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RED LIGHT cameras banned in Texas

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By Travis Fedschun | Fox News

Drivers in the Lone Star State are about to be seeing less red.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Saturday evening he signed legislation that bans red light cameras across the state.

House Bill 1361, authored by Republican state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, would prohibit the use of “photographic traffic signal enforcement systems.”




The Republican governor took to Twitter to give people a personal view of him signing House Bill 1631.


“Hi, Governor Greg Abbott here at the capitol on Saturday, signing bills,” he said.


Seconds later, the governor held up the bill with his signature, saying the document “is now law.”


Stickland told FOX7 the bill was motivated by “a lot of reason.”


“No.1, privacy concerns. We think that the right to due process matters,” he told FOX7. “You have the right to face your accuser in court.”


The new law included a grandfather clause for cities involved in red light camera contracts that have yet to end, except if the contract includes a provision allowing for state law to break it.


“So, currently, we think as it is, the bill will continue to operate red light cameras in just two cities for a couple of years until the contract is timed out,” Stickland told FOX7.


Ever since becoming legal in 2007, Texas lawmakers have made attempts to turn the cameras off that were unsuccessful until now, according to the Star-Telegram.



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NEW –  SuperStreet Two into One Exhaust System – Now 50 State Legal!
Until recently, performance exhaust and 50 state legal have been mutually exclusive features forcing a rider to choose between making power and making sure factory warranties were not impacted. Thanks to S&S Cycle those days are behind us. Welcome to the new world order of high performance that marries a real deal v-twin exhaust note with legit horsepower gains and wraps it all in a CARB legal package.


S&S SuperStreet 2_1 Exhaust Dyno Chart

S&S doesn’t build anything unless it makes power and the SuperStreet does exactly that with 86hp (+15%) and 110 lb./ft. Torque (+10%) out of the new generation of M8 Softail® models. Add to that, the perfect length and angle, clearing bags, passenger pegs and forwards. Available with S&S designed high flow cat (50 state legal) or as a race-only version in ceramic black or chrome and made in the USA. Click Here For More Information

Name another company making legit horsepower with a CARB approved exhaust? S&S Cycle is leading the game and we’re pretty stoked to share our latest! 
David Zemla
VP Marketing
S&S Cycle

Here is the full length Born Free movie

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The full-length Born Free film

We just added our full-length Born Free film to the Lowbrow YouTube channel so you can stream it for free.

Born Free is happening at the end of June in Orange County, California, as is the Biltwell People’s Champ. The People’s Champ is a build-off by a bunch of talented individuals, culminating in a vote for a winner at Cook’s Corner the night before Born Free. Check out the bikes and follow along on Instagram @biltwell_peoples_champ

Stay tuned to Lowbrow for coverage of the event!

Adventure Awaits

The people below are using motorcycles in the proper fashion: excitement, adventure and passion. Get out of the house, out of your comfort zone, tag @lowbrowcustoms and hashtag #lowbrowcustoms, #lowbrowlife, #lowbroworder or #rideeverywhere for a chance to see your post highlighted here.

TEXTING in Florida Now a Primary Offense

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By Kellie Grosfield

PANAMA CITY, Fla. -This past week, new legislation regarding texting and driving was signed into law. Now, texting at the wheel moves from a secondary offense to a primary offense.

For years, a number of different bills regarding texting and driving have been discussed but none have passed until this year. Now instead of texting and driving as an additional charge at a traffic stop, officers can pull you over if they see the phone in your hand.

“What’s changed with this law is texting is now a primary offense which means that we can stop you and we can conduct a traffic stop and write a citation because you’re texting and driving,” said  Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant, Eddie Elmore.

Officers said texting and driving can cost you. “It could be up to $165 fine plus 3 points on your license which impacts your insurance and your wallet,” said Elmore.

Texting and driving will be illegal throughout the entire state. Talking on the phone is still allowed, but in construction zones or school zones, you must be handsfree.

Florida is just one of the many states putting a ban on texting behind the wheel and making the roads a little safer.

In 2018, 1,010 crashes were attributed to distracted driving, 59 of those resulting in serious injuries, and 3 of those accidents were fatal.

“Now, we can be a little more proactive in stopping this behavior and educating this behavior before an incident occurs,” said Elmore.

The new law will become active July 1st, but officers will use July through December as an educational period so people can familiarize themselves with the new law.

“What we’re going to do is have an educational time frame from July to December which gives the public time to learn the law, get educated with the new law, so that we can start having a reduction in crashes and get rid of some of this distracted driving that we have out on the roadways,” said Elmore.

–NexStar Broadcasting


Sterling Silver Build-Off Buckle Available

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Here are two photos of the Bill Wall sterling silver buckle and belt for the Ultimate Biker Build Off in Las Vegas. The buckle is huge…3 1/2  by 41/2 inches…  Do u know of a collector who might be interested in buying it??

–Hugh King


Biker Build-off Series

Drop me a line if you are seriously interested to:  

Hells Angels Euro Run: Thirty-four arrested at anniversary event

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Thirty-four people were arrested as thousands of Hells Angels bikers gathered to commemorate the club’s 50th anniversary in the UK.

The arrests were made on suspicion of drugs offences and possession of offensive weapons.

The Hells Angels Euro Run, in Sussex and Surrey, marks the creation of the first branch of the California-based motorcycle club in the UK.

Bikers took part in a mass “ride out” from Pease Pottage to Brighton.

The procession along the A23 began at 14:00 BST under police escort, watched by spectators at the side of the road and on bridges.

Up to 700 bikers had been due to take part, but police said there were fewer participants than expected.

Earlier this week, Surrey and Sussex police were granted powers to stop and search people within a designated area across the two counties in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

A total of 12 people – five German nationals, three Hungarians, one Swiss, one French, one Czech and a Greek – were charged.


Police actions ‘justified’

Seven appeared in court on Friday and were given suspended prison sentences, while five more were due to appear in court later.

Three other people remain in custody and the rest were either cautioned or released without charge.

Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey Police Nev Kemp said: “We have been very clear with those attending the Hells Angels event, many from overseas, that we will not tolerate criminal and anti-social behaviour.

“Our activity over the last few days has been about keeping people safe, which is why I put the Section 60 order in place.

“The fact that we have had seven people go through the courts and be sentenced so far, as well as the numerous arrests, has justified our actions.

“This weekend, especially Saturday, sees one of the busiest for both forces in the last 12 months and we continue to work hard to keep our residents and those visiting safe.

“Officers will be out in high numbers so expect to see us on patrol responding and responding quickly to any incidents.”


Cantina Episode 85: It’s not over

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Bandit threw his long leg over his classic slim Le Pera seat and buttoned up his brown leather vest. He liked natural brown leather gauntlet gloves, vests and boots. He shifted his narrow glasses as the officer approached him in the Chowder Barge parking lot.

“Thank you,” she said, and for the first time her tone softened. She pushed a big boob against his shoulder and ran her hand up his inner thigh. “I’ll let you know how this investigation unfolds, and anytime you want to see me unfold, let me know.”

READ THE NEW ADVENTURE EPISODE by joining the Cantina with an annual subscription.

Introducing ASCOT Motorsports Clothing

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Introducing ASCOT Motorsports to our Grifter Collection.

Located between the posh Hollywood Hills and the roaring Pacific Ocean, thousands of local thrill seekers would gather on a regular basis to witness American Motorsport history. Between 1957 and 1990, Ascot Raceway became a celebrated hot-spot in Gardena, California. Like its past, Ascot Motorsports Clothing hopes to keep the feeling of freedom alive through high quality products that directly honor the past by delivering an authentically raw piece of vintage Americana.

18th Realities Ride and Rally to Help Abused and Neglected Children Grows in Attendance and Fundraising

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Fort Collins, CO (May 31, 2019) – Realities Ride, the world’s largest poker run and one of the largest fundraising vehicles for Realities For Children charities, hosted its annual rally and ride for the kids on Memorial Day Weekend. Over the past 18 years, Realities Ride has become the single largest motorcycle Poker Run in the world, and the Rally has grown into an unparalleled two-day motorcycle event. This year’s rally raised over $100,000 in emergency funding for children in Northern Colorado who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.

“I’ve been serving in child protection nearly 30 years,” said Craig Secher, president and founder of Realities For Children Charities, “and the level of community spirit, the desire of people to help the children we serve is an overwhelming and humbling experience every year.”

This year’s ride began at Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson in Loveland and wound up in downtown Fort Collins at Washington Park with stops throughout the front range. Over 3,000 riders participated, and thousands more enjoyed a bevy of events.

Crowds were thrilled by the Street Cowboys Motorcycle Stunt Show, and the Cycle Source Bike Show featured over 50 bikes in 25 different classes. People lined up early and often for bike games, then enjoyed music from top regional acts on the Thunder Mountain H-D Stage. Over on the Law Tigers Stage, the Patriotic Pin-up Contest captivated rally goers, as did Webb’s ColorFest Tattoo Competition.

On the lighter side of things, Schrader’s Grand Prix adult trike relay race put some smiles on faces. Spectators were thrilled when Josh Allison of Orange County Choppers showed up, signed autographs and led the ride. The Hooters Bike Wash was a favorite as well, and the Lion Home Services Patriotic Costume Contest featured families honoring Memorial Day weekend and vying for $1,500 in cash prizes. Phillip Kelly, who just moved to Colorado from Texas, ended up with the best hand, with 4 queens, and took home the $1,500  cash prize donated by Tri-City Cycle.

All told, thousands came out and enjoyed great entertainment, great camaraderie and great riding, all while honoring those who served and serving those in need with meaningful support. Preparations are already underway for next year’s 19th iteration of this great rally and ride.

Please follow the Realities Ride Rally on our Facebook page and Instagram or look up #realitiesride19


–Ken Conte

Photo Credit Derek Kendall

PAUGHCO Launches New Line of Fenders

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Nyla Ross

We’ve partnered together to bring you the finest in handcrafted American made fenders! As Paughco celebrates its 50th anniversary, we have been lucky enough to team up with Joe Cooper in providing the growing garage builder community with some of the best and most unique fenders on the market. Check out to see the Cooper Smithing Co. Fender lineup!