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100 WFC: Ram Tough by JJ Spain

Ram Tough by JJ Spain with illustration by Wayfarer We parked our bikes on the north side of Deadwood Lodge. Omaha, off I29 to I90 was a long hot ride. I stepped on green grass to stretch. A loud snort turned me around. A Ram Big Horn Sheep with hazel eyes stared me down. He was as tall as my Harley and broad. His horns formed a perfect circle capped with gray, oyster and black ridges. Behind him stood four lady friends, half his size with matching fluffy white fur noses and rumps. Big boy snorted again, louder and longer as he stomped a hoof on the grass. I sought protection behind my Harley. “That ornery old goat wants you off his lawn,” Seth said… (publication dated 25-May-2024) * * * * Get cookin fiction with the non-stop contest since May 2023 Check out this year’s entries at Read the 2023 year entries and winners at

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Friday From DC – Bikers Take The Hill

This week bikers from across the nation descended on Capitol Hill. The 2024 Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s (MRF) Bikers Inside the Beltway was the largest in the 15-year history of the event! Motorcyclists from 37 states made the trip to Washington, D.C. to advocate for issues that matter to the street rider. The list of policy concerns was long! Issues include: Right to Repair, Preserving the Internal Combustion Engine, Profiling of Bikers, Autonomous Vehicles, Ethanol Mandates and the Definition of a Motorcycle. For the second year in a row, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators received an informational packet from the MRF. The packet explains who we are, what we’ve done, and what we want. From Alabama to Wyoming and all the states in between, the MRF knocked on doors and shared our legislative priorities. The nearly 200 bikers who came to Washington, D.C. represented a diverse set of groups. State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations (SMRO), Sustaining Clubs, the National Council of Clubs (NCOC) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) were all represented as part of the MRF event. Showing up matters. While it is important that lawmakers hear from us, it is also important that they see us. Every year there is a buzz that occurs on Capitol Hill when hundreds of bikers roam the Halls of Congress. The visual of so many motorcyclists united for a common cause is a powerful part of the annual event. The MRF is committed to being your voice in Washington, D.C. We have had a presence in town since 1986 and we are not going anywhere! We are and will remain, the voice of the street rider in our nation’s capital. Thank you to all the motorcyclists who made the journey to D.C. It is never too early

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100 WFC: What’s It Gonna Be

What’s It Gonna Be by Keith ‘Bandit’ Ball with illustration by Wayfarer Jake at 6 feet and buffed pulled up to the log cabin saloon off Highway 25, in CO on his highbar 80 flathead. No other bikes in the lot, only SUVs. He ordered a 3-2-1 Jack from blonde and bodacious. Her eyes sparkled but darted with concern. Suddenly surrounded by a young crew in camos, they snarled and brandished weapons. “Your loud pipes are done. It’s a climate emergency!” Said big and fuzzy. “What’s it gonna be?” Jake asked. “Freedom and Truth or a lying piece-of-shit dictatorship.” Fuzzy hesitated and gulped. “Bring it on,” Jake said. “Bikers are ready.” (publication dated 22-May-2024) * * * Read all about this 100 word mania at the contest page—click here

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Deadwood’s Biker Jailer

Based on actual events in 1982 by Keith “Bandit” Ball with illustrations by Wayfarer Deadwood, a town of outlaws, grit, gold, mile-deep mines, gambling and whores wrestled annually with South Dakota weather. It’s a bustling town of 1,200 dealing with an onslaught of three million drunken, gambling visitors a year. About 1982 a scruffy biker named Rusty, with a full beard mowed lawns and his wife worked at Family Dollar a couple of blocks away on the cobblestone street, while the Homestake mine endured another strike. Wasn’t much going on when the Sheriff asked Rusty if he would ride along on a prisoner transfer to Sioux Falls for 100 bucks. He smiled and took the job. Wasn’t much to it and he continued to fulfill the city position as a transport guard until busses came along and the Sheriff said, “I don’t want to lose you.” Click here to read this incredible adventure as only retold by Bandit on * * * * Join the gang by becoming a member–check out your options by clicking here.  

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Softail Forward Controls

Rider’s Report by Christy After I rode my Softail Standard that has mid controls for a few weeks I was feeling cramped, and my legs weren’t comfortable. I have long legs and having to be able to stretch them out while cruising is very relaxing to me. When I rode my Sportster years ago, I had forward controls. Once I got use to that feeling of extending my legs, not extending them, I felt cramped and uncomfortable while riding. Click here to read the whole Tech with images only at * * * * Get the Tech you need from 27 years of expert reports and repairs, only at

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Illinois Reintroduces Internal Combustion Engine Ban

DON’T DELAY! Please contact lawmakers to request their opposition for this proposal: Click to contact your representative Overview: Lawmakers in Illinois have introduced SAN-opposed legislation (H.B. 5824), which would adopt California’s low and zero-emission motor vehicle standards and ban the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered motor vehicles starting in 2035. The SAN believes Californians should not decide what vehicles are best for Illinois.

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The Outlaw West Bikernet Weekly News for May 16, 2024

Get a blast of the positive corner of the motorcycling industry. We are upbeat against the uphill climb to ride out the terror of climate doomsdayers and owner-repair naysayers. Sturgis may have a new race but the city council and its city folks may just have something to say or do about it. Dave Zein tells you like it is and how it should be. You need to be a part of MRF, IMF and ABATE. Don’t worry, Sam Burns rode in with a ton of trikes and babes–well many photos of one babe at least. KlockWerks has a partnership with Indian Motorcycle, so you’d wanna know about it. There is a new rodeo in a town in Ohio by Easyriders Events. Bandit it is keeping the Sturgis Museum on its toes with his passion to ride it to monumental status. You gotta keep up because he finishes entire projects by the time you get out of bed. Someone needed Bikemaster oil so we spilled the news on them. Its available in multigrade mineral and fully synthetic. So you may wanna grab one before you go on a run. A Satan’s Slave acquaintance dropped by to say hi. Satan was unavailable for comment and we pray all is well. Down Under, someone is already singing a song damning the situation over there. Check out that video at your own peril. Strictly for children above 21 years old only. In serious news–schools in Virginia are gonna go back to their Confederate names. It is uncertain if students will be wearing gray uniforms in class but maybe their childhood is now under siege. Other serious concern shared is the truth about climate and California pollution. AMRA is still chasing fun with a family of racers ready to let it rip at every

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2024

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2024 Riding For Men’s Health Sunday 19th May 2024 Classic and vintage style motorcycles, dressing dapper and riding to raise funds and awareness for men’s mental health and prostate cancer research. 105 nations US$ 50.44 million raised since 2012 956 Rides The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual motorcycle charity event that fundraises for Movember. Movember is the leading global charity changing the face of men’s health through prostate cancer research and men’s mental health initiatives. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride looks to connect all riders around the world who own and ride classic and custom style motorcycles and scooters, to dress dapper and unite in a parade through the heart of their city to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Each ride is organised by volunteer ride hosts, and each city is limited to one ride. To find out if there’s a ride in your city, or a city near you, visit our rides page. Get out and ride and don’t forget to register at TELL ‘EM BIKERNET.COM SENT YA ! The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a themed event, focusing on the classic style of both participants and their machines. Dress dapper and celebrate in style with your fellow gentlefolk! DGR is a classic themed event, so modern-designed motorcycles, sports motorcycles, dirt/adventure motorcycles and cruiser motorcycles that do not fit within the classic style are not eligible to participate with. If you don’t have a suitable vehicle but are passionate about our event, you can still sponsor a participant or donate to the event, which will contribute towards our charitable goals and benefit all men around the world. The ride is open to people of all genders You need a classic or modern-classic motorcycle to ride It is a charitable event but it is not

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