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New Biker Fiction: Chance 3 – Da Blues

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The Latest Biker Fiction featuring Chance Hogan and his adventures on two-wheels

by K.Randall Ball with illustrations Tim Condor and images from Barry Green

Chance loses his Chinese love and is left alone in the harbor district in Los Angeles.

He needs to pull his grubby biker life back together near the struggling Port of Los Angeles.

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Hang on as this book comes together before your very eyes, chapter by chapter.

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Clay’s Christmas – Blessings Come in Strange Packages

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New Episode 97 in Bandit’s Cantina – The Series

by K.Randall Ball with illustrations by Jon Towle and George Fleming

The Cantina bustled and Bandit kept the holiday tunes blasting while he stared at his budget sheet. It didn’t look good. The positive cash flow from the Sturgis Rally dwindled. He knew his time in Los Angeles waned and 2022 would be a turning point.

He put on a smiling Xmas face and walked down the stairs to the dining room. Most huddled together over their presents. Brothers discussed bike modifications and upcoming projects.

Marko came out from behind bar and nudged Bandit. “Looking good?” Marko said and then steered Bandit’s gaze to Clay, his thinning head of sandy-blonde hair resting against the polish bar top.

Clay was a too-regular. He started drinking early and didn’t stop. His poison Corona beers held him in place between piss and smoke breaks.

A friendly, helpful sort he wanted to assist folks and started to rebuild outboard motors and handled dinghy repairs. Never said a bad thing about anyone.

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Chopper Chronicles : The Sundance Meeting

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K.Randall Ball kicks off the first chapter of Stolen Motorcycle Files – Exclusively on

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The Sundance Meeting
by K.Randall Ball

Three brothers rode into Sundance, Wyoming on their way to Sturgis in late July, hell bent to make their 20th run to the Badlands.

The small town, population just over a grand, was a mere 52 flying miles from the Rally. They rode long and hard for almost 400 miles, and this could be the final watering hole stop before the last blast on interstate 90 into Sturgis, South Dakota.

Sundance located in the bare open plains of Wyoming was named after the Sun Dance ceremony practiced by several American Indian tribes.

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Bandit Lights an Xmas Fire

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Bandit’s Cantina Episode 96 : a 2021 Christmas story

by K.Randall Ball

Bandit looked around at the dozen or so kids and looked at the sleek classic chopper with highbars he was building. The Knucklehead engine and transmission were now in place.

Marko approached and whispered something into Bandit’s ear, “Exactly,” Bandit added.

It was the week after Thanksgiving. Marko disappeared for a minute and returned with a couple of large boxes marked, “Xmas.”

“We need to do something to brighten Christmas for these kids. I’m going to paint the Chopper red and white for the holidays.” said Bandit.

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One Too-Many Aces in the Badlands

By General Posts

The Brothers and Girls Ride Out for a High-Stakes Poker Game

By Gearhead with help from Bandit

The story starts with Bandit telling me about a big card game in the Badlands of South Dakota. We were drinking one night down the street from the Cantina getting about half lit. He drank Jack on the rocks, and I was drinking Beam. The only thing left was to break open a bottle of Old Grand Dad and we would have a song.

He mentioned making a run to Deadwood for this big poker tournament. It was by invite only and he had one. I asked him about the tournament, while the music on the jukebox in the background was, “I drink alone,” by Lonesome George. He told me you need references and a wad of cash that could choke an elephant –a big fuckin’ bank roll.

Two things my Uncle Geno told me was: family first and never cross a 1%er. I would back Bandit.

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Lou Kimzey: the Original Editor/Publisher of Easyriders Magazine

By General Posts

Lou Kimzey on the bike Bandit built for him

By J.J. Solari with photos by Kim Peterson and Pete Chiodo

Bandit worked with the guy every day. In fact, he was hired by the guy. Basically sight unseen, just from an inquiry Bandit made on the phone about a motorcycle he built that the new rag might want to take pictures of. Kimzey said “You want a job here?”

As Bandit very interestingly put it – his apparently “mystical” abilities to successfully defy the publishing industry AND to be immune to published criticism by them.

But they all knew he was there.

In fact, I am prepared to say that Lou Kimzey is in a club with only two people in it: “The Club of Editors Who Advanced America.” The other is John W. Campbell.

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Bandit’s Cantina: Episode 95

By General Posts

Change is in the Wind
By K. Randall Ball

Bandit couldn’t wait to peel back to the Cantina. He had a ton on his mind, but the ride felt good. The bike and his mental load lifted without the yipping Melody around, but there was way more.

The highway up the Grape Vine blistered with heat but contained mild traffic. He leaned through the curves as if he floated on air unincumbered by the world around him.

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Bandit’s Cantina Episode 94: Melody Searches for Zero-Footprint Nirvana

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“I’ve got to get out of here,” Melody said as she woke up the next morning. “I can’t handle the pollution. Did you see all those trucks, the noise, and the smell. I can’t stand it.”

She continued to badger him. “What should I do now? I have a degree. I must get out of LA. You know about Global Warming, right?”

She burst out of the bathroom like a spring flower blooming, beautiful, fresh, and full of energy. “I did some research on my phone,” she said. “The governor of California is testing a Zero emissions community. Would you mind taking me to Nirvana.”

“Have you seriously reviewed this deal? Bandit said.

“Of course, I have,” Melody spat. “This will be the wave of the future. No carbon footprint.”

“Don’t we need CO2 to live?” Bandit asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Melody said pulling on her $1000 leather boots. “Carbon dioxide is pollution.”

“Will they allow you to wear those boots into Environmental Nirvana?” Bandit said.

“Uh,” Melody said. “I don’t know. I found an organic breakfast place is Venice.” They walked out to Marko’s stretched FXR in the parking lot. Melody stopped, stunned. “I can’t get to Nirvana on that!”

“Or I can drop you off at the airport,” Bandit suggested.

“No way, the covid, the masks, the crowds and the polluting planes,” Melody rattled. “Did you know they are banning air flights in Spain. Gotta save the planet. Where’s the Ferrari?”

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Cantina Episode 92: The Wild Road to Recovery

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The chopper, set up to ride, had over an inch of travel in the sprung seat, rubber grips and pegs, rubber mounted risers and bars. The engine, factory balanced had an Andrews cam, Branch heads, tuned exhaust and the oil level was checked. It rocked, like a bullet in the night, slicing through the dark hillsides. The 5-speed trans was classic and battleship strong with a freshly oiled chain drive to the rear wheel.

As Bandit blasted out of the hills along mildly bending curves surrounded by forest, streams and lakes, his mind whirled with thoughts of how to handle the issue ahead, as he stared into the darkness, while surrounded with the wafting smell of Jack pine trees. Difficult, but not impossible, he endeavored to shift his thinking to his first wife and how he loved the ride from a heavy cruiser in San Diego to Long Beach and her soft side on his first Harley, a Sportster. She was amazing in so many satin ways. Her lips, her thighs and those magnificent tits he could lie against and admire for days. And no other woman in his life was ever as responsive.

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