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Antique Motorcycle Foundation Leadership Forum set for July 19

By May 3, 2012General Posts

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation will host a leadership forum for organizations whose primary purpose is the promotion and enjoyment of vintage and antique motorcycles in Mansfield, Ohio on July 19.  This will be the third year for the meeting.  Its purpose is to provide educational opportunities and to give leaders throughout the vintage and antique motorcycle community an opportunity to network and share solutions to common problems. 

This year’s Forum will include discussions about club and event liability, communication, and membership marketing and retention.  Hal Johnson, Chairman of the planning committee states, “We’ve found the formal discussions led by experts to be most useful, but you cannot underestimate the importance of dedicated and likeminded vintage and antique motorcycle enthusiasts just getting together for networking and idea sharing.”  He adds, “Some of the most useful ideas have come out of informal, free-flowing discussion.”  A light dinner will be provided to facilitate discussion and social interaction.

While the meeting is by invitation only, the planning committee has sought ways to expand participation.  This year, vintage and antique motorcycle enthusiasts who may be hoping to create a club or organization are invited to apply to a member of the planning committee.  Also, local and regional vintage and antique motorcycle clubs and chapters are invited to apply.  There is no fee for participation.

For more information or to apply to attend, contact one of the following: Hal Johnson (, Roger Smith (, Fred Guidi (, or Ed Youngblood (   To learn more about the Antique Motorcycle  Foundation, go to