Top Ten Motorcycle Road Trip Safety Tips for Beginners

Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important By Austin from Twisted Road A road trip on a motorbike is an enjoyable experience. Being alone on an exciting trip with your mind can be really interesting and should be done at least once in a lifetime. That said, learning a few helpful tips from people who do this regularly would probably make your rides easier if you are setting out on a long-distance ride on your motorbike. Being prepared for your first solo bike road trip is important. Take into account all important aspects before you set out on the lane, whether you bring your own motorcycle or are planning to hire one. This will make the ride more fun and hassle-free. Here are the top 10 tips that you shouldn’t miss along when you are on a motorcycle road trip. Click Here to Read this Article on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today.

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Motorcycle Tourism: Dawn of a New Adventure

from GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, September 15, 2020 / — Tourism may seem improbable now given the fears concerning Covid-19 but that has not stopped tour operators and companies from doling out fresh adventures, new routes and customized itineraries to woo travellers. Wild Triumph, a Gurgaon based motorcycle touring company, this week announced customized theme tours and new adventures in there pre-existing motorcycle tour package. Considering the uncertainty around travel, the offer allows for modifications and is fully refundable. “The amenities have been tailor made for the post Covid scenario. Motorcycle enthusiasts seeking travel experience through the sub-continent terrains can now opt for a bike of their choice, a pre-designed tour package, and customize it as per their preference.” said a company official. The country welcomes millions of tourists every year, and lately a new type of traveler has started arriving — motorcyclist. With regards to this emerging sector a unique motorcycle tour connecting Manali, Spiti Valley and Ladakh has been introduced by the Tourism Department, for riders seeking history and culture to accompany adventure. “Nature’s beauty seems so much closer from the seat of a saddle” said Mohit Chauhan, Director of Wild Triumph. “We take our group of riders off the beaten tracks and into the valleys of astounding landscape. The picturesque and majestic view along the ride leaves the riders spellbound. Besides, touring through motorbike offers a more intimate connection with the people of the places you pass through.” For travelers who want to ride in India and the neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia the bikes currently on offer are Royal Enfield, Triumph Tiger, BMW, and KTM. Prices per person for Royal Enfield Classic and Himalayan start from 1800 US Dollars for a 9-day trip to Himalayas of Ladakh, likewise for a 14-day Gobi Desert Bike

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Dude Will Travel 37,000 Miles Around The World On A Honda Monkey

by Sabrina Giacomini from A little for the InstaFame, a lot for the World Record. We hear of people dropping their old, boring “eat, work, sleep” life to answer the call of motorcycle adventure almost every week. Chances are you probably know someone who’s made the jump. Whether it’s for personal motives or to seek a bit of online recognition, the nomadic lifestyle on two wheels is a surging trend that shows no signs of slowing down. For Portuguese rider André Sousa, the purpose of his ride around the world is to set a world record. Another one. See, the 24-year-old set the 2018 World Record for the fastest trip around South America on a small bike, according to the International Book of Records. This time around, Sousa’s ambitions have gone from continental to global. On July 12, 2020, Sousa set off on yet another adventure in the hopes of adding another world record to his collection by becoming the first rider to circumvent the world on a small bike. This time, the trip will take two years and take him on a 37,000-mile journey across 50 countries. What about the small bike? Sousa opted for one of the smallest, more reliable, and rugged models available on the market: the Honda Monkey. His mini moto was slightly supped up for the occasion to increase its capability thanks to a new exhaust, and additional lighting pods that come in handy when he’s stuck navigating unfamiliar terrains in the dark. In addition to a few minor tweaks, the bike is also fully-loaded with all the gear, bells, and whistles such a trip requires. This isn’t a glamorous gourmet Instagram trip and Sousa doesn’t plan to stop at fancy restaurants and hotels along the way so he needs a fair bit of

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Wary of public transport, coronavirus-hit Americans turn to bikes

from The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge in bike sales across the United States, according to a major manufacturer and a half dozen retailers interviewed by Reuters. “I’m 51 and healthy, but I don’t want to get on the subway,” said John Donohue, a Brooklyn-based artist who bought a bike two weeks ago. Donohue, who doesn’t own a car, says he’s not sure when he’ll be comfortable on mass transit again. The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge in bike sales across the United States, according to a major manufacturer and a half dozen retailers interviewed by Reuters. Many of the purchases are by people looking for a way to get outside at a time of sweeping shutdowns and stay-at-home orders aimed at containing the virus: Even the worst affected states are allowing people out to exercise. Still, a portion of the sales, especially in urban areas, are to people like Donohue who also want to avoid the risk of contagion on buses or subways. He plans to use his new 24-gear hybrid for journeys such as regular visits to a printing shop across town that he normally travels to by subway. A key feature, he said, was the bright red panniers he added to carry his artwork. To be sure, bikes remain well down the list of U.S. commuting preferences. About 870,000 Americans, on average, commuted to work by bicycle in the five years through 2017, or about 0.6% of all workers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The rate was higher in urban areas, at about 1.1%, and about 20 cities with at least 60,000 residents had rates of about 5% or more. A more recent survey, though, showed a higher percentage of U.S. workers using a bike to get to work. Private research firm Statista

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Is It Safe To Ride My Motorcycle During The Outbreak?

by Sabrina Giacomini from The fun type of social distancing. UPDATE: Note that there could be lockdowns and “stay at home” orders in your city or your state as the situation evolves and we don’t recommend you overlook them because “riding is seemingly safe”. We’re not your mom, but we recommend you follow your local authorities’ recommendations. Some readers also pointed out that I didn’t discuss about the possibility of crashes since the question was focused on the virus but I thought it was a good point to touch on. Going for a ride has its risks, whether it’s coming in contact with the virus or getting into a crash. The streets are quieter but it doesn’t mean there’s no risk of making a mistake or of being hit by someone. Remember that medical facilities and staff are strained at the moment. While riding is relatively safe from a contagion perspective, there’s still the usual risk of an incident that could require you go to the hospital—and this is not a good time to go to the hospital. Keep that in mind. As we wrote already, the better we cooperate, the smarter we go about this,the sooner we’ll get to go back out there without restrictions. Stay safe everyone! Is it safe to ride during this outbreak? Are my full-face helmet, gloves, and other apparel able to protect me? Are motorcycle riders risk-free? Just question to exercise our riding knowledge. – Ancarlos Hi Ancarlos! Thank you for asking your question, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one wondering about that. Please note, however, that though we like to think we know a lot of things at RideApart, we’re also not doctors. If you have any real concerns or are considered a potentially vulnerable patient, asking someone who is

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25 Amazing Women Who Changed Motorcycle Travel Forever

Celebrating adventurous bold women on two-wheels Women travelling on motorcycles were, for a very long time not treated seriously – even today, it happens to be that females are not treated equally to their male companions or other motorcyclists which happen to be males. To celebrate Women’s History Month we would like to introduce you to 25 amazing characters which paved the way for modern, more equal opportunities to discover the world on two wheels as a female. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ON BIKERNET

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How data is driving new approaches to transportation

from New York Times Analysing digital streams of information from electric scooters and motor-assisted bicycles are helping solve travel congestion issues. Five seconds after a Los Angeles rider unlocks a dockless electric scooter with a smartphone app and sets off to a destination, a cityoperated databank is informed. Five seconds after the trip ends, typically no more than a mile away, another alert updates the record, noting the location. In 24 hours, the exact route is uploaded and logged for analysis. That ride to the bus stop or the convenience store, emissions-free and nearly silent, would seem to be a zero-disruption event in a sprawling city with millions of people and vehicles. Yet extrapolated over years, it foreshadows a shift of potentially enormous consequences. While the identity of that rider is unknown to the city, a stream of data from the scooter’s GPS module and cellphone link — speed, time of day, battery state of charge — flows to cloud servers an average of a million times a month during Los Angeles’s pilot program. Each trip is but a trickle of bytes, yet it is a rich resource for the planners and the policymakers who hope to tame the persistent tangle of traffic in this vehicle-dependent metropolis. That vehicular chokehold can weigh as heavily on a neighborhood dweller as it does on a road user. “Cities have to assure that their resources are used efficiently, and that includes the shared spaces,” said Stephen Zoepf, chief of policy development at Ellis & Associates, a Silicon Valley consultancy that helps cities develop transportation technology plans. “The effects of crowding, in noise and emissions, are a tragedy of the commons,” he continued, using an economist’s term for situations in which resources are depleted by those acting in self-interest rather than the general good.

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Motorcycle Touring the North Coast 500 in Scotland

by Ryan Beitler from With so many great options for motorcycle touring in the United Kingdom, there is likely no better choice than the Scottish Highlands. In the Highlands there is some of the most beautiful scenery and unspoiled wilderness in the county. There are a variety of ways to go through stunning Scottish nature. Going through the region on the North Coast 500 with a motorcycle will not only provide the healing solitude many riders yearn for, it offers things to do and see. The NC500 is the ultimate road for biking, and there are multiple ways to do it. Guided or Solo Depending on your preference, you can ride the NC500 through the Highlands with or without a guide. If you can handle the section of intense riding, you will be fine on your own. Furthermore it can provide a sense of serenity and peace when you are riding through the rolling hills of the Highlands. But if you are looking for companionship or someone to help you know where you are and where you are headed, getting a guide can be fulfilling. It all has to do with what you are looking for. Do you want a sense of adventure or to get where you’re going as safely and peacefully as possible? You have the option. Scenery in the Highlands It goes without saying that the scenery in the Scottish Highlands is gorgeous. Riding through the nature of this region is captivating and spiritual. It is arguably the main reasons to take a tour on the North Coast 500. Along this route you go through the Trossachs National Park, go into a Cairgnorms National Park, and pass by Lake Lomomd. Furthermore, there is the town of Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness monster also called

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Yamaha Announces Partnership with Motosports Travel

Destination Yamaha USA Now Offers Supercross VIP Travel Packages /EIN News/ — MARIETTA, Ga., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today announced a partnership with Ohio-based travel experts, Motosports Travel, to offer VIP packages for select Monster Energy Supercross races as part of the Destination Yamaha program initiative. Beginning with the 2020 season opener held in Anaheim, California on January 4, Yamaha Fan Experience packages offer purchase options that include hotel accommodations, transportation for airport and hotel transfers, prime stadium seating locations, and a unique Yamaha VIP team experience. “Destination Yamaha continues to grow through our many rental operations across the country, and for 2020 we are expanding the Yamaha experience through these unique Supercross VIP packages,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports Marketing Manager. “Motosports Travel is the ideal partner to make attending a Supercross event a truly memorable, turn-key experience.” Yamaha Fan Experience packages can be purchased through Motosports Travel for the following 2020 Supercross events: Anaheim I – January 4, 2020 Anaheim II – January 18, 2020 San Diego – February 8, 2020 Atlanta – February 29, 2020 Daytona – March 7, 2020 Denver – April 4, 2020 Salt Lake City – May 5, 2020 To see everything included in the available packages and book an exciting and memorable Yamaha experience, visit or contact Motosports Travel at Motosports Travel staff can also be reached at 1-888-YAMAFAN. For more information related to all Yamaha products, visit Follow Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, through your favorite social media site: #Yamaha #YamahaMotor #YamahaMotorUSA About Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (YMUS), is a recognized leader in the powersports industry. The company’s ever-expanding product offerings include Motorcycles and Scooters, ATV and Side-by-Side vehicles, Snowmobiles, WaveRunner Personal Watercraft, Boats, Outboard Motors, Outdoor

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