Book Review: City Blocks by J.D. Fratto


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I believe the narrative is truly honest and introspective even though the language may seem complicated to some readers. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of people and places in the life of the protagonist. The changing scenario with unchanging circumstance of the narrator, the rich beauty evident in prose and perspective, the message of growth, love and being in the moment—it all shines through.

This is a short, crisp novella, told in a very unique style–maybe as endearing as the protagonist it depicts. I would recommend it, especially to those with Kindle Unlimited. Its a good day’s read on a park bench in the thick of the city.

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Praise for City Blocks, a novella by J.D. Fratto.

“Wandering ways in a staggering prose displaying steady beauty”

“Life being what it is, you have to take a walk”
~ K. Randall Ball

“A city as perceived through the amusement of a rambling man”
~ Ujjwal Dey

“The joy of everyday things through someday moments”

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