Episode 103: Time for the Truth

New Bandit’s Cantina Episode 103 by K.Randall Ball with images by George Fleming Bandit woke the next morning with a start. Emotionally beat-up he struggled with depressing thoughts of the future. He couldn’t figure how society could be living in the best of times, yet some folks were making it the worst. He showered and scrambled down stairs. The crew made their way quietly around the Cantina as if in a thoughtful daze. “I’m working on some info for the pamphlet,” Margaret said and studied Bandit’s features. He wasn’t the type of guy to give up or even step back from a fight. Bandit looked up and smiled. “We’re going to do something or die trying.” Read the epic series of 103 episodes only on by clicking here. * * * * Join the Cantina, get cool free gifts, click here.

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Airtech Labor Day Sale

Here is a chance to save some money!!! 30% off can be pretty substantial, be sure to take advantage of this sale! Order soon! This sale ends on Tuesday, 9/5 at 5PM! So take a look at our website, find the parts you want, call us to see how much we can save you… Tell ’em Sent Ya ! Hello again, again AirTech fans! Use this discount code!! Email us with code: 91-30 to start saving today! Email: Our production team is killing it with both their manufacturing and shipping efficiency, so now seems like the perfect time for another sale! We’ve decided to offer a 20% discount to everyone! Spread the word! Of course, you guys as our newsletter subscribers get that extra 10% on top of that! Making your total savings a whopping 30% off! What a great opportunity to jump on for this weekend! Find the parts you’ve been needing and give us a call on Monday or Tuesday! Bossman wanted to make sure the sale lasts through the end of the day on Tuesday.  

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Christmas in July Special: Roaring Deals

Competition Distributing — SALE Ends Friday 7/28 11:59PM EST 10% off of everything but: used parts, fuel tanks, racer spirals, handlebar kits, seats, endurance rocker, service dept bulletin, Perewitz Swag, rear mudguard, JIMS Pins, pistons, Flathead keychains, lifts, and Dual Linkert intake manifold * * * * Tell ’em sent ya….

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NCOM Biker Newsbytes for July 2023

Industry & Legislative Motorcycle News from USA and the world Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish This week in the news: U.S. HOUSE COMMITTEE PASSES BILL PROTECTING ‘MULTIPLE-USE’ LAND NATIONAL FUNDING FOR OUTDOOR RECREATION VERMONT CLOSES “BASKET CASE” REGISTRATION LOOPHOLE MIC WARNS OF BILLS THAT “WILL HINDER THE POWERSPORTS INDUSTRY” HELP TO PRESERVE VEHICLE CHOICE FIGHT FOR YOUR “RIGHT TO REPAIR” and lots more Click Here to read this month’s NCOM Newsbytes on ABOUT AIM / NCOM: The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) is a nationwide motorcyclists rights organization serving over 2,000 NCOM Member Groups throughout the United States, with all services fully-funded through Aid to Injured Motorcyclist (AIM) Attorneys available in each state who donate a portion of their legal fees from motorcycle accidents back into the NCOM Network of Biker Services ( / 800-ON-A-BIKE). * * * * * * * * All the Motorcycling News you need to use to stay on Two-Wheels – get updated with free Bikernet Blog Weekly Newsletter. Click & Start !!!

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