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Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.
Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.

 Red has a tattoo of Bette Boop on his left arm. He lights up a joint as he gets ready to take off to meet his destiny. Old guys rule is his motto. Shirts and prints with Red and Bette and much more by Hal Robinson and Five Ball are still for sale while they last. Get your orders in today in time for the holidays!

–Ann Robinson

Click to buy a Hal T.
Click to buy a Hal T.

Cyber Blacksgiving Weekend Eve Sale At Nash

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Starting now, until the end of this Wednesday, for three days only we’re putting everything at a healthy 25% discount.
Use Discount Code:
This is to supplement our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials, which will discount only a few surprise items. Nasher Newsletter subscribers like you will be notified on Thanksgiving what those deals are.


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We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.
We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.

Throughout the holidays all leather orders will receive a new Bikernet custom bandana and a signed book with every order, plus Bikernet Bling.

Chance of a lifetime.


Click for action.
Click for action.

Book Review: Trogs Forever

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Trogs Forever – Kindle Edition
By: John Chavers
Publisher: David Wiggins (August 31, 2018)

A roller coaster ride short stories, everything from a modern-day cowboy range war to a street fight with aliens the author keeps the stories coming. I was intrigued to see the direction of the next story and kept coming back when I had some free time. As I went from story to story I was excited to see what was next, always looking forward to the next hero, the next motorcycle ride, the next damsel in distress or as it may have been, psychopathic bitch. Read more.

Experiences of the Bad

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Hey Boss,

Get that recurring “mung” checked. You never know when an ordinary single cell organism can take down a giant – like HG Wells science fiction from 1897 where Martian Invasion from Outer Space gets stopped because of an ordinary pathogen which has killed all the Martians on Earth.

— to which they had no immunity: “slain, after all man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth”. – H G Wells.

Like I told you in August, even when my insurance company denied me the facility, I allowed my doctor to spend a ridiculous 5 figure sum on blood tests and other tests and paid for it by myself. Why? I believed in my doctor and the other reason is – –

There are only 3 eternal investments that have stood the test of time for more than 5000 years of recorded history of mankind:
1. Gold with the purity factor verified
2. Real Estate which can be leased or otherwise be profitable in agriculture or industrial borrowers

Even if you are the richest billionaire in the history of mankind such as Steve Jobs (died of cancer) without health you can’t enjoy anything including the best food and drinks that billions of dollars can buy. The branded clothes won’t fit an unhealthy waist. Your family and friends can’t be happy knowing you are suffering despite the billions you have made for them. Read more.


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This is one of those crazy days. The Long Beach Show is this weekend and we’re hosting an Ultimate Builders Reception at the Bikernet Headquarters. That means spring cleaning, and scrambling. The Redhead volunteered to make two wonderful soups. It should be a blast, and then Brenda mentioned Thankgiving a week away. Holy shit. Never a dull moment.

Hang on. Let’s hit the news. Read more.

Pint-Sized Goodies For Your Bike

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The Kuryakyn by Kellermann collection of high-output L.E.D. turn signals welcomes a trio of all-new incredibly small but amazingly bright options including the industry’s smallest combination run-turn-brake light application, the Atto DF.

The new Kuryakyn by Kellermann Atto, micro S and Rhombus S indicators feature optimized light channeling through a smart system of lenses and reflectors known as Kellermann’s EXtranz® (Extreme Optical Transparency) technology. This unique internal structure produces highly concentrated light output despite the incredibly small size of the indicators. Additional features include durable metal housings and glass lenses, as well as Kellermann’s HighPower L.E.D. technology with Long Life Protection Guard® for unrivaled longevity.

Atto DF
Measuring 10mm (diameter) x 14mm long, the 4-wire Kuryakyn by Kellermann Atto DF features three-in-one ultra-bright red run/brake and amber turn signal functionality. The Atto DF remains visually hidden when the bike is powered off, but when activated, these pint-sized powerhouses deliver intense illumination to keep trailing motorists at a safe distance. The newest member of the Atto family is intended for rear use only. Unlike other Atto indicators, the Atto DF includes a heat sink that absorbs and disperses heat away from the housing to prevent overheating. Atto DF is available in satin black or chrome finishes.
• MSRP: $99.99 (Satin Black), $109.99 (Chrome)


Rhombus S
The Kuryakyn by Kellermann Rhombus S is a significantly scaled-down version of the popular micro Rhombus family. Available as 2-wire amber for front or rear applications, as well as 4-wire red run/brake and amber turn signal for rear applications, the Rhombus S features a sleek, angular housing that measures approximately 35mm long x 9.5mm wide x 11mm high. Because of their unique angular shape, Rhombus S indicators are sold as specific right- or left-side fitment configurations in satin black finish.
• MSRP: $64.99 – $89.99


micro S
Currently available in 4-wire red run/brake with amber turn signal, the Kuryakyn by Kellermann micro S is a miniature version of the established micro 1000 collection of indicators. The micro S measures 48mm long x 9.5mm wide x 9.5mm high and features a streamlined oval-shaped housing offered in satin black for a clean look on virtually any ride.
• MSRP: $89.99



Fender Strut Cover Plates
Also new to the Kuryakyn by Kellermann collection are Fender Strut Cover Plates. These CNC-machined aluminum plates conceal the holes left upon removal of rear fender strut-mounted signals on most ’02-later Harley-Davidson Dyna, Softail and Sportster models. They’re compatible with all Kuryakyn by Kellermann indicators, as well as any aftermarket turn signals that mount via M8 mounting studs.
• MSRP: $29.99

Additional mounts and adapters for Atto, Rhombus S and micro S indicators are also available separately for a variety of mounting options.

All Kuryakyn by Kellermann indicators are universally compatible with most motorcycles operating via standard 12-volt DC electrical systems using an M8x1.25 x 20mm mounting thread. For more information, visit www.kuryakyn.com/c/kellermann.

Meet Indian Motorcycle’s 2019 AFT Factory Race Team

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Following a dominant 2018 season, where the Indian FTR750 won 17 of the 18 American Flat Track (AFT) races, Indian Motorcycle Racing today announced its 2019 AFT factory race team. Along with the return of reigning Champion Jared Mees, Indian Motorcycle Racing welcomes Briar Bauman and Bronson Bauman to its 2019 Wrecking Crew. Additionally, former Wrecking Crew rider Brad “The Bullet” Baker returns to the team as technical advisor and rider coach.

After back-to-back AFT championships in 2017 and 2018, Mees returns to the 2019 Indian Wrecking Crew with Crew Chief Kenny Tolbert, Mechanic Bubba Bently and Jimmy Wood on suspension. Dick Tibbits also returns and will aid all three Wrecking Crew riders with nutrition, fitness, and mental preparation. Team operations for Briar and Bronson will be conducted by Paul Langley and S&S, while Dave Zanotti will serve as crew chief. Michelle DiSalvo has signed on as Briar’s mechanic, while Bronson’s mechanic will be named at a later date. Indian Motorcycle Racing also welcomes the return of Dean Young as Wrecking Crew team manager.

“We’re excited to bring back Jared, and his championship pedigree, as we embark on the next chapter for Indian Motorcycle Racing. We welcome Briar and Bronson and are proud to have them represent our brand on and off the track,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle. “When it comes to racing, we’ve assembled some of the most talented professionals in the sport, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming season.”

One of the key team members who will assume a leading role as a technical advisor and rider coach is Brad “The Bullet” Baker. Indian Motorcycle Racing is extremely proud to continue its relationship with the former AFT Champion and Wrecking Crew rider. Baker will closely support and mentor Briar and Bronson throughout the 2019 season by analyzing their on-track performance, help with race-day strategy and bike setup. Baker brings a championship-winning perspective and a wealth of knowledge and experience on the FTR750.

The 2019 AFT season will be challenging for the Indian Wrecking Crew due to a new rule designed to increase competition. This new rule will allow competitors using ‘production bikes’ to run 40mm throttle bodies while all FTR750 riders will be restricted to 38mm throttle bodies.

Over the last two seasons aboard the Indian FTR750, Mees has recorded back-to-back AFT championships and has tallied 20 total wins. Through nine races aboard the FTR750 as a privateer, Briar secured six top-five finishes, including a second-place finish at the Peoria TT and a win at the Williams Grove Half-Mile. Following Baker’s injury at X Games, Bronson filled in and ran his factory FTR750 in the final seven races. During that time, Bronson garnered his first top-five finish of the season and his first career Twins podium with a second-place finish at the Williams Grove Half-Mile.

The 2017 Wrecking Crew swept the season standings, finishing first, second and third. The team earned Indian Motorcycle Racing’s first Manufacturer’s Championship. In 2018, Wrecking Crew riders and FTR750 privateers swept the top nine positions in the final standings, securing another Manufacturer’s Championship for Indian Motorcycle Racing.