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Dare to Go Even More Nutter: Sonny’s Slip Slidin’ Triumph CR

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Sonny Nutter has always been ready to “Let’s Do this!”

They say Time Waits for No Man, but in the case of “Sliden’ Sonny” Nutter, it’s a case of stopping Time dead in its tracks and then kickin’ dirt in its face. Now 72 years young and a veteran of five decades of four and two-wheel racing, from Midget and Sprint cars to ½ mile flat track to steel-footed Speedway, Sonny’s bringing back history in a go-fast way, by building a series of one-off ‘60s era Triumph powered road racers, street stalkers and hotrods each bearing his unique signature, basically ‘Get the Hell outa my way!’


Air Uber?
Decibels levels are such that Sonny never hears any noise complaints about his open piped bikes.

We recently caught up with Sonny at his Hangar 16 workshop hunkered down within the L.A. adjacent Santa Monica Airport, also home to Harrison Ford’s crashable plane and Jerry Seinfeld’s collection of vintage Porsches. As armadas of private aircraft and flocks of helicopters seem to run strafing runs over our heads we talked shop and kicked some very pretty tires, in particular, a bike Sonny humbly touts as the Ultimate Triumph ‘60s Retro Roadracer. We were afforded a first, and last, look at the bike as it was about to leave Sonny’s shop back to its owner in Seattle.

As Sonny says, “It’s a ’65 Bonneville, but it’s not anymore.” While that basically sums it up, but a few more details will fill out the picture.
“This all started about four years ago when I was building stuff at Yoshi’s Garage Company. The owner brought in the motor and frame, forks and the front wheel and wanted me to make up a bike for him. Initially, that beautiful all mechanical front-wheel dictated what the bike should have been. It was a repop of a Yamaha 4-leading shoe roadracer, the top of the food chain before disc brakes took over. So I was working on the motor about as fast as the owner was sending money to get it going, so the motor took about a year. The motor was all rebuilt with fresh parts, kept stock displacement and still fed by dual Amal carbs. Then one day a guy showed up with this beautiful big alloy tank, and I looked at that big front wheel, and decided then and there, okay, we’re not just going to build some run of the mill putt-putt, but a real ‘60s roadracer. But I want to stay in the day, so didn’t go too modern.”


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Indian Names Semi Finalists for Scout Bobber Build-Off Competition- The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off

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Indian Motorcycle has announced the semi-finalists of The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off contest. Sketches and renderings from 12 non-professional builders are posted and available for a fan vote until April 19. Fans can vote daily. After voting closes on the 19th, three finalists will be announced on April 24. The three finalists will win a 2018 Scout Bobber and a build budget of $10,000 from Indian Motorcycle. All three builds will be unveiled in July where the final voting will take place to crown the champion, who will be announced at Sturgis and win a grand prize of $10,000.

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I don’t know where to start this morning. Frankie came over with his ’05 Dyna to have me torque the compensating sprocket. His primary chain was too tight and we adjusted it and torgued the compensator nut.

Last week he complained of noise and a clunk from the primary. I mentioned in the news how I talked him through discovering the problem. He tightened it, but said he still heard a noise. That’s when we decided to get it down here to take a look.

The nut wasn’t that bad, but the primary chain was way tight.

We did it up and we thought he was good to go on a Saturday night in Wilmington where they were having a cruise night with old cars and bikes a block over on Avalon Blvd. I’ll tell you what happened at the end.

Let’s hit the news.



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I landed in Dallas, Texas and expected Rick Fairless to bring me a cup of coffee. Then I looked at the large ominous connecting flight screen and tried to find my gate. We are like meth-head ants scurrying around this metal maze looking for our assigned Queen bee to take us to our chosen destination. My Queen didn’t show on the screen.

I dug into my Indian motorcycle canvas briefcase and pulled out my itinerary. It said Dayton, Ohio, oops. I went to visit the American airline desk and to call my lovely AAA travel agent, both sprang into action. It took me 22 hours to reach the beach in Daytona, Florida, but I was cool. I just needed to pick up a new 2018 Roadmaster Indian in the morning and make it to the Tropical Tattoo Bike Show by 11:00.

Nothing to it. The Cabby who delivered me to the temporary Indian Fleet Center was most helpful. In each case as the week unfolded I ask my current Daytona representative where the hell I was going next and they helped with perfect directions and advice. The Cabby told me how to find Willie’s Tattoo Parlor on Ridgewood Boulevard.

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I just flew back from Orlando after a shuttle ride from Daytona, but that’s another story. Daytona was packed to the brim with motorcycles, wild big wheeled baggers, trikes, choppers, café styled, FXRs and hot rod Dynas. In other words motorcycling is cooking no matter what the reports are on H-D stock or magazines going out of business.

Our life is changing, but the desire to build and ride motorcycle is strong. More and more Daytona is turning into a big city. It’s becoming more like a Miami Vice atmosphere with slick wide streets, new buildings, and franchise restaurants, not exactly a comfortable place to ride from stoplight to stoplight. But it’s easy to slip out of town into rural palm lined jungles, but we will get to the big picture and the Indian Roadmaster I rode next week.

But for you guys on the East Coast Daytona is still an escape from the cold winter blues. It’s almost surreal, like a movie set with the sun shinning and pristine streets and buildings. Every motorcycle company on the planet shared their wares from the beach to the jammed Cabbage Patch, which changed it’s name to Cranberry something. Hell, I don’t know. Let’s hit the news. I’ll bring you a full report next week as my feeble brain processes all the action.

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BIKERNET BOOK REVIEW: It Will Get Tough: Cops & Bikers

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It Will Get Tough: Cops & Bikers

Book By Ralph “Teach” Elrod

“All I ever wanted were brothers who would stand with me no matter how tough it gets, and it will get tough.”

That sentiment and those words set the tone for It Will Get Tough: Cops & Bikers, the new book by Ralph “Teach” Elrod. The true stories that power through these 237 pages are raw and rugged, but they also show the rewards and relish that standing strong in the biker lifestyle can bring.

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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 26

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The explosion was our signal to leave. No sounds of pursuit followed; actually there were no other sounds than Larry and I turning our bikes around and riding on.

The town of Oakley was changing. As the rising sun’s rays touched an Oakley building it would change back into a modern Middleton building. Buildings built in the 1880s would shimmer, their outlines flickering as if seen underwater; then shimmer some more then reappear in a more modern 1920s Art Deco design.

Larry pulled to a stop in front of a two story building at the outskirts of Oakley, soon to become Middleton. We parked the bikes and then walked up some wooden stairs that led to a balcony in the back. The building was still an 1880s Oakley building but not for long.

“Sun’s rays will hit this area soon;” I said, “wonder if we’ll feel the change?”

“We’re about to find out,” answered Larry.

Seconds later our balcony was bathed in morning light. Except for the expected shimmering followed by a shuddering like a dog shaking itself free of water I felt no different. Larry looked the same and so did I. The building however had morphed into a modern two story; the wooden balcony had now become one made of metal. We walked back to the front and down the now steel stairs to a now asphalt street.

“We may have survived the transformation but the Harley Low Rider didn’t,” said Larry at the same time pointing to where a bike I’d read about in a magazine was now parked. “What happened,” I said, looking up and down the street for the Low Rider? Where Larry had parked the Low Rider a Yamaha XSR900 identical to the one I’d recently drooled over in a motorcycle magazine was parked its place.

“If the things Hilts conjured,” I said, “are changing does that mean he was destroyed in the explosion?”

“I’m betting he’s ok; I’m betting the change is more related to your real wishes.”


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ICEROAD 2018: On The Rocks

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Landspeed record on a frozen lake was celebrated for the 10th time in SWEDEN 23-24 Feb ! The Viking alternative to race on salt at Bonneville Utah in USA.

The location is just two hours north of Stockholm, but Årsunda is a cold place where the lake freezes early in the winter. Speed was started by Glenn Madman Ocklund ten years ago. He and his friends wanted to see what their cars and bikes could do on the flying kilometer. Landspeed are now even sanctioned by the US summer racing guys.

There are two main courses, 1600 meters accelerate, 1000 meters for time cheque, and like 1500 meters to stop…! On top of that there is a drifting course just to have fun on icy curbs and a ice speedway course.

The variations of the vehicles is everything from rockets to choppers. British bikes are the thing right now, lots of Triumph 500CC and 650 CC. Classic Norton Dominator 850CC did 170 km/h. Crazy Pavel from Poland did 302 Km/h on his Haybusa!!! and his son 15 years old did 275 on a Suzuki……..

The most famous club on the ice is Bengalos from Swedens west-coast, they bring new bikes each year. 2018 a Jawa 500 CC ex-speedwaybike the two-speed with pilot Hasse Antonsson did 139km/H on the show painted bullet!

They inspinner a couple of Norwegians last autumn to rebuild their choppers to 60s look dragbikes. Per-Henrik Bernström managed to do 133km/h on a 500CC 1971 Triumph. First time ever ice racing.

He said that when you are done with acceleration everything is just to be in a white cloud. Front Fork wobble the rigid frame like a snake hold on to the handlebars, and when you see the flag brake slowly, it is an adrenaline rush, better then drugs.

The kompressor-king of Stockholm had a really fast Sportster. New sprockets new chain but, however after 2000 meters the chain broke and twisted around his leg. The ambulance came fast examined and put some bandaid on. He wanted to race again but the nurse said you have to X-ray! At the hospital they found a piece of the chain deep into his thigh… operation direct. But he will be back 2019!

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Here’s my take on gun control. I have a basic problem with gun restrictions as a reaction to the Florida shooting. Obviously, our government officials were warned about this individual numerous times. So basically, when you restrict, you are asking the public to rely on the government…They failed, so they want to blame the gun manufacturers.

Here’s the most important thought in all of these issues: We need a strong, educated society, not a weak one hiding behind an over-weight security guard. If a fire breaks out in a school, do you want cowering or knowledgeable students able to deal with any situation?

We were once that strong society. I grew up after some of the worst violence in the planet’s history. I grew up knowing about violence and facing violence constantly. I went to Vietnam for three tours. Right now, look around at the planet. There is violence everywhere and our political structure seems to ignore this and paint our world as a modern utopia, where we no longer need to work out, or to train, or to own guns.

I wish it was so, but it’s not. Man is a violent beast. Be willing and prepared to get ready for anything. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.

Shit, I wanted to discuss riding free and heading to Daytona.


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