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Parler Criticizes Facebook’s New Climate Change Information Center

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Free speech platform says online publisher’s actions just another layer of authoritarian elitism
Las Vegas, Nevada – Parler is criticizing Facebook’s launch of a “Climate Change Information Center” in user feeds, a move intended to provide what the publisher deems to be “factual resources from the world’s leading climate organizations and actionable steps people can take in their everyday lives to combat climate change.” The tech giant’s content curators began labeling certain climate-change-related posts as “false information” earlier this year and is expected to continue that practice as well.

In addition to the Climate Change Information Center, Facebook this year launched two other “Information Centers”—one for Covid-19 Information, and another for Voting Information.

“Climate change and its policy implications are complex issues depending on a vast context of knowledge, not only about science, but also about morality, sociology and political theory,” said Parler strategic investor Jeffrey Wernick. “Moreover, the economic impact of some of the policies that have been suggested—e.g., requiring net zero carbon emissions, as Facebook has announced it plans to achieve—could be devastating, and disproportionately borne by the poor. In order for individuals to make up their own minds, to achieve a real understanding for themselves, about policy decisions with significant implications, we must allow for a broad and open debate, engaging as many points of view as possible. Facebook does not want that, apparently. They want to cow you with their predigested ‘science-based information’ and policy conclusions offered by ‘leading climate change organizations’.

“What qualifies as ‘science-based information’? And which are the ‘leading climate change organizations’? Facebook is telling you, in effect, ‘You don’t need to worry your pretty little head about such questions, because we will tell you what to think.’ As usual, Facebook wants to silence those individuals and organizations who dare to offer perspectives that do not line up with their agenda, and therefore drive policy decisions as they see fit. What’s next, government regulation requiring net zero carbon for all social media companies, just to make absolutely sure no one can compete with them?

“Environmentalists, scientists, analysts, skeptics, conservationists, scholars, ethicists, economists, activists, conservatives, and progressives all offer a wealth of Climate-Change information and a range of policy prescriptions. All have the right to be heard, and we have a right to hear them, and then make up our own minds. Parler rejects the notion that technoauthoritarians can predigest vast quantities of information for us, that they can decide what we should accept as truth. We invite all who want to speak freely and think for themselves to #Erasebook, #Twexit, join the discussion and make their case on Parler.”

Parler was founded in 2018 and has over 3.8 million users. The platform is committed to free speech, does not mine or sell user data and does not censor content based on politics or ideology. Parler continues to stand with the People and against Technoauthoritarianism.


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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is proposing new certification fees to OEs and aftermarket manufacturers. Their current proposal calls for raising California certification fees to more than 900% of those assessed by the US EPA for some on-highway motorcycles, and more than 500% of EPA fees for some off-highway recreational vehicles. The MIC has submitted comments opposing these fees, but CARB needs more information from affected companies. If your company has not already weighed in, we need you to do so in the next week, or risk facing high fees due to a lack of input to CARB. Our response provided an overarching business case for why the proposed fees would be damaging to the powersports industry, but CARB needs specific company data from you.

The MIC team is available to help you prepare for your calls and join on your call if you would find it helpful. Please reach out to Eric Barnes and let him know what support you need. Scott Schloegel is also available to provide Government Relations support.

CARB requested specific economic impact statements from affected companies. You should address impacts to your specific business and demonstrate the downstream effect it will have, including discontinuing products, not selling some products in California, reducing staff, relocating facilities to other states, etc.

NOTE: CARB has informed us there is more flexibility for off-highway recreational vehicles than for on-highway motorcycles.

Anticipated Questions–CARB is likely to ask these questions:

If CARB poses a question you are unprepared for, offer to follow up with a written response. It’s OK not to have all the answers.

  • Will the fees affect product lines, and if so, how? [Be prepared to speak to product lines you will need to discontinue, reduce, move to another manufacturing plant, delay in launching, etc.]
  • In cases where the proposed fees create a cost differential between products sold in CA and the other 49 states, what is the cost differential?
  • What products have price elasticity issues and therefore need reduced fees (and why)? [Do not assume CARB staff is familiar with your supply chain, costs of raw materials, skilled labor, etc.]
  • What specific products are low volume and low sales, and therefore need to have lower fees?
  • If CARB agrees to lower fees, what is a reasonable amount? [Let CARB staff know you will follow up with a written response. Then please contact MIC to discuss.]
  • What is the development cost? Lifespan of product line? [Remember to state that the information you are providing is Confidential Business Information.]
  • Smaller displacement – what needs addressing? [This was part of a discussion on determining costs based on engine displacement tiers.]
  • Are there products without a proposed carryover fee, but for which CARB should consider one?
  • When you reference “cost sensitive products and lower cost products,” we need to know what those products are. [CARB wants specific information from each OE and aftermarket manufacturer about what models would likely be pulled from California.]
  • Are there price differentials between OFMC, ATV, and UTV? [Please provide information. Are there important price points for sales justification?]
  • How much lead time is needed? [The industry will need several years to be able to implement the new fees.]

It is important to maintain a positive and cooperative working relationship with CARB. You’re providing them data so they can justify a different plan and approach for these certification fees to their superiors and their Board.

Be sure to stress that all information provided on the call is Confidential Business Information. Also, label any written materials as “Confidential Business Information.”

The MIC team stands ready to help you prepare for or assist on the call. Please let us know how we can best assist your teams to have a productive call.

Please email us at

Eric Barnes, vice president technical programs

Scott Schloegel, senior vice president of government relations

Production-ready Bimota Tesi H2 revealed: 242 hp in a 207 kg bike!

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The Bimota Tesi H2 is built around the Kawasaki Ninja H2 power plant and features the iconic Bimota hub-center steering design chassis covered with a carbon fiber bodywork.

Kawasaki H2 had to be the craziest thing there was in the motorcycle world but if you hand one to Bimota, the result is something on the lines of Looney Toons’ Taz. The Bimota Tesi H2 has been revealed in its production self and will be heading for a limited production run this month. It is the first production-ready motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer since Kawasaki purchased a 49.9% share of the company last year. The Tesi H2 uses Kawasaki’s 228 bhp supercharged 998cc four-cylinder engine from the Ninja H2.

The bonkers Tesi H2 was planned earlier but had to be moved to September 2020 due to the pandemic. Things now seem on track in Rimini as Bimota have also announced that the Tesi H2 can be pre-ordered. Not just that, Bimota have also released specifications of the Tesi H2 and here’s why most are calling it bonkers.

It gets Kawasaki’s liquid-cooled 998cc supercharged inline-four mounted to an aluminum chassis with the same bore and stroke as the H2 at 76 x 55 mm but a compression ratio of 8.3:1 more like the H2 R than the SX. Power has been bumped up to a healthy 231 hp at 11,500 rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm, and it is a freaky 242 hp with ram-air boost. All this in a motorcycle that weighs in at 207 kg (dry).

The front and rear swingarms are made of aluminum with four inches of travel at the front and 5.11 inches at the back. The 17-inch wheels are armed with two 330mm discs at the front and a single 220mm disc at the back. For those of you who will commit to a new Tesi, deliveries of the first batch of 250 bikes will start shipping in October.

Yamaha MT-25 launched, MT-15 previewed

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YAMAHA’s first “hyper naked” (Ed: That sounds a bit naughty!) motorcycle, the MT-09 took the Asian market by a storm when it was launched, just as the naked bike category popularity grew.

Here in Malaysia, there has been a significant increase of interest in the street naked category and on Saturday, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor announces its fulfillment of this void with the launching of the Yamaha MT-25.

Introduced with the usual Yamaha fanfare at the Sofitel Hotel and Resort in Kuala Lumpur, the new model promises to be another hot item in the Yamaha model range.

“The Yamaha MT-25 packs aggressive styling and notable performance and is indeed a cutting-edge new addition to Yamaha’s class-defining naked bike segment,” said the company.

“With high torque performance, high handle bar and upright riding position, the MT-25 will be a comfortable ride in the city. It has all the original Yamaha MT-Series DNA built in with a multitude of innovative features.”

Powered by the tested and proven performance-driven with features ranging from liquid-cooled 249cc,four4-stroke, in-line two-cylinder, DOHC, eight-valve, fuel-injected power plant capable of producing 35.5hp at 12,000rpm of power and a torque of 23.6Nm at 10,000rpm, the MT-25 is “a force to be reckoned with in its class”.

The new “Master of Torque” uses inverted front forks that not only provides sure cornering performance but also supports an agile and comfortable riding style while it’s predator-type dual slant LED position lights plus a central mounted LED headlight, full digital LCD meter panel with shift timing light, sleek LED signal indicators with hazard light functionality makes it an impressive looking bike.

In addition to this, the MT-25 is equipped with the dual channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) for both front and rear wheels, a sought-after feature most Malaysian riders have been waiting for.

Priced at an affordable RM21,500 excluding insurance & registration fees, the Yamaha MT-25 comes in two distinctive MT Series colours – Ice Fluo and Yamaha Blue and will be available at all Yamaha Big Bike dealers from Sept 18 onwards.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor will so be giving away an exclusive First Edition MT Series pewter key chain for every purchase of the new MT-25.

Crafted by Royal Selangor, the world-renowned pewter craft smiths, the sleek arrow-shaped keychain design symbolises speed, dynamism and movement. In addition to this, every new owner of the MT-25 will receive a safety disc lock with their purchase.

With the constant evolving of the Yamaha Hyper Naked segment, specifically in terms of styling, high tech engine, and electronics, guests at the launch event were also given a sneak preview of another Master of Torque masterpiece, the MT-15.

The single-cylinder, 150cc MT-15 will only be made available in the market in November 2020, when the price will also be announced.

U.S. judge approves revised EPA Harley-Davidson emissions settlement

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by David Shepardson from

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. judge late on Monday approved a revised settlement with Harley-Davidson Inc over excess emissions that dropped a requirement that it spend $3 million to reduce air pollution.

In August 2016, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer agreed to pay a $12 million civil fine and stop selling illegal after-market devices that caused its vehicles to emit too much pollution.

It also agreed to spend about $3 million to retrofit or replace wood-burning appliances with cleaner stoves to offset excess emissions.

The Justice Department in July 2017 cited a new policy by then-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and an ongoing review of the penalty by a government auditor in proposing to drop the $3 million mitigation project.

More than four years after the settlement was announced, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan approved the settlement over the objections of environmental groups and a group of 10 states, including New York, Illinois, Maryland, Vermont, Washington and Massachusetts.

While the earlier agreement “containing the mitigation project might have been the ‘best’ resolution of

Harley-Davidson’s alleged violations, the court cannot say that the decree lodged before the Court is not within ‘the reaches of the public interest,’” Sullivan wrote in approving the consent decree.

Harley-Davidson and the EPA did not immediately comment Tuesday.

The settlement resolved allegations that Harley sold about 340,000 “super tuners” enabling motorcycles since 2008 to pollute the air at levels greater than what the company certified.

Harley-Davidson did not admit liability and has said it disagreed with the government, arguing that the tuners were designed and sold to be used in “competition only.”

Even though the settlement had not yet taken effect, Harley-Davidson has said that since August 2016, it sold only tuners certified by the California Air Resources Board and halted sale of the tuners in question and destroyed tuners returned by dealers.

Motorcycle Tourism: Dawn of a New Adventure

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GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, September 15, 2020 / — Tourism may seem improbable now given the fears concerning Covid-19 but that has not stopped tour operators and companies from doling out fresh adventures, new routes and customized itineraries to woo travellers.

Wild Triumph, a Gurgaon based motorcycle touring company, this week announced customized theme tours and new adventures in there pre-existing motorcycle tour package. Considering the uncertainty around travel, the offer allows for modifications and is fully refundable. “The amenities have been tailor made for the post Covid scenario. Motorcycle enthusiasts seeking travel experience through the sub-continent terrains can now opt for a bike of their choice, a pre-designed tour package, and customize it as per their preference.” said a company official.

The country welcomes millions of tourists every year, and lately a new type of traveler has started arriving — motorcyclist. With regards to this emerging sector a unique motorcycle tour connecting Manali, Spiti Valley and Ladakh has been introduced by the Tourism Department, for riders seeking history and culture to accompany adventure.

“Nature’s beauty seems so much closer from the seat of a saddle” said Mohit Chauhan, Director of Wild Triumph. “We take our group of riders off the beaten tracks and into the valleys of astounding landscape. The picturesque and majestic view along the ride leaves the riders spellbound. Besides, touring through motorbike offers a more intimate connection with the people of the places you pass through.”

For travelers who want to ride in India and the neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia the bikes currently on offer are Royal Enfield, Triumph Tiger, BMW, and KTM. Prices per person for Royal Enfield Classic and Himalayan start from 1800 US Dollars for a 9-day trip to Himalayas of Ladakh, likewise for a 14-day Gobi Desert Bike adventure in Mongolia the price starts from 4000 US Dollars.

The tour is pre designed for every riding style: A 12-day luxury tour of Rajasthan & Taj Mahal that gives a completely different experience to riders compared with the Himalayan adventure, a bike trip through South India commonly known as the “Spice Route” and the 13-day Royal Enfield cultural tour of Rajasthan, Varanasi & New Delhi.

While these are some of the fixed itineraries for riders to choose from, the company also customizes the tour as per the budget and duration requested by the group. Something that amazes most of the riders!

Riders also have the option to rent safety gear, helmets, cameras and GPS. For multi day itineraries, the company installs saddle bags to carry personal belongings and a backup truck to carry spares, luggage, camping gear, tech support, medical first aid, etc. These tours usually come along with a mechanic, tour leader and a guide to get you along the places really well.

About Wild Triumph

A specialist in motorcycle tours, Wild Triumph organizes bike tour adventures across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Mongolia. With a well-certified team of over 100 employees having experience of more than a decade in motorcycle tourism industry, they are working hard to provide the finest services.

Harley-Davidson Killer S&S Indian Challenger Begins Testing

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by Daniel Patrascu from

In the weekend of October 23, during the MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest, an incredible battle is about to be fought: 13 Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be on the same field, fighting for the Drag Specialties King of the Baggers title against each other and a single non-Harley bike, this S&S Indian Challenger.

The event, which will be held at Monterey, is the first of its kind since this whole health crisis mess began all those months ago and, at least on paper, it should be something to remember.

The bagger Challenger is an Indian project backed by S&S and it calls for a stock bike to be modified even further that the already incredible specs: 122 horsepower, an inverted front suspension, and a hydraulically-adjustable FOX rear shock.

Since we first learned about this back in July, things seem to have progressed quite nicely. Not long ago, the team behind the build, let by the one who will ride it during the October event, Tyler O’Hara, took the bike out for what was supposed to be the first testing session.

It kind of wasn’t because rain put some dents in the team’s plans, but we are told that even this brief outing was enough to “gather valuable information around rider ergonomics, suspension and more.” And they also took some photos, which you can see in the gallery attached above.

“When the Indian Challenger was released last October, it set a new standard for performance-oriented, stock baggers and offers the ideal platform, from which to base our race modifications,” said Paul Langely of S&S in a statement back when the project was announced.

“That said, we’re leaving no stone unturned when evaluating the modifications needed to be successful at Laguna Seca.”

With about a month left to go until the event, keep an eye out for more info on this project in the coming weeks.

NEW from Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield on track for the first time at AFT Williams Grove Half-Mile
Milwaukee, Wis September 14, 2020: On Friday, September 11, the highly anticipated Royal Enfield Twins FT Production Twins racer was unveiled to the flat track world. After months of development and testing, American Flat Track (AFT) professional flat track racer Johnny Lewis made history as Royal Enfield competed in its first ever AFT event.
The Royal Enfield Twins FT is a joint effort between Royal Enfield and Moto Anatomy, Lewis’ proprietary race team and flat track academy. Over the course of the last six months, Lewis and team have worked closely with Royal Enfield, renowned road racing chassis builder Harris Performance and engine tuning specialists S&S Cycle. Lewis’ participation in the Williams Grove Half-Mile marked a major milestone in Royal Enfield’s 119-year history. In this first year, Lewis is looking to be competitive, but the overall focus remains on the development of the Twins FT platform. This will allow the team the time to make necessary changes and adjustments throughout the remainder of the season.
“We had quite the journey to get to this point,” said Lewis. “We’ve been working consistently over the past six months to develop a competitive package for Royal Enfield. The latest iteration of the race bike was shipped over from India in pieces on Monday and we’ve been working around the clock to put it together. I’ve really enjoyed the development process of the motorcycle and Royal Enfield along with the other partners involved have worked hard to make this happen. The bike performed well and we’ve got a great foundation to build upon.”
The team faced an uncertain future when the AFT season was postponed in March due to COVID-19. Not fully knowing how the year would unfold, Lewis went to work developing a prototype motorcycle early in the year. With ongoing communication, Lewis and the teams at Harris Performance, Royal Enfield and S&S Cycle continued working through chassis changes and updates as Lewis tested the prototype at his Center Hill, Fla. facility. Despite the challenges of shipping parts overseas and multiple time zones, Lewis and team persevered.
“This has been a team effort across the board,” said Breeann Poland, Marketing Lead for Royal Enfield Americas. “Seeing the Royal Enfield Twins FT in a race setting was an impressive accomplishment for everyone that worked nights and weekends, and ultimately lost sleep over the project. We couldn’t have asked for better partners like Johnny, the Royal Enfield team in India and the U.K., Harris Performance and S&S Cycle to make this happen. There’s still plenty to be done from a development standpoint and we are realistic with our expectations, but this is a step in the right direction. ”
Joining Lewis at the Atlanta Short Track and AFT finale in Daytona Beach, will be the participants of Royal Enfield’s BUILD TRAIN RACE (BTR) program, who will compete in an entertainment exhibition race aboard custom-built INT 650 motorcycles. Lewis and team will race the remainder of the AFT calendar to gather more data and feedback on the Royal Enfield Twins FT package as they look ahead to the 2021 AFT season.
Race Results-:
The phrase “competitive straight out of the box” has been used to describe race motorcycles before, but it has never been so literal as last Friday’s AFT Production Twins races at the Williams Grove Half-Mile. The motorcycle that Lewis rode at Williams Grove only arrived in the U.S. three days before the race, in pieces, and had to be assembled in the following two days. Timing was so tight that there was no time for a track test – the official practice session on Friday was the first time Lewis rode his Twins FT. Lewis went on to shock the field , taking a third place Semi-final finish and an incredible sixth place finish in the Main event, an amazing first outing for the team.
On Saturday, the team tested new chassis setups resulting in better handling than the previous day. Johnny was running in third place during the Semi when a weakened head gasket failed and he was forced to pull off the track. The problem was identified, and with an hour and a half to go before the Main, the MotoAnatomy x Royal Enfield team, including engineers in the U.K. assisting virtually, tore the motor down, replaced the gasket and rolled the bike back onto the track in the 13th spot, minutes before the green flag. Lewis went on to carve his way through the field, claiming an impressive seventh place to finish off the weekend.
The team will continue testing and development during the next two weeks leading up to the Dallas Half-Mile events with support from Royal Enfield staff in both the U.S. and U.K. This will provide Lewis and team the opportunity to continue making improvements to engine durability and chassis set up. This weekend was an incredible learning experience, with invaluable data gathered. The Twins FT proved to be a genuine contender right out of the box, and the team ready to do anything to make sure it races.

Indian Motorcycle Announces 2021 Lineup – Introduces Indian Vintage Dark Horse & Roadmaster Limited

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2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse Pairs Classic, Iconic Styling with Mean, Blacked-Out Attitude;
New Roadmaster Limited Delivers Modern Styling with Chrome Finishes

New 2021 Scout Accessories Prep Riders for the Long Haul – Features Heated Grips, Low & Mid Wind Deflectors, Fairing Bag & Semi-Rigid Saddlebags

MINNEAPOLIS (September 15, 2020) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced its 2021 model-year lineup. The new lineup, which includes new model iterations, next-level technology upgrades, and a robust offering of genuine Indian Motorcycle accessories, is made available following the brand’s strongest sales quarter ever.


“We’re extremely motivated by the significant brand momentum we’re experiencing, and we’re as focused as ever to provide our riders with best-in-class products and experiences,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “Our riders are extremely discerning, with high expectations across the board and it’s incumbent upon us to stay on the cutting edge in style, performance, and technology. Our 2021 lineup additions and upgraded features are a result of the hard work and dedication we pour into every bike in the lineup.”


Developed in direct response to rider feedback, Indian Motorcycle’s 2021 enhancements and new offerings span across its Thunderstroke, PowerPlus and Scout lineups.


Indian Thunderstroke and PowerPlus Models                                                              

Joining the Indian Motorcycle cruiser lineup is the new Indian Vintage Dark Horse. For riders who want timeless style with a mean attitude, the Indian Vintage Dark Horse comes with soft black leather bags and fully blacked-out styling.


Featuring significant upgrades in 2021, the Roadmaster lineup is better than ever. Apple CarPlay® is now standard across the lineup, while Roadmaster Limited and Roadmaster Dark Horse models feature Indian Motorcycle’s all-new ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat with Ride Command integration.


Joining the Roadmaster lineup is the Roadmaster Limited, which features gloss paint, chrome finishes, a modern fairing design, open front fender and slammed saddlebags. Meanwhile, the restyled Roadmaster Dark Horse includes fully blacked-out finishes for mean and modern attitude. Each model is powered by Indian Motorcycle’s powerful, air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 with premium features, including Metzeler Cruisetec® tires, lower fairings with adjustable airflow vents, heated grips and a push-button adjustable windshield. Standard amenities across the entire Roadmaster lineup include remote-locking saddlebags and trunk with over 37 gallons of combined storage, adjustable passenger floorboards, ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, tire pressure monitoring and full LED lighting.


Furthermore, the power buttons on the Chieftain, Roadmaster, Indian Springfield, and Indian Challenger models have been relocated to the switch cube on the handlebars to accommodate a new 12-volt charge port on the dash. The charge port conveniently provides riders with an opportunity to plug in and connect to a wider range of electronics.


Innovative Technology
The 2021 lineup boasts new ride-enhancing technology, both as standard equipment and as an upgrade.

ClimaCommand Heated & Cooled Seat
In addition to being standard equipment on the Roadmaster Limited and Roadmaster Dark Horse, Indian Motorcycle’s new ClimaCommand heated and cooled seat is also available as an upgrade across all Thunderstroke models. New for 2021, the ClimaCommand seat is available in two style variations, Classic and Rogue, which has more modern, streamlined style. Additionally, the 2021 ClimaCommand seat now allows riders to adjust heating and cooling directly through the Ride Command infotainment system on select 2020 and 2021 models, offering riders a new, and easy way to manage comfort while on the road. With a low, medium, or high setting, the thermoelectric technology is used to independently cool or heat the rider and passenger seat, while a flexible graphene material allows the heating or cooling to disperse through the entire surface area of the seat. The non-perforated seat is 100% water resistant and highly durable. The ClimaCommand seat is available as an added accessory for all 2014 through 2021 Thunderstroke models, though 2020 and 2021 Chieftain and Roadmaster riders can integrate the seat within the bike’s Ride Command system.

Apple CarPlay®

Standard on all 2021 Roadmaster, Chieftain, and Indian Challenger models equipped with Ride Command with navigation. Apple CarPlay® delivers an easier, more customized level of control for music, navigation preferences, and mobile device information.


Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight & Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights

Available as an accessory upgrade, Indian Motorcycle introduces the all-new Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight for most 2015-2021 Thunderstroke models, and Pathfinder S LED Driving lights for most Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Indian Challenger models. The all-new Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight senses the bike’s lean angle and activates individual LED projector beams to provide unprecedented visibility. With 15 individual beams, and featuring patented, cutting-edge technology that monitors the bike’s lean angle in real-time, the Adaptive Headlight delivers unmatched illumination of the road ahead – whether upright and traveling in a straight line or leaned over to carve a turn. In addition, the Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights can be added to complement the Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight. With the same superior LED illumination as the Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight, riders will benefit with even more nighttime visibility.


PowerBand Audio

New for 2021, riders can now upgrade the Indian Challenger’s audio experience with PowerBand Audio quick release trunk amplified speaker kit.  When paired with PowerBand Audio Plus, this system delivers exceptional sound and clarity from high-output fairing and saddlebag speakers that are 50% louder than the Indian Challenger’s stock audio system.


Touring & Comfort Accessories

In 2021, Indian Challenger riders can pack for the long haul and enjoy new touring amenities. The Indian Challenger quick release trunk adds 17 gallons of additional storage. Similar to the Indian Roadmaster trunk, the Indian Challenger trunk is lockable via key fob and can fit two full-face helmets.  When paired with the Slim Trunk Passenger Backrest Pad, passengers have up to 2 inches of additional room for comfort.


For both Indian Challenger and Thunderstroke models, a new low-profile quick release padded sissy bar with low-profile passenger pad, is available to those who want added passenger comfort without sacrificing the bike’s low-profile and sleek styling.


Additionally, Indian Challenger and Thunderstroke riders can add even more wind protection with taller accessory windshield options and added comfort with an extended reach seat, infinite highway pegs and a pinnacle heel shifter. For those riding two-up, a quick release passenger sissy bar, passenger backrest pad, and passenger floorboards add passenger comfort.


For Thunderstroke models, Indian Motorcycle offers a full package of comfort and passenger accommodations, including extended reach seat, mid-rise and 16-inch ape hanger handlebars, rider and passenger back rests, color matching quick release trunk, passenger arm rests and more. Indian Challenger riders can upgrade with mid-rise handlebars, a tinted curved windshield, and front highway bars.


Performance Upgrades

Indian Motorcycle’s lineup of Thunderstroke performance accessories significantly modify the overall look, sound, and performance of each engine. The stage 1 slip-on exhaust, available in black or chrome, improves sound for both the Thunderstroke 111 and Thunderstroke 116. Indian Motorcycle’s stage 1 oval slip-on muffler kit and stage 1 performance air intake together increase horsepower by 4% with the Thunderstroke 111 and 8% with the Thunderstroke 116. By adding the stage 2 performance cams, riders will gain 13% more horsepower when compared to a stock Thunderstroke 111. The Thunderstroke 116 stage 2 performance kit, which includes cams, higher flowing fuel injectors and throttle body, produce a 17% horsepower boost when paired with both Stage 1 accessories. Riders can also upgrade any Indian Motorcycle model packing the Thunderstroke 111 with its Thunderstroke 116 stage 3 big bore kit, which produces 20% more horsepower when compared to a stock Thunderstroke 111.


For Indian Challenger riders, the stage 1 slip-on muffler and PowerPlus stage 1 air intake improves sound and style.


Paint & Pricing

  • Indian Vintage Dark Horse: Starting at $19,499, available in Thunder Black Smoke.
  • Indian Vintage: Starting at $20,499, available in Crimson Metallic, and Deepwater Metallic over Dirt Track Tan
  • Indian Springfield: Starting at $21,999, available in Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic, and Thunder Black over Dirt Track Tan.
  • Indian Springfield Dark Horse: Starting at $22,499, available in Thunder Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke, and White Smoke.
  • Chieftain: Starting at $21,999, available in Thunder Black.
  • Chieftain Dark Horse: Starting at $27,999, available in Thunder Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke, and Titanium Smoke.
  • Chieftain Limited: Starting at $27,999, available in Thunder Black Pearl, and Radar Blue.
  • Indian Challenger: Starting at $22,999, available in Thunder Black, and Titanium Smoke.
  • Indian Challenger Dark Horse: Starting at $27,999, available in Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, and Bronze Smoke.
  • Indian Challenger Limited: Starting at $27,999, available in Thunder Black Pearl, Ruby Metallic, and Deepwater Metallic.
  • Roadmaster: Starting at $29,999, available in Thunder Black Pearl, Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic, and Alumina Jade over Thunder Black.
  • Roadmaster Dark Horse: Starting at $29,999, available in Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, and Bronze Smoke.
  • Roadmaster Limited: Starting at $30,749, available in Crimson Metallic and Thunder Black Azure Crystal.


Indian Scout Models

Indian Motorcycle’s robust Scout lineup offers both classically-styled and modernly-mean designs. With a 61 cubic-inch (1000 cc) motor, delivering 78 horsepower, the Scout Sixty and Scout Bobber Sixty are each approachable and attainable with an MSRP starting at $8,999. Riders looking for more punch can opt for the 69 cubic-inch (1133 cc), 100 horsepower, engine in the Scout and Scout Bobber.


This year’s 2021 Scout lineup receives a refresh with new paint colors – further enhancing the iconic style and lines of the bike. Colors like Stealth Gray on the Scout Bobber Twenty and Maroon Metallic Smoke on the Scout Bobber add to the aggressive, low profile look that riders love with Scout Bobber models.


Scout Accessories 

Already a robust line of genuine Scout accessories, Indian Motorcycle is adding even more in 2021. With all-new Scout touring parts, riders can turn their city cruiser into a capable long-haul touring machine. A Scout Bobber low or mid wind deflector protects riders from the elements, while heated grips for all 2017-2021 Scout models keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions. In addition, a new fairing bag and semi-rigid saddlebags add stylish storage options. Finally, a color-matched quick release fairing with a two-inch windshield is available for all Scout models in new 2021 colorways.


Indian Motorcycle’s Scout performance upgrades can seriously change the overall attitude of any Scout. Exhaust and muffler options change the aesthetic, while increasing horsepower by over 10% when paired with the performance air intake. Options include the stage 1 2-in-1 full exhaust system and the stage 1 shorty slip-on muffler kit – both available in chrome and matte black.


Paint & Pricing

  • Scout Sixty: Starting at $8,999, available in Thunder Black, and Ruby Metallic.
  • Scout Bobber Sixty: Starting at $8,999, available in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Blue Slate Smoke, and Titanium Metallic.
  • Scout: Starting at $11,499, available in Thunder Black, Deepwater Metallic, White Smoke, and Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic.
  • Scout Bobber: Starting at $10,999, available in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke, and Maroon Metallic Smoke.
  • Scout Bobber Twenty: Starting at $11,999, available in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Stealth Gray, and Sagebrush Smoke.


Thunderstroke and Scout models are arriving at dealerships now, and 2021 Indian Challenger models will ship in October. Riders can learn more or test ride by visiting a local Indian Motorcycle dealership. For more information on the 2021 lineup, or to find the nearest dealer, visit and follow along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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Wrecking Crew Rider Bronson Bauman Earns First Podium of the Season at Williams Grove Half-Mile I;

Indian FTR750 Sweeps Top Eight Positions in Both Weekend Races


MECHANICSBURG, Penn. (September 14, 2020) – Indian Motorcycle Racing, presented by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and the FTR750 displayed its dominance once again, as its factory team and stable of privateers swept the top eight positions at Williams Grove Half-Mile I and II.  The Wrecking Crew finished with authority after reigning AFT Grand National Champion Briar Bauman captured back-to-back first-place victories, while fellow teammates Jared Mees and Bronson Bauman added podium finishes. With his pair of wins this weekend, Briar Bauman continued his scorching streak at Williams Grove, while regaining the top spot of the season’s leaderboard.


On Friday, Mees began with the holeshot before Briar Bauman took control within two corners and gave the field no chance of coming close to him as he took the win with over four seconds to spare over the second-place finisher.  Indian Motorcycle Privateer Brandon Robinson finished second while factory rider, Bronson Bauman, fought to earn his first podium of the season.


“We are halfway through the season and Briar and Jared are neck-and-neck, battling for the number one spot,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle. “It’s exciting to get out there and see our team at the top of the standings, fighting relentlessly for every point, and pushing each other race in and race out.”


During the Williams Grove Half Mile II on Saturday, Briar Bauman took control of the field almost immediately, building a lead of over five seconds. He saw little resistance and ultimately earned his second win of the weekend and his fourth-consecutive first-place finish at Williams Grove. Mees rounded out the podium in third after a daunting battle against Indian Motorcycle Privateer Sammy Halbert, who fought until the bitter end.


Through eight races, Briar Bauman sits in first with 169 points, while Mees is a mere five points back with 164 points.  Halbert and fellow Indian Motorcycle Privateer Brandon Robinson are third and fourth with 123 and 116 points, respectively, while Bronson Bauman is fifth with 101 points.


The season looks to continue on September 25 at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway for the Dallas Half-Mile I & II. For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing,   visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.