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St. Louis Maniac Gets Straight Razor Shave and Haircut While Riding a Harley

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by Daniel Hill from

For many, the inability to get a proper haircut has been one of the more frustrating parts of the coronavirus crisis so far.

But one local man(iac) has a creative solution for the anxiety that comes with a simple trim nowadays: Get a shave and a haircut while riding a motorcycle.

It makes some sense: Why would one bother worrying about a virus when you’re one pothole away from getting your head cut off?

Steve Jones, a rider with the local Streetfighterz motorcycle outfit, is the subject of a video the group posted to YouTube this week wherein he gets a shave and a haircut from stylist Kurtiss Allen while riding a Harley through the streets of St. Louis.

The twelve-minute long video sees the pair rolling through the streets downtown while Allen uses scissors and a trimmer to cut and shape Jones’ hair and beard. Onlookers at stoplights frequently stop to gawk as the men playfully banter with them, with Jones telling a pedestrian at one point that Allen could shape his hair for him too if he wants.

Then, at about the 8:48 mark, things get truly wild as Allen pulls out the straight razor and starts working on Jones’ beard while the pair ride down Gravois. At about the 9:04 point, with a razor sharp blade to his face, Jones even appears to hit a small bump in the road. It’s enough to make a viewer — this viewer — cringe in terror, but Jones just keeps riding.

In all, the plan seems to go off without a hitch, turning what Jones describes at the top of the video as “this nasty mess that you guys have been seeing for the last few weeks” into a well-styled situation with surprisingly no bleeding wounds.

Watch the video for yourself below, and maybe don’t try this one at home:


Harley-Davidson RS Lambo Is How a Supercar Looks Like on Two Wheels

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by Daniel Patrascu from

For years, our lives have been flooded with incredible custom motorcycle builds made in the U.S.A, thanks to the avalanche of TV shows that over the past two decades have focused on the different garages there. But incredible custom bikes are being made elsewhere as well.

Germany, for instance, is the place where for the past two decades incredible Harley-based machines came to be. Whether we’re talking about remakes of existing Harleys as a whole, or adaptations of some Harley parts into a custom frame, the things the German garage called Thunderbike can do are incredible.

The group has begun toying with motorcycles since the 1980s, when they came into being as a repair shop for Japanese bikes. They kept doing that well until the early 2000s, when a switch to Harleys made the birth of these insane machines possible.

We’ve already talked about 2019’s Imola Softail conversion, or the CVO 110-powered Flawless 3, but it’s time for something a bit more extreme, because it seems there are so many ideas popping into the heads of these guys that they even dreamt up a motorcycle dedicated to a supercar manufacturer.

Enter the RS Lambo, a Thunderbike design created as a “tribute custom bike to the Italian sports car manufacturer [from] Sant’Agata Bolognese.”

The build uses an older Thunderbike frame kit called Dragster RS, inside which the engine and transmission from the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 110 series were fitted. The frame rides on Lowrider wheels and an air suspension that allows ride height to be adjusted in order to increase or decrease ground clearance.

The Lamborghini tribute can of course be seen as the paint chosen for the fuel tank, frame, and even wheel rims.

As many other Thunderbike builds, this is not just a custom project, but a show of force. One that kind of makes us wonder how would a build-off competition look like between a U.S.-based team and one from elsewhere in the world.

Get Up Close and Personal with the Uber-Fast Ducati Superleggera V4

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by Daniel Patrascu from

At the begininng of the year, Italian bike maker Ducati announced the launch of yet another racing-derived motorcycle, the Superleggera V4, the “most powerful and technologically advanced production Ducati ever built.”

Planned as a limited production run of 500 units, the new model is waiting for the production lines to start rolling at full speed after the closures dictated by the health crisis. To keep us entertained until that happens, Ducati released this week a short video showing in HD detail some of the parts that go into the V4.

The new video is part of the series Ducati started a few months ago (all available below this text) detailing the incredible machine. This time, the little over one minute clip gives us a closer look at the bike parts made from titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber, from the wheel rims to the Akrapovi exhaust system.

Superleggera V4 is an evolution of the Panigale V4. It packs a 998 cm3 Desmosedici Stradale R engine good for 224 hp in road-legal configuration, but there is also the option of adding a special racing kit that increases that power to 234 hp.

During testing at the Mugello circuit in in Italy, the bike managed to complete the course in 1:52:45 minutes. That’s remarkably fast for a road legal bike, and just a couple of seconds shy of the time achieved on the same track by the Panigale V4 R SBK, a race bike that won the 2019 Italian Motorspeed Championship.

Owning the new Superleggera V4 will be an experience in itself. Each of the 500 people to buy them will receive special engine calibration for the racing exhaust, a RaceGP display (similar to the one on the Desmosedici GP20), a Brembo braking system, and to top them all off a premium leather suit with integrated air-bag and a carbon fiber helmet.

Separately, customers will also get the chance to test the factory Panigale V4 R seen on the circuits of the Superbike World Championship and the Desmosedici GP20


Deadpool 2 Production Company Hit Big With Fine After Death Of Stuntwoman Joi Harris

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by Dirk Libbey from

In the summer of 2017 while Deadpool 2 was in production, Joi Walker, a professional motorcycle racer who was working as a stunt performer for the first time, was killed when she was ejected from her bike and went through the plate glass window of a building. Now, the Vancouver-based production company, TCF Vancouver Productions LTD, has been fined nearly $300,000 by WorkSafeBC, the British Colombia equivalent of OSHA in the U.S.

The exact fine comes to $289,562 and is due to the finding that the production of Deadpool 2 was in violation of five requirements of Canada’s Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. The finding of WorkSafe BC, is that, among other things, the production failed to identify the hazards involved in the stunt or control the risks. The stunt performer was not only not wearing appropriate safety gear, but according to Deadline, she was actually instructed by the production not to do so.

Joi Walker was working as a stunt performer in place of Zazie Beats as Domino. The motorcycle stunt was Joi Walker’s first stunt performance on the film. This may have something to do with the fact that one of the other violations listed is the fact that the production failed to provide a new worker orientation for Walker.

Joi Walker’s death is not only not the only significant stunt accident in recent years, it’s not even the only significant one that took place on a motorcycle. Two years before the Deadpool 2 accident, a motorcycle crash on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter left stuntwoman Olivia Jackson in a medically induced coma. And while Jackson ultimately survived her injuries, she was left with permanent damage, including an amputated arm. Jackson was recently awarded damages in a lawsuit against the film’s South African production company.

A stuntman on The Walking Dead fell to his death a month before the accident on the set of Deadpool 2.

More recently a stuntman on the set of F9 sustained a serious head injury in a fall. While this most recent injury is from this past summer, it appears that we’ve seen fewer serious injuries to stunt people more recently, which hopefully indicates that extra care is being taken to ensure safety of all involved.

Stunt people have, without question, the most dangerous job on any film set. They’re trained to be able to do these stunts safely, but there is always going to be risk. Considering the great amount of respect that many in Hollywood clearly do have for stunt performers, there’s little argument that nothing is more important than their safety.

WorkSafe BC says the purpose of the fine is to motivate the employer, and other employers, to comply with health and safety requirements. Deadpool 2 was ultimately dedicated to Joi Walker.

Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Invader Is the FXDR Done Right

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by Daniel Patrascu from

There is no doubt Harley-Davidson is one of the biggest names in the motorcycle industry, but that doesn’t stop a lot of fans from thinking the Milwaukee-based company could do much more that it currently does.

Over the past two years, troubled Harley announced plans to massively overhaul its portfolio by launching a number of new, exciting motorcycles, all with the goal of increasing its customer pool to unprecedented levels.

That sounds great, but when our eyes fall upon custom Harley builds, we can’t help but wonder why the bike maker’s creations aren’t as visually exciting as some of these the third-party modified machines.

Case in point the FXDR we have in the gallery above. Named Invader, it is the brainchild of a Germany-based Harley custom shop by the name of Thunderbike.

As with all the other Thunderbike builds we’ve talked about over the past few days, this one too sports a lot of modifications, mostly limited to the bike’s body and ranging from grips to upholstery and fenders. But it is the paint job perhaps that catches the eye the most.

Done by a group called Kruse Design, the paint job blends the frosted neon yellow on some parts of the bike with black appointments here and there and the racing decor on the wheels.

The Invader is actually based on another custom build made by the Germans, one called Roar. Aside for the obvious change in colors, changes compared to the Roar are the new rear wheel and a modified swingwarm that can now accommodate a pulley brake.

There are no modifications made to the FXDR’s engine – the Invader is thus powered by the stock Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine.

Thunderbike is a German custom shop that started life in the 1980s as a repair shop for Japanese bikes. They then moved to customize Harleys and to build their own frames for other projects.

State shuts down outdoor dining at popular Savanna biker bar

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SAVANNA – Poopy’s Pub ‘n Grub, which opened Friday for curbside service and was allowing patrons to dine on site on well-distanced picnic tables, was told by the state today to cut it out.

The popular and colorful bar and grill at 1030 Viaduct Road, one of the biggest biker bars in the region, was allowing patrons to come inside to pick up covered containers of food and drink as long as they wore masks and adhered to social distancing. Hard alcohol was not sold, owner Kevin Promenschenkel said on Facebook.

They then were allowed to dine on the outdoor patio on tables spaced 10 feet apart.

“Poopy’s is different, because we have the outside room to facilitate. Nobody ate or drank on the inside premises.

“Pretty hard for bikers to eat on a motorcycle. So we are trying to social distance as much as possible,” Promenschenkel said in a post Wednesday.

The practice drew some pretty strong criticism as well as some support on the social media site.

“Of course the haters were out in full force and have made many phone calls to shut us down completely. … I have been informed by the authorities and am aware of the laws, ” he wrote Wednesday.

Promenschenkel said he has lost two-thirds of his business to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are a business fighting for our life.”

In the end, though, the outdoor dining had to go.

The Illinois Liquor Commission issued Promenschenkel a cease-and-desist order, which he posted on Poopy’s Facebook page this afternoon.

“Please be advised that your establishment is unlawfully operating amidst a declared limitation on services that is necessary and proper to prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 pathogen,” the order said.

“Consistent with the general heath and safety actions taken by many public officials and under the advice and authority of state public health officials, the governor of the state of Illinois has ordered that on premises consumption cease at establishments serving food and beverages.”

Poopy’s will continue to offer curbside service, carry-out and delivery, as is allowed.

“No consumption of food or alcohol can be consumed on the property. You must leave the property with your products to consume,” Promenschenkel wrote.

“Thank you to all of the customers who supported us.”


–Shaw Media




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What’s more dangerous than the Coronavirus pandemic? Misinformation.

You know if you die from the coronavirus, even your death will be “Made In China”.

Why are people hoarding toilet paper? Because when one person coughs or sneezes, everyone else shits themselves.

What song do they sing at the end of Lego Movie 3: Coronavirus? Everything is cancelled……..and now we’re all stuck in quarantine.

What’s the difference between a Chinese zoo and an American zoo? A Chinese zoo has a description of the animal on the front of the cage, along with a recipe.





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MA RMV creates new Procedures to Renew expired Motorcycle Registrations and Obtain Plates / Decals – click on below . . . (attached)


As a result of the MA Governor’s ‘shut down’ – which included reducing the number of RMV branch offices and work force, and limiting ‘in-person’ transactions for safety concerns, some transactions remained ‘essential’ while others, including new and renewing motorcycle registrations – “non-essential.”


On April 13th – “Booma” contacted Boston Biker advising he had not renewed his 2019 registration, taking his bike off the road for the winter, had scheduled an ‘in-person’ appointment at his local (and open) RMV branch, and was refused his renewal as “non-essential.”


Communications the following day with the American Motorcyclists Associations Director of Government and several national “Bikers of Lesser Tolerance” (B.O.L.T.) members in their five States, and from their homes, it was found NO other State had implemented any similar restrictions on renewing or issuing new motorcycle plates for 2020, despite shut downs in their States. Emergency litigation preparation began.


On April 14th a “Request for Action” with a “Public Records Request” for two (2) action items was e-mailed and faxed to the MA DOT Secretary / Legal Counsel / RMV Registrar and the MA AG’s Office, requesting communication on revising this “non-essential” classification and working together, as we had in the past, to come to a workable solution, to accommodate both their limited staffs and over a 1,000 citizen bikers in Massachusetts and those purchasing bikes with no registration to transfer to obtain a new one.


A top level RMV Official responded after hours on April 15th – who had worked with our “Check Twice” campaign 12 years ago – and positive suggestive procedures were discussed and commitments were made to work together as fast as situations allowed. The 1st action items of the Public Records Request was satisfied and the 2nd action item was withdrawn on April 29th. Re-adjustment of systems began within the RMV.


At 8:30 tonight, and still working . . . the top level RMV Official e-mailed the below new procedures for renewing and/or obtaining a new 2020 motorcycle registration has been implemented.


Gotta be PROUD of “BOOMA” – who STOOD UP, . . . PROUD the RMV who has worked with us over 18 years, . . . and GRATEFUL to my BOLT BROTHERS and American Motorcyclists Association Govt’ Relations SUPPORT – and having my back, my front and STANDING BESIDE me.

Any questions about your specific situation, e-mail me at . . . Happy Mother’s Day Weekend !




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On May 8, 2020, at 5:59 AM, Doc D’Errico (MRF) <> wrote:

State Reps and Riders Everywhere,


The attached was forwarded to the Executive Directors of our Sustaining States’ Motorcyclists Rights Organization, and I’m sharing with you as the State Reps (and riders everywhere) to take urgent action.


Now is a time of national crisis, and frankly as many of us in the Northern Climates are coming out of Winter Hibernation, many of our fellow riders are also coming out of Quarantine Hibernation. The national crisis is not only one of health, but of financial, and frankly, our challenged freedoms.


I’m not intending to get into a political discourse over whether challenged freedoms are a proper precaution against health safety, but let’s be honest, when your Motorcycle Registration can’t be renewed because it’s considered “non-essential” (as it is here in Massachusetts), but your motorcycle was taken off the road for the winter (not mine, of course), or your car is laid up, or you don’t have the money for gas because you’ve been laid off, and your Bike’s tank is full, who’s to say that’s not “essential”? And so many similar examples around the country.


Who’s out there fighting for you? Your MRF and your SSMRO.


Yes, our SSMROs are struggling, and our membership may be individually struggling, but not everyone is, and still some see the bigger picture and are willing to sacrifice the 15th case of Toilet Paper for their annual membership. Sorry to sound flippant, but indeed many are just willing to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to continue the mission, which frankly never ends.


But we NEED YOU, and we NEED YOU NOW!


Far too many publications are going out either without MRF Applications (much less other content), and some others are going out with old versions of applications which contain older pricing and contact information.

Join The MRF

PLEASE assure that your Newsletter Editors and Executives have received this communication, and PLEASE assure that these are being published. Even if the organization is not a Sustaining Organization to your MRF, please reach out and share.


Your MRF has ALWAYS taken the stance that the SSMRO’s viability takes priority over your MRF, but that doesn’t mean to ignore your MRF in the process.


We NEED YOU to act. If you’re not acting on our Legislative Calls-to-Action, please act on this. We NEED YOU NOW!


Please reach out to Dawn, Big Dave, Shelly, or absolutely feel free in reaching out to me with any questions, and as always, your MRF Office is available as well.


Lastly, PLEASE stay healthy and safe – WE NEED YOU!


Yours in Freedom,




Doc D’Errico

Chairman, Massachusetts Motorcycle Association

MRF Massachusetts State Representative

MRF State Representatives Program Director



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A new order is on its way to our headquarters. We are receiving orders for Bikernet Bandanas, which seem to be super popular right now. Wonder why?

With our new order, we will receive our redesigned Flat Out vest. It’s going to be a classic for years to come.




The Flat Out Vest is the Leatherman Multi-Tool of Mens Motorcycle Leather vest

Our cleanest vest has now become our finest classic vest with no collar, but it does have the classic waist band. The front fist pockets are hidden. The chest pockets are classic western cut. They have killer storage with two deep gun pockets on the inside and our exclusive media pocket in the back for your latest issue of Cycle Source or divorce papers. These puppies are too cool and made with just the right leather grade, not too heavy and not too light.

100 Percentage- Flat Out VestEXTERIOR FEATURES:

  • (2) chest pockets
  • (2) waist pockets
  • (1) Sunglasses pocket


  • (2) carry pockets with quick snaps
  • (1) Media Pocket
  • 100% cotton black/white plaid lining