100WFC: Divide and Run by Gearhead

Divide and Run by Gearhead with illustration by Wayfarer TJ on his ‘80 Super Glide, Budreu on his ‘80 Wide Glide and me on my ‘70 Electra Glide jammed. The local sheriff waited for us to make a slip up for days. We knew all the back roads. We left the Rusty Nail bar one night and spotted the Sheriff in our vibrating sideview mirrors. Three abreast, we pulled up to the only dingy stop light in town. He turned on his flashing cop lights, and we left on the hazy green signal in three different ways. He pulled into the intersection and just sat there. (publication dated 11-May-2024) * * * Check out this year’s winners and all the entries since last year by visiting

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100 WFC: The boo-boo by Wayfarer

The boo-boo by Wayfarer with illustration by Wayfarer She could not take her eyes off him. He was enjoying rum & chips with his longtime love, a childhood lover, seemingly inseparable. Then they left and the lonely, lovely stranger who served them, yearned for the man to return. A few days later, they bumped into each other at a charity hiking trip, aimed at picking trash on trails. He was alone. Apparently, he loved the outdoors and his gal loved cozy evenings in cafes and pubs. “Opposites attract” the waitress sighed. Then she had an epiphany, “one who waits, is a waiter,” and she introduced herself. He loved the coffee from her flask. She loved that he was interested in her. Soon, she offered to drop him home on her dual-sport Honda Transalp. He asked for her number and they planned a new trail. (publication dated 03-May-2024) * * * Check out this year’s winners and all the entries since last year by visiting

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Call To Action: Congressional Joint Resolution

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are again trying to push back on new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules compelling over half of all new vehicles sold to be electric by 2032. The new bills, H.J. Res 136 and S.J. Res 75 would overturn the rules announced in April by the EPA. These bills were introduced with 114 cosponsors in the House of Representatives and 48 in the Senate. Let’s grow the number of cosponsors and let the people in Washington, D.C. know their constituents want to save the internal combustion engine Please Write To BOTH Representative And Senators Click to Write Representative Click to Write Senators Click to Join The MRF * * * *

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XDA Delivers a Platinum Performance Season Opener

The 30th annual Platinum General Services event, proudly presented by the XDA, took on a bittersweet tone this past weekend at the Maryland International Raceway. As engines thundered against the backdrop of spring skies, the event unfolded with a poignant undercurrent, marking the first race since the passing of XDA co-owner Chris Miller. Miller’s absence was deeply felt, his legacy casting a long shadow over the track he helped cultivate into a haven for speed enthusiasts. Despite this, racers and fans alike came together in a powerful display of solidarity and respect, celebrating his memory by ensuring the event he cherished ran with the precision and passion he was known for. During three exhilarating days, competitors from far and wide converged, introducing fresh talent to the racing scene while seasoned veterans showcased their enduring skills. Click here to read this Event Coverage on * * * * Get There Faster, Click & Get the Free Weekly Newsletter

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FXST Detachable Motorcycle Windshield

Learning To Work On A Motorcycle By Christy This journey started at Space Coast Harley-Davidson, March 2024, one sunny Saturday morning, where I test rode and bought my 2023 FXST Softail Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Years ago, I owned a Sportster and recently have been riding one, but I felt it was time to go to a Bigger bike, so I did. While I had been riding the Sportster with a windshield, I realized it was a definite must to have on my Softail and couldn’t ride without one. Riding on the east coast, there are times when it’s very windy and I feel the windshield protected me. So, with some research I decided on a detachable wind splitter windshield Click here to read this Tech and Experience only on

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SleevesUp: Ride On For Jesse Rooke

SleevesUp: Ride On For Jesse Rooke #27 This is a VIRTUAL blood drive to honor Jesse Rooke; it is for out of state family & and friends, or anyone who can’t be at the June 1st blood drive. You can participate VIRTUALLY in the blood drive by clicking “PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD”, then donating at your local American Red Cross🩸 📆This Virtual blood drive is from: May 1, 2024 thru August 31, 2024. “Ride On for Jesse Rooke #27”- will be linked with the IN PERSON drive on June 1, 2024, when we will be honoring Jesse’s life at an American Red Cross blood drive at The Martin Auto Museum in Glendale, AZ. ***The IN PERSON drive June 1st is by appointment only, limited to 30 people. Please consider donating via the Virtual drive, if the June 1st appointments are booked.**** This blood drive is intended to honor the life and passions of Jesse Rooke. Jesse was highly motivated and very entrepreneurial. Many know of his business building custom motorcycles – those who met him personally or knew him well also experienced his passion to inspire kids to pursue active lifestyles – especially athletics and motorsports. Every new business idea he had involved inspiring and motivating kids. He loved encouraging and talking about Scarlett, his nephews, niece, cousins, and friend’s kids active endeavors. He enjoyed RC cars, BMX, bicycle racing, auto racing, motorcycle racing – anything active. For this blood drive, we’d like to think about the kids he cared so much about, especially those who might struggle to follow his inspiration due to health or other challenges. Our hope through this blood drive is to continue to help others. We aim to give life through these blood donations in Jesse’s name.💙💙💙 For more about Jesse, check out this

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Hot Day, Sweet Beer by Rhys

Hot Day, Sweet Beer by Rhys with illustration by Wayfarer Pulled out of my garage and took off down the street. No particular destination just needed the wind in my face. After an hour or so came across a little joint on a country road with outside seating at picnic tables. I dismounted my steel steed and sat down . A cute little thing came out and I asked for an ice cold draft. Sipping the brew and listening to the exhaust tick I thought it was a good day to be alive. (publication dated 28-Apr-2024) * * * Click to read all the entries from this year and then visit the previous year’s entries and winners.

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IIHS Updates Crash Ratings

Today the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced updated ratings for vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention tests to address crashes that occur at higher speeds and those in which the struck vehicle is a motorcycle or large truck. This is the first time the IIHS has done this type of test involving motorcycles. The IIHS is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage from motor vehicle crashes through research and evaluation and by educating consumers, policymakers, and safety professionals. The trials involving motorcycles positioned the bike in the center of the lane and offset to the left and the right. Tested vehicles were evaluated on forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. In each test run, an engineer drives the test vehicle toward the target at the selected speed and records when the forward collision warning occurs and how much the AEB system slows the vehicle to prevent or mitigate the impending impact. Tests are conducted at three different speeds, 31mph, 37mph and 43mph. Of the ten (10) vehicles tested in the “Small SUV” category just one, the Subaru Forester, received a “good rating.” It achieved this rating by avoiding a crash with the motorcycle at the two lower speeds and slowing from 43 mph to 13 mph before making contact with the bike. Unfortunately, four of the vehicles tested into the bottom “poor rating.” The Chevy Equinox for example, which was rated poor, “Failed to give a warning, or gave it too late in most tests with the motorcycle target.” To make matters worse its AEB was ineffective, causing the IIHS to state “With the motorcycle target it barely reduced speed at all.” IIHS Senior Research Scientist David Kidd, who led the development of the new evaluation, pointed out

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