and Run by Gearhead

Divide and Run by Gearhead with illustration by Wayfarer TJ on his ‘80 Super Glide, Budreu on his ‘80 Wide Glide and me on my ‘70 Electra Glide jammed. The local sheriff waited for us to make a slip up for days. We knew all the back roads. We left the Rusty Nail bar one night and spotted the Sheriff in our vibrating sideview mirrors. Three abreast, we pulled up to the only dingy stop light in town. He turned on his flashing cop lights, and we left on the hazy green signal in three different ways. He pulled into the intersection and just sat there. (publication dated 11-May-2024) * * * Check out this year’s winners and all the entries since last year by visiting

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Hot Day, Sweet Beer by Rhys

Hot Day, Sweet Beer by Rhys with illustration by Wayfarer Pulled out of my garage and took off down the street. No particular destination just needed the wind in my face. After an hour or so came across a little joint on a country road with outside seating at picnic tables. I dismounted my steel steed and sat down . A cute little thing came out and I asked for an ice cold draft. Sipping the brew and listening to the exhaust tick I thought it was a good day to be alive. (publication dated 28-Apr-2024) * * * Click to read all the entries from this year and then visit the previous year’s entries and winners.

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100WFC: Fuzzy by Wayfarer

Fuzzyby Wayfarerwith illustration by Wayfarer I swayed left and right, twisting the throttle, pushing and pulling at the handlebars. I was tense, sweating throughout on an early morning in June. If only I could ride another 200 miles, I know I would be at peace. This time yesterday, I had kickstarted my journey to the heartland. There were no goodbyes at work, maybe there will be none at my destination, my home. As I evaded the bustling traffic on the interstate, the many commuters dissolved, my mind picturing her smile, her yellow gown, her rare recipes and most of all, her patience with me. The oil rig fellas had pitched in to do my share of work as I took off to a final resting place. Mom was fading fast. Will she remember me in her condition? I gotta stay awake to fulfill her dreams and a promise to be by her side. (publication dated 30-Mar-2024) * * * You can participate and win as well–just subscribe to the weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then send us your fiction in 100 words or less through

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