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Here’s a concept to ponder. For years, I mean decades the motorcycle business community hasn’t worked with motorcycle rights groups, except the MIC. The MIC struggled with their own role and are funded by the top four motorcycle manufacturers excluding Harley-Davidson. Maybe they knew something.

Years ago I suggested that they change their membership rules and allow dealers and shops a voice. They turned me down. Only the manufacturers had a voice. Recently they have allowed dealers to join. — Read more.


Making the Most out of a Terrific Year

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We are making serious progress with the Salt Torpedo. I need to draw a notion of the proposed front suspension for our esteemed tubing bender, TIG welder, frame guy.

Each week I have my homework assignments and now a member of the Uglies has stepped up to pilot the World’s first Streamlined trike. Micah McCloskey is driving out two or three times a week to help with the project and jump in, anytime we need a proposed pilot for fitment. Read More


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Each week I have my homework assignments and now a member of the Uglies has stepped up to pilot the World’s first Streamlined trike. Micah McCloskey is driving out two or three times a week to help with the project and jump in, anytime we need a proposed pilot for fitment.

We are making another change to our Bikernet situation for the betterment of all involved. We are going to post the Bikernet Weekly News in Bikernet and on the Bikernet Blog. Today will be the first shot at it. Hang on, this news will be amazing.

Read more.

The Midnight Express Boot Repair Story

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I can’t resist the temptation to brag to you about my new cobbler which I found after reading a zillion Yelps and asking around and researching the shit out of everything boots and boot repair ….

I know, too much time sunk into that endeavor when there’s wrenchin’ to be done and parts to be chased down at swap meets. But, my old cobbler who used to be in Laguna Beach, vanished out of thin air. Gone without a trace …no forwarding number, nuthin’. What the hell?! —Read more.

Mustang Standard Touring Solo for Indian Scout Bobber

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The new Mustang Standard Touring Solo keeps the Indian Scout Bobber’s characteristic old school styling intact while delivering a significant upgrade in rider comfort and positioning.


The Standard Touring Solo positions riders at a similar reach to the controls compared to stock, with a deeply contoured bucket that offers excellent lower back support and keeps the rider from sliding back in the saddle. A generous 13” width offers riders an additional 2” over the stock solo seat for improved support in the hip areas. Riders also benefit from a narrower nose that relieves pressure on the inner thighs and provides easier ground reach.

The hand-stitched cover made from high-quality expanded vinyl is available in two colorways: smooth and textured black, or contrasting distressed brown and textured black. Both feature large diamond-stitched center panels with reinforced double stitching on the side and rear panels for increased durability.

Made in the U.S.A., all Mustang seats are handcrafted and shaped with a proprietary controlled-density polyurethane-based foam compound that requires no break-in period and retains its shape after years of use. The patented foam compound provides even weight distribution and support to eliminate pressure points or “hot spots”. A lightweight and durable marine-grade fiberglass seat pan delivers long-term stability, is finished with high-gloss gel coat and features strategically placed polyurethane bumpers to minimize vibration and prevent resting directly on the frame and rear fender.
Standard Touring Solo for ’18-’19 Indian Scout Bobber
• P/N 76842 – Black: $389.99
• P/N 76843 – Distressed Brown: $399.99

For more information, visit

CHP to enforce modified exhaust system with mandatory fine after New Year

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Starting in 2019 the California Highway Patrol will be enforcing some new roadway safety laws. One of them is the modified exhaust systems.

January first exhaust violations will no longer be correctable. A fine will become mandatory.

Therefore, you have to pay the fine and get the issue fixed. Before if you were cited you had time to get it corrected in order to avoid the fine.

Stay tuned as Bikernet will shine more light on this topic later in the week.


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Me and Cecily hopped in the car were on our way to Las Vegas once and we stopped at a desert town that is a popular way-station for the Las Vegas hordes that come and go to LV from SoCal.

It’s a hot gasping oven of a town and used to have just two eateries but time changes things and now there’s dozens. Time hasn’t changed a few things though and one of the places is kinda scary-lookin and attracts lifer inhabitants of unfactoryfresh motorcycles and their riders. I like to stop there because the Diet Cokes are always icy and the – it’s basically a dive bar – and the BTL’s whoever the fuck owns the place makes are monuments to bacon, lettuce, tomato and REALLY good bread. And the women that work there are salt-o’-the earth, unless you give them crap, And I don’t give crap to serving personnel, even if they have it coming. I’ve BEEN serving personnel: I know that customers are often begging to be murdered. Read more.

D&D Muffler Fix

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Remember the installation we performed on Jeremiah Soto’s Dyna. We actually used D&D components on three Bonneville bikes and set two records. We installed lots of D&D exhaust systems on Bikernet shop projects over the years.

Jeremiah’s Dyna was one of them about four years ago and he’s been riding the streets of Los Angeles and out to Vegas numerous times. About a year ago he noticed his muffler moving around, and then he started to lose rivets. His model of D&D muffler was carbon fiber incased and any looseness tore the shit out of the carbon fiber. Read more.

10 Tricks To Remove That Stuck Bolt

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One of the biggest frustrations when disassembling a vehicle for restoration, or even repair, is the dreaded seized or stripped bolt. Stuck hardware occurs when a bolt or nut gets corrosion between the threads and they won’t budge. Many times this leads to breaking the bolt off and having to drill and retap the hold or trying to remove it with a bolt extractor. We won’t even mention what happens when the drill, tap, or extractor breaks off in the same hole.

Below are the top 10 ways our friends at Eastwood have come up with to deal with getting these suckers extracted without wrecking the precious part they are in. Read more.