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This Paul Yaffe Bagger Can Be Yours By Sunday

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Click on this photo to enter the raffle. Raffle Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and here's a chance to do some good to promote breast cancer awareness and be rewarded in a big way for a mere $20. This Sunday, this $50,000 custom bagger from Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation will be raffled of by Bikers For Boobies at their ride to benefiting Casting for Recovery, Arizona. You do not have to present to win. Click here to sign up.

Below is a video presentation of the bike you can win.

Bikernet Baggers Bike Feature: Paul's Mean Green Machine

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If you haven’t already noticed, Victory Motorcycle Baggers are more numerous than ever on today’s roads and highways. Victory Big Twin motorcycles don’t have the benefit of a huge after market parts selection, but the choices for bolt on components is growing exponentially. Hit the picture to continue reading.

The Walker Family – Forever Motorcycles

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As we’ve talked about in several blog posts over this last summer, PM is a proud sponsor of the Costa Mesa Speedway.  As a group here at PM we’ve been fans for too many years to count, but it was just over the past couple years that we realized what a great opportunity the races are to interact with motorcycle enthusiasts, support a tradition and a sport that is endeared by the motorcycle community and meet some truly great people along the way!

As part of our Saturday evening tradition, we’ve been able to set up a booth just outside the pits where we greet race fans, show off PM products and our latest custom motorcycles, and pass out some free goodies.  It didn’t take long before the Walker family found the PM Booth: father John, eldest son Tim, and youngest son Kevin.

The Walkers have been sponsoring speedway racer Charlie Venegas for years and have been enthusiasts since the early 80’s traveling the race circuit riding out to 4-5 races a week. John started riding Harleys back in the 50’s and couldn’t imagine riding anything different.

With 60 years of riding under his belt, you better believe he has had his fair share of close calls and mishaps. In 2010, John was broadsided and totaled his XL1200. Two days later (with only one day to recover) he was at his local Harley Dealership ordering a new bike – this time an XR1200. When asked how long he’s been riding he answered proudly,  “Been riding for over 60 years. I ride everyday it doesn’t rain!”.  John Walker is 83!

At 83, most of us only dream we will be as energetic and able as he! We also think it’s cool that he chose PM Renthal wrapped grips for his bike and that Tim has his Ultra Classic dialed to the nines with matching Heathen Wheels, Discs, and matching SuperGas Air Cleaner.