New Flat Out Leather Vest from 5-Ball Racing

We’ve developed this from a notion by Jeremiah Soto. After awhile, we discovered several improvements and went to work on manufacturing a new model. This puppy is too cool with comfortable invisible hand pockets in the front, traditional western leather chest pockets with snaps. Two deep gun, phone or camera pockets on the inside and out official, exclusive media pocket in the back. And the price is right. –Bandit CLICK HERE TO SHOP LEATHERS AND GEAR NOW

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Pat Ryan, who opened his first motorcycle shop in Bakersfield at age 19, dies at 63

by STEVEN MAYER from Who opens a retail business at age 19? Patrick J. Ryan — his friends called him “Pat” — not only founded Bakersfield Motorcycle Supply at 2800 Chester Ave. in 1975, he later opened Ryan Kawasaki on Pierce Road where his passion for life and his full-throttle philosophy drew customers in droves. Ryan, who later in life focused on real estate and spent 20 years restoring the Kern Island Building on H Street, died Wednesday. He was 63. “Pat set the bar for me in retail,” said Kerry Ryan, Pat’s younger brother who owns Action Sports in Bakersfield. “He had no fear, and he taught me to be fearless,” recalled the younger Ryan. “I don’t think I would have risked going into retail if Pat hadn’t done it first. I thought, ‘If Pat can do it, I can do it, too.’” Born June 9, 1956, the oldest of six siblings, Pat Ryan fell in love with motorcycles at an early age, inspired by such ’60s movies as “Easy Rider” and “Bullitt,” which starred motorsports enthusiast Steve McQueen, “the king of cool,” said one of Pat Ryan’s two sons, Scott Ryan. With money he earned as a paperboy delivering The Californian, Pat Ryan bought his first dirt bike. At the not-so-tender age of 14, Pat entered his first desert motorcycle race, the Vegas 120. “Steve McQueen would also be in attendance that year,” said Scott Ryan. “At that time, Pat was the youngest entrant in the history of the race.” He was just 15 when he got a job sweeping floors and doing other work at Davey’s Motorcycle on Chester Avenue. Pat worked his way into counter sales, ordering custom parts and assisting customers with service needs. The budding businessman continued customizing bikes and racing through high

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Hey, We’ve had numerous versions on how the exclusive Bikernet Bandana can be used to save lives during this wide-spread Pandemic, while we work on the magnificent Pandemic Panhead. The first, above, came from a secluded source in downtown Long Beach. Then Sin Wu started to manufacturer Bandit’s Safety Masks sequestered on her boat in the Wilmington marina. Currently Paul Davis, a former Harley mechanic, is working on one in Tennessee. He ordered six more so he would have one for every day of the week. We will keep you posted as we road test the Sin Wu version on a run to Winco, the only employee-owned grocery store in the area for supplies. But I was just informed that Emilio who owns his dad’s old shop in Wilmington was broke into last night by a homeless meth head. I need to take some welding gear up the street and see if I can fix his gate. If you buy any book in the 5-Ball Racing shop, you get a Bikernet Bandana for free. Such a deal. The same applies if you buy any leather piece, and then you’ll receive a free book and a Bandana.


DORF Reviewed

A Book about Two Brothers Riding from Los Angeles To Sturgis Book by Bob Bitchin, Review by Rogue I was thinking about all of you on Quarantine and how much I think you would enjoy reading this book by my friend Bob Bitchin. I will tell you ahead of time, it is an ADULT PUBLICATION and if you are offended by Sex, Drugs, or Rock and Roll it is probably not for you. READ THE BOOK REVIEW ON BIKERNET – CLICK HERE Shop for Books, Leather Gear and more in the 5-Ball Racing Shop

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5-Ball Leathers Jak Shirt

JAK SHIRT 5/8th SLEEVE $234.00 – $251.40 CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW – JAK SHIRT 5/8th SLEEVE CLUB – 5 Ball Leathers’ (8 Pocket). Features snap front closure with extended shirt-style tail that provides length in the trunk and delivers a slender look. All around one of the best fits. The Jak Shirt Sleeveless Club is made from strong milled Buffalo leather, a top-grain quality leather (the most common type used in high-end leather products). It’s constructed at 0.9mm, a middle weight leather. EXTERIOR FEATURES: 2 chest pockets 2 waist pockets 1 Sunglasses pocket INTERIOR FEATURES: 2 carry pockets with quick snaps 100% cotton black/white plaid lining 1 Media Pocket The 5/8th Jak Shirt is ideal riding gear for cool and warm weather. The 5/8th sleeve hits just below the elbow. The “shirt/jacket” is constructed on middle weight leather and utilizes industrial-strength snaps for closure. The Jak Shirt line is delivered with innovative features like a sunglasses pocket as well as conceal and carry pockets. The Jak Shirt line includes: Full sleeve Sleeveless 5/8 sleeve CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW – Ride with confidence – Ever put your phone in your jacket pocket only to have it fall out when you sit down? We have. That’s why our Jak Shirt waist pockets are 11 inches long. Both waist outside pockets accommodates your keys, phone, garage door opener, beverage or anything else you need to secure. The outside waist pockets are deep pockets Standout features of this killer Jack Shirt line are double-needle seam construction, leather neck trim and two inner conceal-carry pockets for those “safety first” moments. Due to its excellent resistance to abrasion and wind, leather found a use in rugged occupations. The enduring image of a cowboy in leather chaps gave way to the leather-jacketed and

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The Flat Out Vest Adjustment

When you’re into riding flat out, you need to be willing and capable to make adjustments. We decided to give our cool Flat Out Vest several snappy upgrades based on road testing. This puppy will now be our classic leather vest with just the right design and upgrades. I got tired of the preacher collar messing with shirts and hoodies, so we removed it and trimmed the collar and arm holes in leather. The back will have the classic western cut trim and the waist band with return on this vest. Of course, it will contain all of our exclusive gun pockets and the too cool media pocket in the back. These puppies will be in stock shortly. Order a Flat Out and receive the new model. Or check out any of our other cool vests, jackets and we now have the perfect Racy women’s jacket and the women’s light Pit Crew Vest. –Bandit You always get bling and a signed book with your leather order.

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5-Ball Shop

Home of 5-Ball Leathers, Denims, bedroll and Books Terry the Tramp by K. Randall Ball The life and dangerous times of a 1% Club President, Terry the Tramp Get your Signed Copy By Keith Randall Ball – CLICK HERE There’s crime, drugs, sex, random violence, death aplenty. The core subject of this book is freedom. Some folks find their way to the bright white side of the tracks, but there’s a small percentage who run through the dark alleys of life. Even a smaller portion of those survive. Terry “the Tramp,” born in 1947 to a broken middle-class home in Alhambra, California, grew up with a violent chip on his shoulder. Terry became the international president of one of the most notorious one-percenter motorcycle clubs in southern California, the Vagos MC, and remained in office through upheaval, indictments, drugs, and gang wars for 26 years, until he was unceremoniously extricated. He is still a member after 42 years and never went to prison until 2010. World Run by K. Randall Ball This wild romantic adventure is the second Chance Hogan novel by K. Randall Ball. He never gets it right, with women, but he keeps trying. Hang on for World Run, the ride of a lifetime. CLICK HERE to check it out The story picks up shortly after the previous story ends. Even though this tale can stand on its own I would recommend reading Harbor Town. Seduction first as it sets up this book nicely. World Run finds our hero, Chance Hogan, down and out in the women department only to fall in lust and subsequently in love with a local Asian beauty. This love affair propels Chance into an adventure where he has to count on old friends and new to sort out the cause for events

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A book about Government controlling your life

SAM “CHOPPER” ORWELL – BOOK $13.44 Fast-action fiction on two wheels! What does the future hold for rough and ready bikers? Discover how society eliminates motorcycles. Hold on as Sam “Chopper” Orwell fights to find freedom for the last remaining riders! BUY IT TODAY – CLICK HERE TO SHOP All 5-Ball Books will be signed by the Author and contain 5-Ball Bling—Amazing! Chapter III Excerpt The coffin hit the hard earth, split, and dumped Sam onto the ground. He gasped for air. The bright sun seared his clamped eyelids. He was covered with sweat and his body reeked from the confined, three-hour trek into the mountains. Sam rolled over and pulled himself onto all fours, his lungs drawing in the hot air. Several men and a couple of women, their faces weathered from months in the desert, surrounded him. One raised a large, galvanized bucket and dumped several gallons of lukewarm water on Sam’s limp torso. His longtime friend and riding partner, Red, kneeled at his side and held him from trying to respond to the watery assault. – See more here in the Cantina – Subscribe Today. About the Author K.Randall Ball is an old biker and writer, who’s hung around with many of the greats in the custom motorcycle world. He’s written a handful of books, built a few motorcycles, set Bonneville records, and traveled around the world. He spends most of his time working in his Wilmington, California shop, writing for his web site,, and wondering why he’s so attracted to redheads.

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Upbeat Bikernet Weekly News for January 2, 2020

Hey, I like this year already. It’s going to be whacky and wonderful. It’s just the 2nd day of January and the world is back in business. We’re all doing what we did a couple of weeks ago, going about taking the trash out, feeding the dog and heading off to work. Hell, I have all the Deadlines for Cycle Source Magazine etched into my 2020 Pin-Up calendar. We need to break the mold for 2020. Do something crazy. I’m going to go back to Bonneville this year with something completely different. And I’m trying to buy a little place in Deadwood, SD and change up my life some. I hope everyone finds new challenges, new hope, new adventures and new love in 2020. CLICK HERE TO READ THE BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS Join the Cantina today – – more fun, tech, news, views, reports and reviews Buy Custom Art Leather gear at 5-Ball Shop –

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5-Ball Racing Leathers Report

Amigo, The Dayroll came in the mail yesterday. I really like it!! The quality is unbelieveable! It is perfect for stashing a pair of gloves, maybe a sweatshirt, glasses, maybe spare sunglasses and camera. It will definitely replace the bigger bag I have on my bike for the stuff I carry around everyday!! Thanks for getting it here so quickly too!! All the best!! –Ken SHOP NOW – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FABULOUS 5-BALL MERCHANDISE Check out our threads, buckles and books.

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