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Legislature passes “autocycle” bill, creates new fee for three-wheelers

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The state Assembly has signed off on a bill that would define autocycles in state law and establish registration fees for the vehicles.

Autocycles are three-wheeled vehicles that can seat one or two people.

The Republican-authored bill would define an autocycle as a vehicle with three wheels in contact with the ground, seating that doesn’t require straddling and a steering wheel. The bill would establish a $45 annual registration fee and allow anyone with a regular driver’s license to operate one.

The Assembly approved the bill unanimously Tuesday. The Senate passed the measure in October. The measure goes next to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who can sign it into law or veto it.

The governor’s spokeswoman, Melissa Baldauff, didn’t immediately respond to an email asking if Evers supports the bill.

Aurora’s self-driving system needed more motorcycle experience. So a biker club helped out

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by Sasha Lekach from

The San Francisco chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club doesn’t usually concern itself much with self-driving cars, but autonomous vehicle company Aurora recently spent the day driving around with the club’s bikers.

Aurora, the company co-founded by former Tesla Autopilot head Sterling Anderson, is developing an autonomous driving system it calls Aurora Driver. That system, like all self-driving programs, needs practice on the road, whether that’s in autonomous mode logging real-world miles on public roads, in a computer simulation, or being manually driven. Its perception system is taking in everything around it: pedestrians, bicycles, other cars, trucks, delivery vans, e-scooters, errant shopping carts, construction crews, and, yes, motorcycles. That data is used to predict and react to future scenarios on the road.

Motorcycle sightings aren’t rare, but to make sure the machines were more familiar and comfortable around this specific vehicle Aurora needed to devote a machine-learning day to this one vehicle type.

So the perception team gathered a group of six motorcyclists to simply drive around the Aurora vehicles. (Aurora isn’t developing the actual cars, but the tech that will work in a car to make it drive autonomously). The cars were in manual mode for the motorcycle testing since it just needed to collect the data. The motorcycle cycle club brought some volunteers and even some Aurora employees and one employee’s dad came out to ride the motorcycles.

Being a tech company, Motorcycle Learning Day (that’s what I’ve dubbed the special motorcycle event) wasn’t a free-for-all with revving and vrooming around. The data team wanted to collect specific information from a variety of scenarios that autonomous cars are likely to encounter in the real world.

First up was testing different “positions,” meaning motorcycles in the same lane as the car, in front of, behind, or next to the car. Then it was “approaches:” Oncoming motorcycles are different than motorcycles passing from behind. Motorcycles also ride in front of cars.

Motorcycles are quick and nimble, so the autonomous vehicle experienced different scenarios where the motorcycle approached in different ways (from behind, oncoming, in front) at different speeds. The cars also practiced stopping with a motorcycle in front, since that’s a different experience than with a sedan or other cars.

For the motorcycle aficionados with strong allegiances to certain brands, the best part was testing out on different types of motorcycles: an Indian Motorcycle, four Harley-Davidsons, a KTM sports dirt bike, and a Yamaha cruiser bike all rode around the autonomous cars. The best autonomous vehicles will know their Harleys from their Yamahas.

Motorcycle Learning Day wasn’t a one-and-done deal — the self-driving cars are never done learning, but this was like a mega-study session. Now the system has a robust data set about motorcycles and anything that looks and acts like a motorcycle on the road.

Official Music Video “Let it Go” from Jasmine Cain Launch!

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Good Day, lovely people!

I am excited to announce that we have launched our new music video “Let it Go” in partnership with Ingrooves Music Group. The video premiered through Pure Grain Audio for 24 hours and we had a great response! But now, it belongs to us entirely and we wanted to share it with you!

This video was filmed in Largo, Florida with Thomas Crane of Kill Devil Films. I came across his videos while watching another video from a band that we share a lot of stages with and decided he was the best man for the job. He did not disappoint. Several friends came together to find us a location (for free!) and things to smash (from Goodwill for under $20) and we built this masterpiece.

Let it Go is written about a grudge being held until it destroys you from the inside, but you just can’t seem to drop it. Writers were Caleb Sherman and Monique Staffile from the band HER and Kevin Bebout and myself. We recorded at Sound Emporium with Mills Logan.

We want to hear from you! Did you love it? Hate it? Wanna show us some love? Please make sure and comment on the YouTube video. That’s how we get bumped to the trending videos. Thank you so much for all you do for us. We love you all! Now, go watch this video!

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, November 16
Rockland Entertainment • Springfield, OH • 8:00pm

Wednesday, November 20
Bert’s Barracuda Harley Davidson • Clearwater, FL • 8:00pm

Friday, November 22
Hidden Treasure Raw Bar and Grill • Flagler Beach, FL • 8:00pm


Opinion: Green energy will gut more than the oil market

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Peter J. Ferrara, Detroit News

Oil workers are not the only people who will lose their jobs if we try to replace fossil fuels with so-called “green energy.” Coal miners, pipe layers, natural gas workers and people in related industries will also suffer. But it will go much deeper than that.

American blue-collar workers in manufacturing jobs, who have been enjoying a historic boom under President Trump, will likely lose their jobs due to higher energy prices and manufacturing costs. Manufacturing is energy intensive. That means low-cost, reliable energy is essential to manufacturing and blue-collar jobs.

Germany tried to replace fossil fuels with green energy primarily involving wind and solar power. As a result, electricity costs soared in Germany, for businesses and consumers. German households pay three times as much for each unit of electricity as U.S. households pay. German businesses pay among the highest costs in the world. Imagine your monthly electricity bill three times higher than what it currently is!

Denmark also suffered high electricity costs when the nation attempted to replace fossil fuels with green energy.

In America, California has higher electricity costs than the rest of the nation because of wind and solar mania. It is effectively another tax increase, draining money away from household budgets and decreasing living standards.

As Robert Bryce explains in his insightful book, “Power Hungry: The Myths of ‘Green’ Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future”: “We use hydrocarbons [fossil fuels] – coal, oil, and natural gas – not because we like them, but because they produce lots of heat energy, from small spaces, at prices we can afford, and in the quantities that we demand.” He adds, “The energy business is ruthlessly policed by the Four Imperatives: power density, energy density, cost and scale.”

Fossil fuels have high energy density, which means they produce large amounts of usable energy from comparatively small amounts of fuel, much more than can be found blowing in the wind or dancing on sunbeams. That is most fundamentally why green energy costs so much more than fossil fuels.

Moreover, the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. But the electric grid requires a consistent flow of electricity. That is why wind and solar energy require backup from fossil fuels. That required backup energy adds to the effective costs of wind and solar. It also means that “alternative energy” is not a real alternative to fossil fuels.

Under President Trump’s energy deregulation, America is now the world’s top producer of oil and natural gas. The United States also has the resources to be the world’s  No. 1 producer of coal.

Abundant, low-cost, reliable energy provides American manufacturing with a decisive cost advantage over Germany and the rest of Europe, and over Japan and other East Asian competitors.

Affordable energy brings real benefits that significantly improve people’s lives. More than 6 million jobs have been created during this boom, with unemployment among blacks, Hispanics, Asians and youth already the lowest ever measured in American history.

The blue-collar boom has also created $12 trillion in wealth for Americans since Trump’s election, primarily through the skyrocketing stock market that began on Election Day 2016. The expectation of this boom was a primary reason Trump won in 2016, as blue-collar workers, the original core of the Democratic Party, flipped Republican in Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Democrats are committing a historic political blunder running in 2020 on reversing one of the primary drivers of President Trump’s blue-collar boom. Banning fossil fuels under the Green New Deal is a recipe for economic and political disaster.

Peter J. Ferrara is a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute and at the National Tax Limitation Foundation. He is also the Dunn Liberty Fellow in Economics at Kings College in New York.

Hell, I live in near the Port of LA, the home of Semis running 24/7, auto-parts stores, junkyards, performance shops, body shops, repair shops, and motorcycle shops. That’s not to mention the ships, the diesel generators, power boats, you name it. It’s nuts. Don’t worry about the electricity costs, AOC socialist programs will pay your bills. I always try to test a program. Why can’t we take a green state and let them test all these efforts. Let them run wild with green initiatives. By the time their test would be completed, we would know the truth about Climate Change and whether their plan holds any water.–Bandit

Lyft to pull plug of e-scooter business in six cities, laying off 20 employees

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The six cities are Nashville, San Antonio, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas and Columbus, as the media report claims.

Lyft has notified its employees about discontinuing its e-scooter business in six cities, claims a media report. Also, the company is claimed to be laying off at least 20 employees from the bike and scooter team, where around 400 people currently work.

The six cities are Nashville, San Antonio, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas and Columbus, as the media report claims.

The report further quotes a Lyft spokesperson saying, “We’re choosing to focus on the markets where we can have the biggest impact. We’re continuing to invest in growing our bike and scooter business, but will shift resources away from smaller markets and toward bigger opportunities.”

Addition to the 20 Lyft employees, a number of contractors responsible for scooter charging and their repositioning will also lose jobs. Previously, Lyft laid off around 50 people this year, claims the report.

Lyft is not the only company to pull out from the micro-mobility segment, as earlier this year, Uber too announced the discontinuation of Jump bikes and scooters from a number of select markets including San Diego, Providence and Atlanta.

Lyft currently operates its scooters in cities like Arlington, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Monica and Washington DC, informs the report further.

Honda’s all-new superbike

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by Nicole Garcia Merida from

The Honda Fireblade has been overhauled to deliver even more power and speed.

“It’s not the same bike with different colours, it’s not a facelift. The new Fireblade is a completely different beast,” says Cristian Predoi in DriveMag Riders. The CBR1000RR-R boasts an all-new, ultra short-stroke inline four-cylinder engine, which means the machine packs quite a punch, with a lot more speed and a lot more torque than its predecessor.

It looks like Honda really means business with the 2020 Blade, says Jordan Gibbons in Motorcycle News – it is “gunning for all-out superbike glory”. The engine delivers an astounding 215bhp, making it more powerful than almost all its competitors. (The only exception, the 988cc Ducati Panigale V4R, sneaks ahead with 217bhp.) And clever new technology and reworked engine details means you can “rev the engine like mad and achieve the big power figures they’ve clearly been chasing for track success”. It looks like Honda “got bored of being beaten by its rivals on road and track and pulled out all the stops to create a far sharper Blade”.

The new frame is designed to maximise feel for the rider. It is also far more aerodynamic, says Ben Purvis in Bennetts. “A trio of winglets hides behind the outer fairing panel on each side… The tank is shaped to let riders tuck in better, and the bellypan is more enclosed than any rival and runs right back to the rear wheel, where it’s shaped to deflect air and water away.” Honda has clearly not come to play with this version of the Fireblade. “When a Honda is named, every ‘R’ in its title means more performance.” The new model boasts an “R” more than its older sibling. Is it worthy? “Without a doubt.”

Vanderhall EV Autocycle Available for Driving Impressions in Beverly Hills

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Vanderhall to debut first electric autocycle at Beverly Wilshire Hotel on 11/22. New Carmel and Venice models also available for driving impressions.

Utah-based Vanderhall Motor Works is thrilled to debut the 2020 Vanderhall Edison2 model at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Friday, November 22nd. These vehicles exemplify Vanderhall’s commitment to continuously expanding its product line using the latest in innovative technology.

The all-new Vanderhall Edison2 will make its first public appearance at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and driving impression slots are available for members of the media to get their first experience behind the wheel of this powerful yet eco-friendly machine.

Highlights of the new 2020 Vanderhall Edison2:

• DRIVE: Front, twin electric / 52 kW each

• FRAME: Aluminum mono

• BODY: Composite

• SUSPENSION: Pushrod front coil over, rear single-sided swing arm coil over

• PERFORMANCE: 0-60 in 4.4 Seconds

• BRAKING: 60 mph to 0 in 100 feet

• STEERING: Electric Power Steering

• BATTERY: 28.8 kilowatt

• CURB WEIGHT: 1400lbs / 635kg

• RANGE: Up to 200 miles / single charge, est.

• 2 Year Roadside Assistance

• 2 Year Limited Warranty

Test-drives of the Edison2 and other Vanderhall models will be available throughout the day (Edison2: 10-2; Venice & Carmel: 10-5).

For more information, please visit Vanderhall at

The Amazing Bikernet Weekly News for November 14th, 2019

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I’ve got birds flying around inside the shop. That’s okay, but the sparrows shit on stuff, but Cash our high-security watch dog doesn’t mind. Hell, his pointed ears don’t even move.

I just returned from Deadwood. The redhead had me freaked about the 8 degrees in the shade temps. It was fucking beautiful. Hell, I took walks in the snow.

Bikernet will have a headquarters in the Badlands before all is said and done, and frankly I can’t wait.

Never a dull moment around here. I need to get back on the shop, working on the Salt Torpedo. We are planning our first major test run in the next couple of weeks. Hang on!

In the meantime, ride fast and free forever!


The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.


Join the Cantina today !!!

Motorcycle gang donates RM25k to Kelantanese dad with special needs kids

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by TAN MEI ZI from

They may look like rebels but a group of Malaysian motorcyclists proved that they have hearts of gold after helping a single father and his special needs children.

In a Facebook post, Geng Motorsport member Aresif Pok Are shared how the group collected donations totalling RM25,140 for Mohd Zain Abdullah, whose three children are living with cerebral palsy.

Mohd Zain gave up his job to look after them after his wife passed away from breast cancer in 2016, Berita Harian reported.

When he returned to work, the Kelantanese father-of-seven could only take up a job as a carpenter near his house as he needed to commute back home frequently to attend to his children’s needs.

Mohd Zain’s 21-year-old son also had to put off work to help care for his younger siblings who require assistance with everyday tasks such as bathing and eating.

The family’s story of hardship caught the attention of Geng Motorsport after it made the rounds on social media and WhatsApp groups.

Made up of motorcycle clubs from Kelantan and Terengganu, the Geng Motorsport members banded together to ride to Mohd Zain’s residence in Kampung Kok Keli to present him with a monetary gift to ease his burdens.

The group’s spokesperson Ardy Datok Agos added that it was the biggest donation the group has ever collected throughout their history of charitable deeds, according to KitaReporters.

Aresif said they continued to receive financial aid for Mohd Zain even up until the last minute.

“Thank you to everyone who donated, even up until the last second there were still people who wanted to contribute.

“The struggles faced by Mohd Zain truly touched our hearts and we pray that he remains strong and under God’s care always,” wrote Aresif.