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Unrestored 109-year-old motorcycle sets auction record at $225,000

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by Mike Hanlon from

An extraordinary 109-year-old motorcycle that looks new but has never been restored, has sold at auction for US$225,500, setting a new world record price for a Pierce Arrow Four-cylinder motorcycle. The new record once more shows a marked trend towards complete authenticity by the motorcycle collector market, with unrestored motorcycles now fetching higher prices than bikes returned to showroom condition.

The Pierce was America’s first four-cylinder motorcycle, built to unfeasibly high standards that ultimately made it too expensive and led to its demise. Less than 500 were built between 1909 and 1914, they rarely reach auction and when they do, they invariably command high prices.

Recent Pierce Fours to sell at auction have fetched $99,000, $104,500, $115,500, $161,000 (the same bike also sold for $137,000 and $143,354) and the record for the model until a few days ago was $192,500, paid for a 1913 model that had been restored to Concours standards over 40 years and had spent most of its life in the world-renowned MC Collection of Sweden.

This latest Pierce to reach auction has a remarkable level of originality and authenticity that is almost without peer – the paint still shines like it is near new, but it is the original 109-year-old paint, testimony to the extreme quality of the Pierce marque, also known for producing some of America’s finest pioneer automobiles.

This price further confirms the trend in motorcycle collector circles towards exceptionally original motorcycles. In recent years the highest prices fetched at auction have tended to be unrestored, totally original motorcycles with their original paint.

Some perfect examples of this include:

The most valuable Crocker

The most valuable Crocker ever to sell at auction: an unrestored, totally-original 1935 61ci (1000cc) Crocker V-twin.

The most valuable vintage Harley-Davidson

The most valuable vintage Harley-Davidson ever to sell at auction: an unrestored, totally-original 1907 Harley-Davidson “strap tank” 440cc single.

The most valuable Flying Merkel

The most valuable Flying Merkel ever to sell at auction: a 1911 Flying Merkel board track racer that is “as raced” from 100 years ago

The most valuable Vincent

The most valuable Vincent ever to sell at auction: a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning Series-C that is in exactly the same condition as when it set the Australian Land Speed Record at 141.509 mph in 1952.

The most valuable Brough Superior

The most valuable Brough Superior ever to sell at auction: a 1930 Brough Superior SS100 basket case. Such is the quest for authenticity by motorcycle collectors these days, that the purchase of “basket cases” ensures that a motorcycle does not have a mix of more recent reproduction parts.

The most valuable Henderson

The most valuable Henderson ever to sell at auction: when Mecum sold this 1912 Henderson Four in 2017, it retained not only its original paint, but it also wore its original tires. This is truly a time-warp machine of similar longevity and authenticity as the Pierce and Harley Strap Tank mentioned above.

Harley-Davidson Racks Up Buy Ratings on Bets New CEO Can Turn Things Around

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by Christiana Sciaudone from

Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) has swayed yet another analyst that a turnaround will bear fruit.

Shares are up 4.5% on Wednesday after UBS followed BMO Capital in upgrading the motorcycle maker. UBS bumped its rating to buy from neutral and gave Harley-Davidson a price target of $31, Seeking Alpha reported. The average price target of analysts tracked by is $26.75. The stock has seven buys, 10 holds and one sell. It was trading around $28.60 during the morning session.

On Tuesday, BMO raised HOG to outperform from market perform and boosted its price target to $33 from $23, MarketWatch reported.

New Chief Executive Officer Jochen Zeitz, named in May, is expected to drive much-needed change at the company.

Shares are trading at a price-to-earnings ratio of 11, versus 16 for the average long-term ratio of the Dow Jones, according to data compiled by and Zacks Investment Research.

Last week, Harley-Davidson said it would cut 700 positions across global operations, with about 500 expected to exit in 2020. The chief financial officer also exited the company at the time. Harley-Davidson said it is overhauling its global operating model to become a “leaner, more nimble” organization.

Harley-Davidson’s stock surges toward a 4-month high after Morgan Stanley raises rating, price target

by Tomi Kilgore from

Shares of Harley-Davidson Inc. HOG, +5.51% shot up 4.8% toward a four-month high in morning trading Wednesday, after UBS analyst Robin Farley turned bullish on the motorcycle maker, citing an upbeat outlook on margins over the next couple years. Farley raised his rating to buy, after being neutral for at least the past three years, and raised his stock price target to $31 from $24. He said he believes Harley could help boost margins by eliminating growth initiatives, as they were losing money, even if demand problems continue. “We believe [Harley] has room to reduce its shipment base and actually raise earnings, because of bike sales that currently detract from the bottom line,” Farley wrote in a note to clients. “Harley was losing money pursuing those [growth] initiatives because we believe they don’t have clear avenues for growth,” Farley wrote. The stock’s rally comes a day after it surged 5.6%, after BMO Capital’s Gerrick Johnson turned bullish, and lifted his price target to a Street high $33. Harley’s stock, which is headed toward the highest close since March 4, has soared 55.7% over the past three months, while the S&P 500 SPX, +0.90% has advanced 15.7%.

Harley-Davidson Breakout CVO Gets an Extra Touch of German Custom

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by Daniel Patrascu from

In the world of Harley-Davidson, CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operations. Going further, that means motorcycles specifically created by the American bike builder with the custom industry in mind, for garages all across the world to tweak even further.

The program was born at Harley in 1999 and each year a small batch of bikes was chosen and gifted with limited edition runs that were all about customization: bigger engines, crazy paints, and a wealth of accessories one usually didn’t get with the road-going versions.

Among the motorcycles chosen by Harley to go down the CVO path in 2014 was the Breakout (it was offered alongside the Ultra Limited Electra Glide, Softail Deluxe, and Road King). And since this model is a favorite of a German custom shop that goes by the name Thunderbike, it of course didn’t escape some further upgrades.

Thunderbike’s interpretation of the CVO Breakout comes with a more radical look, achieved especially because of the deployment of bigger wheels, a new exhaust system, and a polished paint over the bike’s main parts.

The motorcycle rides on Harley Turbine wheels (sized 21 and 18 inches), but with the rear one wrapped in a Metzeler tire that is 20 mm wider than what came standard. Additionally, a pulley brake kit was deployed on the rear wheel to allow a clear view from one side at the design.

The engine, which was lest pretty much stock, breathes through an electronically adjustable exhaust system from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.

A wealth of other parts, smaller in size and impact, are also custom: the rocker boxes, oil tank, turn signals, mirrors, and even the license plate bracket and frame.

We are not being told how much it cost the Germans to put the entire build together, but you can learn more about it by hitting this link.



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FREEDOM OF CHOICE passed in Missouri!

Governor Parsons has signed H.B. 1963. Which gives motorcyclists over the age of 26, with proof of health insurance, and operator having “M” endorsement on their driver’s license the freedom of choice as to whether or not they wear a helmet. Any passenger must also be 26 with health insurance. This has been 39 years in the making. It will take effect on August 28th.

Please join our victory celebration August 21-23 in Urich. MO which is about an hour south of Kansas City. This is our State rally and would love to share our success with all our brothers and sisters. I know the law will not go into effect yet but the anticipation will make it much sweeter.


We as members of Freedom of Road Riders celebrate this victory  today and want to take a moment to remember and thank all who came before us and are still with us that have been fighting this battle for freedom for 39 years. Those who put in the countless hours, blood, sweat, tears, miles, and money bringing us to this moment in our history. Thank you to each and every person who has made the ride on this freedom train.


Missouri Freedom of Road Riders

Amy Allmon


When Did Drag Racing Start?

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The Day Organized Drag Racing Was Born
–by Tim Bernsau,

Organized drag racing celebrates its 70th birthday on July 2, 2020. On that day in 1950 the first “official” drag race took place at an out-of-commission Army airbase in Santa Ana, California. Soon that airbase was established as Santa Ana Drags, the world’s first commercial dragstrip. When it closed nine years later, drag racing had become a nationwide sport with established rules and classes, national championships, and a major sanctioning body.



Dude Will Travel 37,000 Miles Around The World On A Honda Monkey

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by Sabrina Giacomini from

A little for the InstaFame, a lot for the World Record.

We hear of people dropping their old, boring “eat, work, sleep” life to answer the call of motorcycle adventure almost every week. Chances are you probably know someone who’s made the jump. Whether it’s for personal motives or to seek a bit of online recognition, the nomadic lifestyle on two wheels is a surging trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

For Portuguese rider André Sousa, the purpose of his ride around the world is to set a world record. Another one. See, the 24-year-old set the 2018 World Record for the fastest trip around South America on a small bike, according to the International Book of Records. This time around, Sousa’s ambitions have gone from continental to global.

On July 12, 2020, Sousa set off on yet another adventure in the hopes of adding another world record to his collection by becoming the first rider to circumvent the world on a small bike. This time, the trip will take two years and take him on a 37,000-mile journey across 50 countries. What about the small bike? Sousa opted for one of the smallest, more reliable, and rugged models available on the market: the Honda Monkey.

His mini moto was slightly supped up for the occasion to increase its capability thanks to a new exhaust, and additional lighting pods that come in handy when he’s stuck navigating unfamiliar terrains in the dark. In addition to a few minor tweaks, the bike is also fully-loaded with all the gear, bells, and whistles such a trip requires. This isn’t a glamorous gourmet Instagram trip and Sousa doesn’t plan to stop at fancy restaurants and hotels along the way so he needs a fair bit of gear.

Thankfully, it looks like he’s taken advantage of every motorcycle packing solution in the book and then some. The bags are comically almost as big as the bike itself. You can follow his adventure on the Ride That Monkey website and social media accounts if you’re curious to know how the Monkey holds up. God speed, André, make us proud.

Anthracite Grey Harley-Davidson TB-2 Is the Unlikely Low Rider S Superbike

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by Daniel Patrascu from

As part of autoevolution’s Custom Builds Month, we talked aplenty about a number of customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles handled all the way in Germany. The country is home to a very active shop called Thunderbike, who over the past 25 years has made a name for itself in the industry with literally hundreds of projects.

On Monday, July 13, we talked about the TB-1 Superbike, a conversion of a Low Rider S the likes of which we don’t get to see that often. As it usually happens with Thunderbike ideas, the TB-1 has a sequel of sorts.

It is called TB-2, naturally, and is, at least as far as the paint goes, a more conservative approach than it’s older sibling.
Most of the changes designed for the TB-1 have been kept on this one. The bike’s stock wheels (19-inch front and 17-inch rear) have been replaced with bigger hardware, namely 21-inch front and 18-inch rear, to give the machine a “slimmer” look.

Turning the Low Rider into a racer-style bike was achieved through the fitting of a lowering kit for the telescopic fork, Hyperpro shock absorbers with height adjustment, and of course a custom new front fairing.

The listed of custom parts fitted on the motorcycle comprises around 20 elements, and even if we are not told how much the conversion cost, simple math (that is adding the prices of each of those parts) points to it being worth a little over 5,000 euros (roughly $5,600). That does not including the bike itself, the man hours spent on assembling it, and of course the base Low Rider.

The thing that sets TB-2 apart the most from its earlier incarnation is of course the paint job. Whereas on the first iteration the shop went for a dark look offset by yellow lettering spelling the names Harley-Davidson, Thunderbike and TB-1, this time around we are presented with an anthracite grey look all around, dotted by white lettering.

Sultans of Steel by Kromworks Is Superbly Crafted Harley-Davidson Custom Art

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by Elena Gorgan from

As much as you appreciate a good – and good-looking – motorcycle from any manufacturer out there, there is no denying there is but one way you’re guaranteed to stand out: with a custom build.

That’s what Tedja Wijaya was also thinking when he approached his friend Andi from the custom shop Kromworks in Indonesia, with the request that he build him a bike that would truly be one of a kind. Andi and the team build for him the Harley-Davidson-based sportster known as Sultans of Steel.

Sultans of Steel was completed and delivered at the beginning of the year but, given the location of the custom shop and the fact that 2020 has proved to be, generally speaking, the absolute worst, news failed to register on the international radar. The bike is so beautiful and beautifully executed that we couldn’t have overlooked it and not included it with similar pieces of art, detailed as part of our Custom Builds Month theme.

The Sultans of Steel rolls on 23-inch (58.4-cm) rims with Avon rubber, and features an exposed Sportster 883 engine, H-D Softail rear shocks and catalog brakes, but otherwise it’s Andi’s work of art. It’s a superbly crafted piece of jewelry that stands as tribute to raw metal, and simplicity as the ideal means for said tribute.

Crafted from stainless steel, with the occasional brass inlays for necessary contrast, the detailing on this bike is astounding. With curves and aggressiveness overload, it stands out for stark minimalism in the design, as well as the refusal to use any other material than those mentioned.

There is a single downtube and a single backbone, while the double cradle design stands out for extreme curvaceousness. Both the vintage leather seat and the rear fender seem to float in mid-air, but there is no break in the flow; this doesn’t do away with the impression that this bike was molded out of molten metal.

Harley-Davidson Rallies on BMO Upgrade, Expected Turnaround

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by Christiana Sciaudone from

Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) shares rose 5% after an upgrade by BMO Capital.

HOG was raised to outperform from market perform by analyst Gerrick Johnson, who also boosted his price target to $33 from $23, MarketWatch reported. The average price target is $26.75, while the highest is $34, according to data compiled by The stock was trading around $27.28 on Tuesday.

Johnson is more positive on the motorcycle maker thanks to management changes and the “high level of credibility” that Chief Executive Officer Jochen Zeitz has brought to the company.

While retail sales may not recover quickly, key metrics like used bike prices and dealer inventory levels should improve, showing proof of a turnaround, MarketWatch quoted Johnson as saying.

Last week, Harley-Davidson said it would cut 700 positions across global operations, with about 500 expected to exit in 2020. The company said it is overhauling its global operating model to become a “leaner, more nimble” organization.

HOG has seven buy ratings, 10 holds and one sell, according to data compiled by

Harley-Davidson’s stock surges after BMO Capital upgrades, raises price target to highest in the Street

by Tomi Kilgore from

Shares of Harley-Davidson Inc. HOG, +5.55% hiked up 3.4% in premarket trading Tuesday, after BMO Capital’s Gerrick Johnson became the most bullish analyst covering the motorcycle maker following an upgrade and price target boost. Johnson raised his rating to outperform from market perform and lifted his stock price target to $33, which is 27% above Monday’s closing price of $25.92, from $23. His target is now the highest of the 19 analysts surveyed by FactSet. Johnson said he’s more positive on the company after recent management changes, as new Chief Executive Jochen Zeitz has brought in “a high level of credibility” that investors have embraced. “As strategic changes are implemented over the next several quarters retail sales may struggle, but other key metrics, such as used bike prices and dealer inventory levels, should improve, providing ‘evidence’ the turnaround is taking hold,” Johnson wrote in a note to clients. The stock has run up 34.0% over the past three months through Monday, while the S&P 500 SPX, +1.34% has gained 10.9%.

Laconia City Council Votes to Prohibit Vendor Permits, Beer Tents during 2020 motorcycle week

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Council unanimously voted to work to keep event running with restrictions

In a unanimous vote on Monday, Laconia city councilors gave approval to work with the Motorcycle Week association to make the event happen during the last week in August.

The event will look different and come with restrictions. The city council voted to prohibit permits for vendors this year. That means the popular Lakeside Avenue beer tents in Weirs Beach will not be part of the 2020 event.

Before their decision the council listened to comments from the public, including workers from local taverns and bars.

Most encouraged the council to work with the association that hosts Laconia motorcycle week, but some asked them to pull the plug amid the uncertainty of COVID-19.

“Canceling motorcycle week this year is not saying we don’t like the event and we don’t want it in our city,” one commenter said. “It is saying that maybe, in a year of a global pandemic, we are willing to do everything in our power to ensure the best outcome for educating our young people.”

Nonprofit organizations are the one exception and will still be able to get vendor permits after one councilor suggested it would be a massive missed fundraising opportunity.

Motorcycle week usually happens in mid-June but was postponed back in the spring and pushed back until the last week of August. Typically, tens-of-thousands of bike enthusiasts travel to the Lakes Region for it. It is unclear how many will attend amid the pandemic.

–Tyler Dumont