100 WFC: What’s It Gonna Be

What’s It Gonna Be by Keith ‘Bandit’ Ball
with illustration by Wayfarer

Jake at 6 feet and buffed pulled up to the log cabin saloon off Highway 25, in CO on his highbar 80 flathead. No other bikes in the lot, only SUVs.

He ordered a 3-2-1 Jack from blonde and bodacious. Her eyes sparkled but darted with concern. Suddenly surrounded by a young crew in camos, they snarled and brandished weapons. “Your loud pipes are done. It’s a climate emergency!” Said big and fuzzy.

“What’s it gonna be?” Jake asked. “Freedom and Truth or a lying piece-of-shit dictatorship.”

Fuzzy hesitated and gulped.

“Bring it on,” Jake said. “Bikers are ready.”

(publication dated 22-May-2024)

* * *

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