Experience new Brough Superior Lawrence


Experience the timeless elegance of the Brough Superior Lawrence at its exclusive launch in California. Be among the first to own this motorcycle icon.

Reserve yours and become a part of history.

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Brough Superior is the first brand to have produced motorcycles that could go above 100 mph. After relaunching Lawrence of Arabia’s legendary S.S.100 and collaborating with Aston Martin to create the only existing bike of the brand, Brough Superior decided to produce the most high end motorcycle of the world: the “Lawrence”.

The Brough Superior Factory is a mesmerizing place where ideas take shape into beautiful objects. Each part of a Brough is thought, drawn and designed by the Factory’s engineers and designers. It is then hand-built with the finest existing materials by Brough Superior’s craftsmen. Hand-built with the best materials available (titanium, carbon fiber, aluminium), the Lawrence benefited the strong local aeronautical industry network to be developed.

Lawrence of Arabia: Eternal Brough Superior icon Lawrence of Arabia, also known as Thomas Edward Lawrence or T.E Shaw (when he enrolled in the Royal Air Force), owned seven Brough Superiors.

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