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Cardo introduces the Cardo scala rider® G9

Cardo scala rider G9, takes wireless, bike-to-bike intercom communication to a new level, allowing users to toggle back and forth to converse with up to eight riders at a range of up to one mile, talk to as many as two friends simultaneously via an intercom system, and access a variety of other conversation and entertainment features via voice or touch command.   Cardo Systems' scala Rider G9 features unprecedented intercom connection capabilities, wireless access to mobile phone, GPS and MP3 music streaming functions, and much more in a sleek, compact headset that installs in minutes. The Intercom Conference Mode allows full duplex conversations with fellow riders up to a mile apart, enabling four-way conversations between two drivers and two passengers, three-way ...
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Whacky Wednesday Bikernet Video

Get a load of this one, and make sure you wait for the very end.
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The desert party is alive once more. They knocked off the rule and the babes came to play. Josh Placa rode over and studied the landscape, the bands, the girls, and the custom baggers:
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#10 In A List Of Reasons To Replace Your Shocks

Wives/girlfriends are important. That one seems obvious, but hard to relate to a new set of shocks, right? Those who’ve ridden pillion know very well that any and all monkey motion happening at the back wheel is transmitted directly to the passenger. What a rider may feel as a slight annoyance is invariably knocking the sunglasses off the face of the fairer sex. Opportunities to ride and spend money on motorcycles are substantially increased if the better half is supportive, involved and not shaken like a martini. For more insight on how to achieve the ideal combination of happy riding and marital bliss, check out Progressive Suspension's many products by hitting the banner below... hard.  Advertisement
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