Hey gang, Bandit has flown the coop for a while, leaving the rest of us overworked, underpaid and underappreciated minions completely in charge. Big mistake there, stretch!

While the King of the Biker Nation is living it up in the Caribbean, sailing the emerald waters of Martinique, getting hammered on rum and sampling other fine examples of the local agriculture, we will proceed to raid his notoriously well-stocked liquor cabinet. In fact as you read this, most of the mayhem has already occurred. Me and Ray got to the bottom of the aged bourbon and can’t figure out why it’s supposed to cost that much. I guess we’ll need to ponder the question some more as we move on to the single malts and continue our ethylic adventures, exploring the best of Scotland’s glens and highlands.

Late last night, halfway down the bottle of Wild Turkey, Gary suggested we raised money for the unofficial Bikernet Employees Charity by having a sidewalk sale. There’s certainly enough stuff in the Bikernet headquarters that’s not bolted down too tight and could fetch enough money to see us through the rest of the year—provided we pace ourselves of course.

The Sunday post is up in the Cantina and you don't want to miss that. Hit the picture below to read it.

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