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Motorized Drift Trike : Let’s build one

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www.BikernetTrike.com Editor discovers joys of tomfoolery and nurtures his inner child

Drift trikes aren’t new. They were known as Big Wheels or Green Machines in the 1970s. These featured mechanical tricks you might recognize on modern drift cars like “stick shift” brake handles and absurd steering angles. Fuzzy wristbands, Keds, and sliding sideways on a Big Wheel made for serious street cred in 1976.

Big Wheels and modern drift trikes have many decades to evolve and in between, Harbor Freight began selling the Predator 212cc 7hp engine for about $100. When technologies converge, the cosmos endures a cultural melting pot of dreams, functions and thrills resulting in a triumph of the TinkerHead. Get ready for a $500 motorized drift trike you can build in the garage. Your own personal hotrod ready to rumble.


Kiwi Mike Doesn’t Like To Slide

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By Mike Tomas. President Kiwi Indian Motorcycles, Inc.

I had a plan all laid out for this issue’s introduction until I got hit riding my 1945 Chief Coast Guard bike just before Christmas on Van Buren Boulevard, three miles from home. My good friend Jeff Kelderman from Iowa was staying with me so we could attend the ChopperFest show in Ventura. But ChopperFest was postponed due to the fires in Ventura so we decided to ride our Indians to visit with some of our vendors around SoCal and just take in the great riding we have around here in the mountains and hills.

On the third and final day of our ride we were almost back home where we were to enjoy a nice BBQ dinner that Carolyn was cooking up, with friends out from Arizona, Iowa and Texas. I was cruising the speed limit at 50 mph in the center lane of three lanes along Van Buren when I suddenly got hit by a car whose driver had fallen asleep. He came up in the right lane at about 60 mph and suddenly veered left into me at about my rear axle.

I recall I was happily riding along with Jeff in front of me, then all of a sudden a big blank time, then “what the hell?” then sliding along the black top. Apparently I was hurtled into the air and then slid. My brain engaged and told me to pull my body parts into a ball and roll. All this was processed in milliseconds as I went from riding my motorcycle to the element of surprise of what the hell just happened. My brain was telling me to pull in as my hand was burning from the friction from the black top through my gloves.

When I did finally come to a stop I looked up and all the traffic had stopped. Man I’m alive and not run over. My bike went for a long slide on its side and it was revving its guts out. It eventually quit but I was more interested in taking inventory of my body parts. To their utter amazement, Jeff, the paramedics and the firemen just couldn’t believe how well off I was after being hurtled off my bike at 50 mph.

I guess where I’m ending up here is: ride with proper safety gear and forget about the look. Other bikers make fun of me because of my safety gear, which in my case is Olympia. Yeah, it ain’t the cool biker look but I’m into safety and function before looking cool. It’s got plenty of armor padding in the right places and it certainly did its job well, when I needed it most.
I never go riding without a full face or modular helmet, armor jacket (armor pants optional) and good gloves. Yes, even when it’s 120 degrees out, I still wear them.
I don’t know why I got off this time with so little bodily damage, maybe it was my late son Ross looking over me. Thanks Ross. I miss you, son.

Harley-Davidson Trademarks hint at New Models

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By Bikernet Private Eye, Ujjwal Dey

Harley-Davidson has applied for trademark rights on three new names that it intends to apply to ‘motorcycles and the structural parts thereof’ in the future. But what could the 48X, Pan America and Bronx models actually be?

Let’s start with the 48X. Harley already makes a bike with a similar name, the Forty-Eight. Note that the current machine spells the name out while the proposed new title uses numerals instead. The original Forty-Eight was inspired by the 1948 Harley S-125 ‘Hummer’ that first introduced the ‘peanut’ fuel tank that later became synonymous with the Sportster. There’s a pretty strong chance that the 48X will be a related model. It would certainly be confusing if the number 48 was applied to completely unrelated machine. The ‘X’ remains a mystery.

Under normal H-D practice the letter ‘X’, when used at the start of a model code (eg ‘XR750’ or ‘XL1200’), refers to a sports model. But all Sportsters, including the existing Forty-Eight, already have an ‘X’ designation like that. And even more confusingly, the existing Forty-Eight already has an additional ‘X’ in its code – it’s officially the XL1200X.

In more general use, an X can refer to ‘cross’ and is widely used for adventure-style bikes (Honda CB500X, for instance).

Finally, and the longest of all long shots, the 48X could be a leaning reverse-trike three-wheeler along the lines of the never-released ‘Penster’ prototypes designed more than a decade ago. These prototypes were eventually revealed at the H-D museum under the title ‘Collection X’ to reflect their ‘eXperimental’ nature.

There’s also a very strong chance that the 48X could merely be a celebratory derivative of the existing Forty-Eight. After all, 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the 1948 bike that inspired it.

Another thing that happened in 1948 was the introduction of the Panhead engine, replacing the earlier Knucklehead design on Harley’s V-twins. And the 70th anniversary of the Panhead could well be what’s behind the ‘Pan America’ trademark and its 2018 timing.

Equally, just as Honda has the ST1300 Pan European tourer, the Harley Pan America could be a long-distance touring model – although such machines are already well catered for in the existing range.

Finally there’s the Bronx. There’s really no indication of what sort of bike this might be, although the name has overtones that make us imagine a stripped-back Sportster rather than something at the gaudier end of the Harley line-up.

There’s normally around six months to a year between the filing of a Harley trademark application and the emergence of the bike carrying the name. The most recent was the Sport Glide; the trademark application was published in May 2017, the bike was revealed in November the same year. Trademark applications for all three of the new proposed new titles went in during December 2017, so we’re likely to see the bikes bearing the names during the second half of 2018.

TURMOIL SUNDAY POST for January 7, 2018

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This feels like Turmoil weekend with Trump attacking the marijuana industry, the HORSE magazine troubles, Easyriders deal shifted and the Chopper King Show in jeopardy.

Hell, three women melted down before my eyes on Friday. Jeremiah blamed it on the Super Moon. Let me know if you’ve experienced upheaval in your life this week.

Let’s hit the news.



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This is a year to think out of the box. I just watched a George Clooney movie, “Michael Clayton,” which I enjoyed tremendously. So many movies follow the same story line, like Bright. I’m losing interest. The bad guy kills everyone but the good guy throughout the movie. He’s cunning and ruthless and can kill anyone and everyone, except the good guy and his side kick. Movie after movie follows the same premise.

I also notice lots of movies about weak women. One wink and a glance and her clothes fall off. How about a movie about a woman who is true?

So, out of the box for 2018. I’m working with Hugh King on a new build internet TV series about regular guys who want their bikes to come to life under the tutelage of the best builders on the planet. This won’t be a fancy ground up build, but an overhaul lesson for younger riders getting started. Show them what’s possible and how to use the tools. Hang on for more reports.

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Get Ready For The Easyriders Bike Show Tour

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Competitors, basic 5 x 10 display space is FREE and the First 50 competitors to register at each show will receive a commemorative bike show mug. So whether you are a seasoned fabricator, a garage mechanic, motorcycle hobbyist, or just happen to own a rad bike, we want the Easyriders 2018 Bike Show Tour to be the show that you choose to unveil your prized motorcycle! With 18 categories and 40 trophies up for grabs, there is sure to be an opportunity for every type, size, shape, make and model of sickle out there to take home a win and some bragging rights and compete for a chance to have your bike featured in Easyriders or V-Twin Magazine!

Vendors, the Easyriders Bike Show Tour only comes once a year and that means your chance to be a part of the excitement is here! If you have a business that you’d like to promote to thousands of bikers and motorcycle lifestyle enthusiasts, here’s your chance! Don’t delay – we’re looking forward to another successful tour and wouldn’t want you to miss out!

More info here.

More Bands & Gigantic Race Announced for Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2018 Lineup

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Two more block-busting bands will play during the Buffalo Chip’s nine-day line-up, and American Flat Track Pro Grand National Championship will also return. Sunday, Aug. 5, don’t miss Southern rock icons The Marshall Tucker Band will kick off the 2018 festival on Friday, Aug. 3. Former front man for alternative rock band Staind, Aaron Lewis, is set to perform on the Buffalo Chip’s Wolfman Jack Stage on Tuesday, Aug. 7. Festival passes can be purchased for a limited time for as little as $26 per day.

Goliaths of Southern Rock

Hit songs from seven gold and three platinum albums have made The Marshall Tucker Band part of the soundtrack of many lives. The anthem “Heard it in a Love Song” leads the parade of hits that also includes “Fire on the Mountain,” “Can’t See You” and “Take the Highway.” The band’s music has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows.



American Country Rock Sensation

Aaron Lewis took his success with alternative rock band, Staind and returned to his traditional outlaw country roots with a whole lot of experience and a couple of unforgettable hits. “It’s Been Awhile” and “Outside” will follow Lewis as testaments to his incredible success as a songwriter and singer. He’s bringing his remarkable talents with him as he ventures into the country side of music creating hits like the certified platinum “Country Boy” performed with George Jones and Charlie Daniels and his new album, “Sinner.”



Heart-Stopping, Adrenaline-Pumping Racing Action

The electrifying action of American Flat Track Grand National Championship racing returns to the amphitheater on Sunday, Aug. 5, and will later be televised on NBC Sports. Spectators will feel the excitement of the Buffalo Chip TT Races, presented by Indian Motorcycle as they witness the action trackside, from skywalks, bars and other elevated viewing decks, a thrill not found at any other race in the world. In 2017 Shinedown lit up the amphitheater after the race. This year another great headliner, yet to be announced, will explode onto the stage following some of the best racing on the planet.