Chapter 4: Chance in Bonneville Run

by Bandit Chance rode back to his pad wondering what the hell just happened. He was naturally suspicious and sensitive to the actions of others, and what about the redhead. She hit him like a bolt flying off a speeding semi. He felt for a bruise next to his heart. He unlocked his gate and rolled his chopper off the street. The homeless were still gone from his short industrial block in old Wilmington. Streets were asphalt, but the gutters contained historic reminders, with mortared bricks and cobblestones still reaching the surface. Read this latest chapter in Bonneville Run saga at – click here. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Read entire novels for free – view the membership options for Bandit’s Cantina – click & go.

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Nicky Boots passes away

by Rogue 06-Oct-2022 “I am sadden to let people know that my friend Nicky Boots has passed away at his home in South Florida. I first met Nicky when he worked with Billy Lane in Melbourne Florida. He was an excellent fabricator and custom bike builder. And to me a Good Friend. You can find out more information about him on some of the Biker Build offs. I will try and get time to write some more later. You can see Many Comments on Berry Wardlaw’s and my Facebook pages.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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A Biker celebrates his 90th birthday by riding his motorcycle

by Karassa Stinchcomb from by Eloise Ogden from Berthold farmer and motorcyclist celebrates his 90th birthday in a big way. Some people say he’s a legend in the motorcycle community. He celebrated a big milestone that some people never get to experience — his 90th birthday. “You only turn 90 once. It’s a pretty big deal! And for somebody to still be riding at 90 is huge!” said Kelsey Schlag, the marketing manager at Magic City Harley Davidson. Schlag is talking about Oliver Skinningsrud, better known as Ole. Ole is an active motorcyclist — even at age 90. “Ole’s been tickled to death! 90 years old, it’s pretty special somebody 90 can still ride like Ole does,” said David Williamson, Ole’s friend. The biker community stepped up to throw him this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. More than 20 bikers from KAHU, Minot Hog Chapter, Norsemen and Ramblers motorcycle clubs rode with Ole to the Magic City Harley Davidson shop from Berthold. He also received a special escort from the sheriff’s department. Skinningsrud on his trike, a red Harley-Davidson three-wheeler, led the group of about 45 motorcycle riders from Berthold to Minot, followed by Ward County Sheriff’s Department vehicles with flashing lights. Around 100 people were at the Harley-Davidson dealership for a birthday gathering there. A Korean War veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, was honored earlier in the day at a noon lunch with friends and neighbors at Carpio’s Senior Citizens Center. “When Ole found out, oh he just couldn’t believe he was getting escorted!” Williamson said. “It was wonderful! Yep. They sure did a good job,” Skinningsrud said. “This is great! I wasn’t expecting all of these people, so I think that really shows how great the biker community is,” Schlag said. Everyone enjoyed dinner, good conversation

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Useful Tips for Buying a Classic Motorcycle

from Motorcycles that are more than 25 years old are regarded as classic. If you want to buy a classic motorcycle, there are several factors that you must consider. Some of the things that you may need to take into account include budget, and how old of a bike you intend to buy. Choosing the right bike can be a daunting task since there are a lot of different bikes available on the market. Read on to learn the useful tips for buying a classic motorcycle. Purpose of the Bike First and foremost, you must clearly define the purpose you want the classic motorcycle to fulfill. There are different types of motorcycles, and these have been designed for various purposes. Therefore, you must select the bike style that best suits your needs. The common types of motorcycles that you can get on the market include the following: Standard motorcycles are ideal for general purposes and appropriate for beginners and regular commuting. With this type of bike, you can save money, but it is not appropriate for long distances. Cruisers are heavy, and they are good for style, comfort, and tall riders. However, the bikes are bad for small riders and off-road conditions. Sportbikes are built for high speed and performance. Touring motorcycles are designed for long road trips, and they offer comfortable riding. The bike also comes with additional features that make riding comfortable. Dual sport motorcycles are good for off-road riding, and they are also lightweight. If you want the right bike, you should look into these categories. Type of Bike There are different types of motorcycles that suit the needs of every kind of rider. To determine the type of bike that is right for you, you must consider your intended use, where you plan to use

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Sam’s Picks for the Week of March 11th, 2021

I’m in the process of moving to Sturgis, South Dakota from a 9,000 square foot building including a shop, 17 motorcycles and 17 years of history. It’s crazy, but brothers and sisters all over the country are moving to the Badlands. Jason Mook from Deadwood Custom Cycles made 13 trips pulling a trailer from North Carolina. At times I need to tell my dust-covered self that brothers all over the country have done this. Click Here to read this Photo Feature on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – subscribe today.

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Let’s Hit Route 66 Easy Rider Style

by Koz Mraz Picking up a Harley Road Glide from Sedona EagleRider, I hit 89A, a wonderfully twisty ride that begins in Uptown Sedona. The red rock views are astounding, let alone the 2500-foot altitude change that takes you through several different terrains and micro climates on the ride to Flagstaff. Click Here to read this Photo Feature Article on Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Now

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End of the World Run

Dodging Asteroids, JFK Jr., C19 & Route 666 Photos and text by Koz Mraz Armageddon and apocalyptic end times are all the rage! Between conspiracy theories, the November 2nd asteroid, Nov 3rd elections and the pandemic it’s definitely time to take an “End of the World” motorcycle ride. I suggest avoiding toxic zombies in metropolitan areas and, the petrified people of Covid suburbs. Get Out! as fast as you can to high country. I picked up my Harley-Davidson Road Glide at Sedona EagleRider and headed to Meteor Crater, the Petrified Forest and Rt. 666, the Devil’s Highway all the way to Mexico in my EOTW ride. Most people don’t realize that Arizona has some serious mountains with Humphreys Peak topping out at 12,633 feet! Flagstaff also has the perfect underground hideaway from the impending cataclysm. Click Here to read this Travel Photo Feature at Bikernet Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Sam’s Picks for the Week, October 27, 2020

This effort has forced me to think about all the bullshit in my past, the good and the bad. It makes me think about how and why I survived. I’m sure Sonny had to face the same demons when he started to write about his life. I have a close friend who was a member of the Outlaws for 20 or so years. He spent seven years in prison in the east. I recently wrote about the fights I was in during the time I was a member. It’s posted in the Life and Times of Bandit. I needed to set the record straight after George Christie’s book. I don’t talk much about anything else I was involved with. The violent side of life subsided and I became aware of the chopper mission. Sex, chrome and creativity. We were living is strange untamed times. The moral fabric of our society became unleashed with rock and roll, hot rods and choppers. We were free like never before and girls were also free to explore and exploit their beauty like never before. Click Here to read this Photo Feature on Bikernet. Join The Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Destination Daytona Biketoberfest 2020

The city of Daytona restricted vendor permits during Biketoberfest this year. Bummer. They attempted to shut the event down, but the riders kept coming. A result of severe lock-down meant no vendors at the speedway, boardwalk, main street etc. Events did not happen or were moved. But wait! Destination Daytona was open and had a good turn out Friday, the day I rode over. Click Here to read this article at Bikernet. Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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