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Celebrating 120 years of the most desired motorcycle brand

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by Wayfarer

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The Milwaukee Motor Company, with fans around the globe, turns 120 years old. There has been quite a few announcements regarding the homecoming as well as a public park on land they own. Most awaited however, was their announcement for model year 2023.

Fans and dealerships waiting patiently for the model release would surely be impressed if not dancing in the streets. Some limited edition collectibles are of course for ‘collectors’, but there is plenty for us common two-wheel monkeys to run with.

Breakout makes a comeback and Road Glide is now available as a Trike too. There is a Nightster Special and a re-imagined Freewheeler.

Of course, these can’t be all that’s offered. What’s happening with the ADV Pan America and the Electric LiveWire? So much more awaited by one and all, especially after the boss announced that H-D will be all-electric in the near future. One can also expect lot of activities at the H-D Museum and there will surely be ‘limited-edition’ apparel, tee-shirt tie-ins and new jackets and boots….

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Understanding the World of Chopper Magazines

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The Ups and Downs of Print Media
by Bandit and a handful of Editors

I thought I might check in on the Motorcycle Magazine industry, specifically the chopper guys. F***, I didn’t know what I was diving into. A couple of years ago only one magazine survived the cost issues, the internet competition and the distribution expenses, Cycle Source.

Some magazines went sorta underground, changed their formats and dropped out of the retail market. Then Chopper Magazine returned with a large glossy format, quality printing but subscription only.

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Chopper Chronicles: new episode

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Missing Flat Track Racer
by K. Randall Ball

Wyoming winter was tough on two young girls running a bar in a podunk town of Sundance, Wyoming. Inflation and soaring gas prices didn’t help.

Jennifer itched to use her investigative talents with her Chopper Chronicles website designed to help riders retrieve their stolen motorcycles, but she felt trapped. The old jute box in the corner blared out, “Just ask the Lonely,” by the Four Tops.

She was not only lonely but depressed while staring at her computer screen.

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Little Red Chopper : Part 2

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All the Players Step Forward
By Kent Weeks and Tom Young with photos by RFR and Sil

EDITOR’S NOTE: This gets more bizarre by the week, or year, maybe decade. We published Part 1 not long ago, but perhaps this is part 1. Although, if you read the first episode, you will encounter the long back story behind a brother, a veteran who had a chopper dream through many stages and years. Then there’s the story behind the builders, models and photographers involved in this process. It’s all good, fun, and Chopper Nirvana. Enjoy.

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Are you curious to know more about this bike and the successful builders involved?
Well here is a start….
You gotta see the first story for some of the details Tom mentioned in this story….
Click Here for the Part 1

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Bandit Lights an Xmas Fire

By General Posts

Bandit’s Cantina Episode 96 : a 2021 Christmas story

by K.Randall Ball

Bandit looked around at the dozen or so kids and looked at the sleek classic chopper with highbars he was building. The Knucklehead engine and transmission were now in place.

Marko approached and whispered something into Bandit’s ear, “Exactly,” Bandit added.

It was the week after Thanksgiving. Marko disappeared for a minute and returned with a couple of large boxes marked, “Xmas.”

“We need to do something to brighten Christmas for these kids. I’m going to paint the Chopper red and white for the holidays.” said Bandit.

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Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time at Biketoberfest

By General Posts

OLD SCHOOL CHOPPER SHOW During Biketoberfest 2021

By Rogue

During every Biketoberfest I make sure to attend Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show, or die trying…

The show has 20 classes and is sponsored by, Hot Leathers, Twisted Tea, Blings Cycle, S&S, Church Of Chop, Renegade Magazine and Rue & Ziffra.

All the proceeds made from this event goes to support our veterans.

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CycleSource Magazine Golden Panhead raffle

By General Posts

Charlie’s Golden Pan To Benefit The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

Howdy Folks,

We are less than thirty days out from one lucky person winning the Golden Panhead that is being raffled to benefit the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Tickets are being sold, but it is somewhat slow going. It would be wonderful if each you would help promote this. I know Charlie would be honored to see his legacy go towards the motorcycle community.

The direct link to the raffle is here :

Thank you in advance!
From Cycle Source Magazine

In Charlie’s memory, and in the spirit of the great thing he liked to call Motorsickilism, this incredible handcrafted 1961 Panhead Chopper is being raffled for $20 per chance or 6 opportunities for $100.

On Friday, August 13, 2021, one lucky winner will be selected randomly through a third-party source to be the caretaker of Charlie’s legacy. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in Charlie’s honor.

It is the perfect way to end this story, maybe the only one that makes sense in the wake of such a tragic loss. Help put Charlie into the history books for one last great accomplishment.


Space-Themed 1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead

By General Posts

by Daniel Patrascu from

Back in 1949, the year when parts of this here bike were born, humans were not even dreaming of becoming space explorers. The world was fresh out of the worst years of its existence, a time when most of the planet’s nations tried to obliterate each other in more or less creative and horrific ways.

They tried to do so by using rockets, too, an invention that eventually helped open up humanity’s appetite for space exploration. After the war ended, Germany’s most prestigious rocket scientists, Wernher von Braun and his Nazi V-2 rocket team, found themselves working for the Americans. Faster than you could say “Man belongs wherever he wants to go,” we went to space, reached the Moon, and sent a small army of rovers to Mars.

The fast pace of space exploration was of course sung in literature and movies, but also on mundane objects such as teacups or T-shirts. And yes, even on cars and motorcycles.

This 1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead is one of the objects celebrating space exploration. It does so by displaying one of the most intricate and detailed custom paint jobs we’ve seen on such a project.

Despite the rather limited real estate available, the bike reeks space no matter where you look: there is a big NASA logo visible on one side, a couple of planets and a self-propelled astronaut on top of the tank, suns, moons, and alien UFOs on the side of the thank, and a fancy human spaceship on the frame.

The motorcycle is part of the larger lot of two-wheelers known as the Legends Motorcycles Museum collection. No fewer than 36 of them, including this one, are going under the hammer in April, during the massive Mecum auction, which is to be held in Las Vegas.

There is no estimate on how much the bike is expected to fetch, but those with a big enough passion for Panhead Harleys and space can boldly go where their competitors cannot, as this one is selling with no reserve.

1948 Harley-Davidson Chopper

By General Posts

by Daniel Patrascu from

Fans of old, customized or other types of motorcycles have a major event coming their way in the first month of next year. At the end of January, many of them will flock to Las Vegas, where a Mecum motorcycle auction of massive proportions will be held.

The auction house has been hosting this event for years, and for 2021 we are promised to see 1,750 two- or three-wheelers crossing the auction block in the hopes of earning big bucks for their current owners. Many makes are on the list, but one of the most important is, of course, Harley-Davidson.

Milwaukee-made motorcycles are coming to Vegas either individually or as part of some collection. One of the biggest such packs is that of the Legends Motorcycles Museum in Springville, Utah, with 36 motorcycles owned by the museum’s Rick Salisbury going under the hammer. From Tri Glides to vintage choppers, very few Harley types are missing from the bunch.

The 1948 model featured here is one of the two-wheelers in this special pack. Despite being based on an older model, it is meant to be reminiscent of the choppers made in the 1960s and 1970s, with a raked and molded frame, king and queen seat, and a sissy bar behind it, among other things.

What catches the eye, though, is the fuel tank, which seems to come with a photo of an aircraft carrier. And we do literally mean a photo: not spray- or hand-painted, nor airbrushed on it, but apparently glued to the upper side of the fuel tank, and presently peeling off at the corners.

Try as we might, we were unable to identify the aircraft carrier and get a sense of why it was chosen as an adornment for the bike.

This particular build is selling with no reserve during the auction, and Mecum does not give an estimate as to how much it is going to fetch.

Raked 1971 Harley-Davidson Sportster

By General Posts

by Daniel Patrascu from

It’s been a rough year for custom motorcycle fans, who, just like car lovers, had no major dedicated event in 2020 – except, perhaps, for Strugis. But that is more of a festival and less of a build display, so novelties were pretty much scarce.

The coming year is shaping up to mark a relative return to normalcy. That means we’ll probably be getting all those juicy gatherings like Mama Tried, Congregation, or Born-Free again. Before this happens, though, the year opens with the Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle auction at the end of January.

As usual, the auction house is flooding the market with old, vintage, rare, or custom builds. In all, 1,750 bikes are listed for sale, either on their own or as part of collections.

One prominent such display of bikes is by the Legends Motorcycles Museum in Springville, Utah. It comprises 36 motorcycles owned by the museum’s Rick Salisbury, and the 1971 Harley-Davidson Sportster chopper seen here is one of them.

Harley started making Sportsters in 1957 and launched them into the wild sporting four-stroke, V-twin engines, at first from the Ironhead family, and later on using the famed Evolution. Like all other Harleys, it was quickly adopted by custom shops and turned into different things entirely.

The one we have here pays tribute to the custom choppers of the 1970s. It’s raked build makes it look aggressive, though not as long as other bikes of the segment. It also looks extremely fresh, thanks to the warm blue custom fuel tank (hinting to an Indian Larry build) and rear fender that complement the cold of the exposed engine, exhaust, and wheels.

Mecum does not provide any technical details on the two-wheeler, and it’s not venturing into making a guess as to how much it is expected to fetch. What’s worth noting is that the chopper is going with no reserve.