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Bandit Lights an Xmas Fire

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Bandit’s Cantina Episode 96 : a 2021 Christmas story

by K.Randall Ball

Bandit looked around at the dozen or so kids and looked at the sleek classic chopper with highbars he was building. The Knucklehead engine and transmission were now in place.

Marko approached and whispered something into Bandit’s ear, “Exactly,” Bandit added.

It was the week after Thanksgiving. Marko disappeared for a minute and returned with a couple of large boxes marked, “Xmas.”

“We need to do something to brighten Christmas for these kids. I’m going to paint the Chopper red and white for the holidays.” said Bandit.

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The Savage Roads Trailer #1

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The pilot episode is complete! Ride along with Canadian music legend Pat Savage & his guests in Piemonte & Genoa Italy. Ride windy hills filled with grapes & check out Barollo Wine, Baladin Beer, Genoa Pesto and much more! The Savage Roads coming soon! Vroom.


Harley-Davidson LiveWire Got Pan America Tweaks for Long Way Up 13k Miles Trip

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by Daniel Patrascu from

You might have already caught the first episode of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s new adventure called Long Way Up. The duo decided this time to travel over 13,000 miles (21,000 km) from the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, all the way to Los Angeles. They did so riding bikes, as usual, but not just any bikes: they used electric Harley-Davidson LiveWires.

A close look at the images already shown reveals that these were not your regular LiveWires, the ones you’ll be able to get from the neighborhood dealer. They were modified for the task, and the bike maker admitted as much this week, when it announced the launch of a six-part podcast documenting the changes. And with the announcement came, of course, the first details on these modifications.

Harley says it established a special team to handle the task of converting the LiveWires to machines that could withstand the rigors of such a journey. And they nearly nailed it, we reckon, as we’re told the job was ready in just a month, and the results are as real as they get.

We’re told the LiveWires used for the adventures used the stock Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS), the stock chassis, and the stock Revelation powertrain. What wasn’t stock were the rotors, wheels, and tires, with these last two pieces of hardware taken from the upcoming Pan America. There were also custom windshield, rear shock, and triple clamps.

We are not being told, at least yet, whether the range of the two-wheeler changed as a result of the upgrades.

“Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson.

“This podcast series is a premier showcase for how Harley-Davidson’s talented staff of engineers and designers go above and beyond in their mission to create motorcycles that unlock adventures wherever they may lead. These efforts can be experienced in the 2020 LiveWire – a shining example of how Harley-Davidson innovates to lead in the electrification of motorcycling. It’s an experience that can only be truly understood after riding it.”

Harley’s podcast will be available on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Cantina Episode 90: Covid Threat

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Bandit awoke with a start to a blistering Monday morning in the middle of July, Wuhan Covid 2020. He couldn’t turn on the air-conditioning. Hell, he couldn’t pay his bills. The formidable stack of requests for funds grew like mold on a neglected peach. He wanted to reach for a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Times were tough on restaurants. He wasn’t alone.

The mayor of LA punked out to the forces supporting the homeless and raised all the taxes on LA homeowners and businesses. According to him and his group of socialists, homeownership was at the root of the problem. Just take the homes from the hard-working middle class and give them to the addicted homeless. Bandit rolled violently in his large round bed surrounded by brass framed, large ship portholes allowing the fog on the water to shroud his dire day.


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Cantina Episode 89: Wim Says Goodbye

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She Was Coming for the Cantina

A lucky junk captain could make as much money painting the hull of a ship as he could pulling alongside a departing vessel while the crew tossed their un-used coins to his children below holding their grass-weaved, pointed hats upside down.

Bandit crossed new railroad tracks. The port told the city new tracks would lower truck traffic, but it would take years and tons of government intervention and regulations to get the job done. In the meantime, they allowed trucks to fill the streets 24/7, as the numbers of container shipments increased daily.


Cantina Episode 87: The Chinese Laundry

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Wim Whatever and the Pink Slips

You’ve seen “General Hospital”, read “Penthouse Letters”, and listened to “Only The Shadow Knows”, now comes “Bandit’s Cantina” to the internet. Too terrible to mention in public, this prophetic drama takes you behind the scenes of a scurvy Mexican bar in the worst barrio in Los Angeles, San Pedro. A big Spanish building, it has never stayed in business for more that a couple of months, yet since it became a biker bar, money laundering, meth lab, it has been in business more than five years. The San Pedro District Attorney’s office has been on the alert for any signs of mischief in order to eliminate the structure and all its inhabitants from the planet. They would prefer to bulldoze the stucco dumpster into the oily harbor.

From week to week we’ll do our damnest to bring you a couple of segments of Bandit’s Cantina from various members of the staff. Since menstrual cycles, whiskey binges, psycho women and bad drug may all influence various staff member at alternating times you may never know what twists and turns you may find in the cantina. So put on your flack vest and come on in.


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Cantina Episode 85: It’s not over

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Bandit threw his long leg over his classic slim Le Pera seat and buttoned up his brown leather vest. He liked natural brown leather gauntlet gloves, vests and boots. He shifted his narrow glasses as the officer approached him in the Chowder Barge parking lot.

“Thank you,” she said, and for the first time her tone softened. She pushed a big boob against his shoulder and ran her hand up his inner thigh. “I’ll let you know how this investigation unfolds, and anytime you want to see me unfold, let me know.”

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